Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Afro Untold Story

Hai everybody!! Sorry for being busy like nobody's business.. Still, so many things in my pocket to be told.. But just not today, coz I'll be serving you the untold story about this afro.. I mean, my experience which I encounter while having this afro.. :D..

I mean like some of them make me happy coz it's a funny situation, and some of them are just lame and makin me annoying.. Not that annoying but yeah, still annoying.. :D.. So, let's me start with....

Sau Mai Auntie

I was purchasing this sau mai ( dim sum ) with this auntie, and she said...

Auntie : Ok ah, I kasi panas dulu, nanti hantar.. 
(I'll heat em first and send it to you later)

So, when I see the auntie coming, I wave my hand so that she can notice me..

Auntie : You tak payah angkat tangan pun, wa sudah ingat lu.. di sini tak banyak orang rambut ini macam.. Senang cari.. 
(No need to wave your hand.. I already remembered you, there's no much people here with that hairstyle.. Easy to find)

Me : Haha.. (-_-')


I was coming to Penang, and ask si Sumandak to wait for me at the Ferry Terminal.. I can see her from like 200m already, so I already smiling from that far assuming that she already saw me..

but.. she doesn't until I was 5m from her and only notice me when I'm greeting her.. And she was like..

Sumandak : Oh gosh, I was looking for your Afro.. Why you tied your hair?? (shocked)

Me : (-_-')

Old Friend

I attend my friend's wedding with a big and cute afro hair.. Yeah, and they were mesmerize by the beauty of the afro.. So, I took picture together with the bride and bridegroom..

The other day, while I'm at airport ready to depart back to KL from my hometown, I see her from afar, and I quickly sent her an sms telling I'm at the airport to..

While I was standing like 5 meters from her, she was still searching for someone, and I just let her do her own business without greeting her.. And finally, she notice me..

Old Friend : Mati-mati saya cari ko punya rambut kembang tadi, padahal ko ikat pula rambut kau..
(I was dying looking for your afro while searching you while you actually tied you hair..)

Me : What, you didn't recognize my face anymore?? (-_-')

Amb of 401

We were at Brands Outlet, Sunway Pyramid looking for jeans.. So, we go to the fitting room together (no homo).. He took the 1st room while I go to the 3rd room.. I finish so quickly that I just go out after that without waiting him and go look for another jeans..

And suddenly he come to me with a nasty smiling face.. So, I asked a question that I shouldn't be asking at all..

Me : Kenak ko ketawa kedak sial pok??
(Bro, why are you laughing??)

Amb : Kamek nangga bilik kitak tek, dah sik da orang.. Mek pun tanya ngan pekeja ya 'ITU RAMBUT KEMBANG SUDAH KELUAR KA?' Pasya, nya jawab 'Oh sudah keluar tadi'.. Ya ku ketawa.. Nang senang gilak mo cari kitak nek tok..
 (I was searching for you just to find out your room was empty already.. So I ask the employe if he had seen an AFRO going out.. And he answer yes.. That's why I laugh.. It's very easy to find you now)

Me : Kemak la kawu pok.. (-_-')
(What the fuck la bro..)

Well actually, I have more to tell you, but I guess I will continue it later with another post so that I won't take your time for reading this.. But yeah, this is just a bit about it.. So, be sure to hear the next part, next post, next time.. :).. Coz I'm having new experience with this afro like almost everyday..

And I'm thinking of cutting it.. Are you guys okay with that?? :p..

Aki : I miss my blogging friend.. :p

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beaty said...

hahah kalau sa dari jauh pun kalau sa inda pakai spek rambut ko seja ni bikin kenal ko..he he..

feymes suda afro ko kan aki

Iman Rasyidah said...

saya belum pernah jumpa kau depan2 ba.. tapi baca ni entry bikin saya sunyum2.. sya kwn blogger kau juga kan. lama x singgah sini. dulu kau doktoer cinta sia. HAHHAHAA

yg benar, sya si evon :)

Anne Nurain said...

rambut real pulak tu ah, aku pkir rmbut pelesu.. kehkehkeh...

Angkol dari kampung said...

Hahaha..Cerita si Amb terbaek... :)

p/s jaga2 ko Amb, wait until this Afro shoved his well-groomed-hair into ur face...

Peace :)

Nath said...

can you shave army head & sell me your hair? I wanna make a wig for singing :D

jessforshort. said...

Keep the afro swag on! hahaha. i haven't met you for real, so no incident so far la kan. hahaha. the auntie there was funny.. kasi kuyak org depan2. hahaha XD

Dora said...

nda paya la aki.. t ko kena tukar header blog lg coz ko tukar style suda hahaha

saya pun jarang2 suda update blog ;)

Merryn said...

seriously yeah, i wont recognise you without your afro too...

Shirley Tay said...

Thks for the laugh again after going MIA for so long! Lol! Have a wonderful day, bro!

Wyne Mouren said...

Hahahaha! Ko belum tau lagi Aki, hubby sa duluan baca this post. He was at home and I was in office when he texted me like this 'ko baca blog kawan ko c Aki. Ketawa ko tu...'

So yeah, I did. After I had dinner at home...:P

Tapi hahahaahaaha...I can't says more.

chegu carol said...

Unique trait of si Aki..bukan semua orang buli ada rambut afro macam ko :)

Aki said...

Beaty : Oh, ko rabun meh?? Hahaha.. rambut saya lgi pemes dari sa skrg.. :D..

Iman : Oi Ebontut!! :p.. Hahahaha..

Anne : Skrg orang tengok pun confuse.. :p..

Angkol : hahaha.. c amb memang silaka tu.. menyalahgunakan kemudahan... :p..

Nath : Oh, no way.. :p.. hehehe.. :D..

Jess : hahaha.. ee bah, jumpa ba kalau brani.. :p..

Dora : iya kan.. sengsara tu tukar2 header.. :p..

Merryn : I know I know.. my face is so unrecognizeable.. -_-'

Shirley : Hahaha.. Okay sis, thanks for the visit.. :D..

Wyne : really?? Oh gosh.. Kuyaknya sa rasa.. :D..

Chegu : Yeah, trus ramai urang pigang2 time gath tu ari.. :D..

steffany daph said...

hahaha..this was funny. i never see you - i mean the real person. haha, kenak leh jadi cam ya ? pheww..btw, its gud to have alfro. u know, i will call it Awan-Nani boy :D ehh..cute pa. girls most of us...hahaha..for ex : me and fren say tat alfro or curly is cuteee. u know, one in a million person.

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Jgn cut ur hair.. Itu trademark ko tu aki hehe

Aemy Nadira said...

hahaha! lucu ba..people dont recognize ur face anymore :p
uii dont cut's ur trademark aki..but its up to u. if i were u, i wont cut it ;)

de engineur said...

Great stories lah bro!
Your Afro reminds me of the twin Manchester United players from brazil. They have since cut their hair short.

SimplySeoul said...

hahaha... your afro is truly your identity at times. i was mesmerized by it also. deng, i shud have touch it during the blogger gathering haha.

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