Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Body You Would Love To Make Love With

Yeah baby.. No, that's not the sound of people make love.. That's me for finding a suitable title to write about FITNESS!!.. Well, yeah the other day, Mr Comel Armstrong ask me..

'Aki, you look FIT already.. Share to me'..

No, I'm NOT YET fit but it's TRUE that I lost 7kg within 3-4 weeks only.. And that journey is NOT SIMPLE, but still easy for everyone to follow.. Let's see the solution.. :p..

Well, who doesn't know them right?? Ok, I'll let them inspire you for now, and let me do my job.. 

My workout was simple.. I only do weight training.. 30-45 minutes per day without any cardio at all.. So, for me, no jogging, no walking, no running.. just weight training.. Weight training was proven the best way to burn calories and fat than other.. Plus, metabolism triggered high when you're doing weight training.. Remember in mind, WEIGHT TRAINING can go as simple as push up, and can go as hardly as weight lifting.. 

Bear in mind, if you're building your muscle up, then weight is definitely a role.. Push your body to the limit.. So, knowing your limit is the best way so that you wouldn't injured yourself.. BUT a girl with EXTRA MUSCLE would look a bit masculine to me.. That's mean, a girl can go with weight training, but with less weight..

What's important in weight training was the FULL FORM of the exercise.. That's mean, as long as you're moving according to the right form, then only it would be effective.. Simple?? Yeah, so, adjust weight to your need and perform the FULL FORM.. :)..

Just make sure, you're not end up as a cloud.. 

What's important in getting your body ripped is FULL REST.. That's mean, relax your muscle with weight training.. BUT that doesn't mean you'll have to rest on removing the body fat.. So, you can simply do a simple cardio for 20-40 minutes.. 

Always remember to at least keep your muscle rest for 48 hours after doing weight training.. :).. 

That's why I always separate my workout by muscle type by day.. Like :
Monday - Chest, 
Tuesday - Biceps and Triceps,
Wednesday - Shoulder and Neck,
Thursday - Chest,
Friday - Biceps/Triceps or Shoulder/Neck

and I'll go full rest for the weekend.. Simple isn't it?? Just make sure get enough rest.. And DON'T FORGET to Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.. No excuses.. Having less sleep proven to be the cause of OBESITY..

Yeah, this is our natural fat burner.. Metabolism was running the whole time as our body alive.. That's mean, metabolism was running even when we're sleeping, working, socializing.. JUST, the different with each person was either the level is High or Low..

That's why, for people with low metabolism, they just have to do the weight training more, as it help to push the metabolism high.. 

BUT, don't worry.. You can also push your metabolism by EATING!!.. Yeah I know eating was our source of fat, but, it's still our body NEED.. So, our metabolism was actually design to burn that fat.. The problem was, you always eat more than you burn..

So, remember to eat every 3 hours and don't forget to control the quantity.. Eat what you body need, not what you think you need.. :)..

And as always, this is the most important part.. NUTRITION is that one thing that control the outcome..

Let's take my body as for example.. I'm a mesomorph, with workout for 5 hours a week, age 25, weight 75kg, height 172cm.. so, based on some software I've downloaded, my daily nutrition supposed to be like this..

Calories = 3250g (100%)
Carb = 370g (30%)
Protein = 368g (30%)
Fat = 93g (10%)

That's mean, I gain calories 100% from food.. So, I need to divide carefully between my carb, protein and fat.. Imagine in a lunch plate, you have a scoop of rice (120g carb).. so, to make it fair for the protein, I have to add around 120g of protein too!!.. That's mean, a slice of meat or chicken should be good.. Now, remember the fat, you must consume like 10% from that meal, so, no more than 30g fat for that meal.. Simple??

Ok, I mean, just divide your meal portion properly so that you wouldn't consume more than what your body actually needed..

And, you can go eat ALMOST ANYTHING with my style, but only WHOLE FOOD.. What I mean here was natural grown food.. Meat, Vege, and so on.. Never include Processed food in your diet.. Sausage, Burger Patty, Nugget, Canned Fish.. So, NO PROCESSED FOOD.. 

CHEAT DAY is a day where you eat what you can't eat on your diet.. But for me, I didn't go CHEATING the whole day.. just a portion of ice cream, or a burger.. Just once on a cheat day.. That's me..

So Arms, is this SIMPLE enough?? For me, the 1st week gonna be hard, coz, it's so hard to remember this and that.. But once you applied that for a fortnight, U'll just follow thru it naturally already.. :)..

Having a ripped body is just that simple, but DISCIPLINE is what it takes to done that.. Don't let this fitness things got crowded in your mind and you're not enjoying them makin you more stress and getting obes.. :)..

Aki : Ok, I'll post my picture if I got those Channing Tatum abs.. Which, I don't know when.. :p..

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Aemy Nadira said...

nice tips!! keep it up, but jgn sampai ko jd cloud k..haha..
si ifo pun skrg berusaha mau buat abs mcm mna mau jd klu kuat mkn kan? hahaha

de engineur said...

Powerful lah title artikel ko Aki. Mcm magnet hehe

Camy Lau said...

if only i'm discipline enough to follow them all @@

Shirley Tay said...

Aw, what a post to get people to read! Is that your body in the first pix? Hahaha! Show us your new look, Aki!! Happy 2013!

Nana Eddy said...

wah.. didn't know you were doing this... you never mention anything...

Fay said...

Wah! Gitu plak pun mo ikut2 la ni..mna taw dapat bdan c vanessa hudgen...kui kui..

Wyne Mouren said...

Risau pula sa kalu berbadan sangat sexy. Nanti ramai urang mau ambil sa keja as a secretary!! khihihihi..

Bagus juga ko ni ada lagi buat workout. Bagus betul owh.

Henry Tan said...

wow! all the best dude! =DD

Yuh Jiun said...

Woots! Hhaa too bad I'm not that discpline yet :p

Dora said...

recently my friends also say I kurus a bit dy! hahaha.. I also practice all of the above.. I also do interval training

Aki said...

Aemy : there's no way I'm going for that cloud.. :D.. eh, rajin makan la bagus.. :D..

De Engineur : hahaha.. tektik ba tu.. tektik.. :p..

Camy : Naah, you're good.. :D..

Shirley Tay : Nah, not that yet.. still working it out.. :D..

Nana : because U never ask.. :p..

Fay : YES YOU CAN!! :D..

Wyne : Tida paya.. Hahaha.. secretary ni multipurpose.. :p..

Henry : Come on, join me!! :p..

Yuh Jiun : Hm, you're fine already.. no prob.. :D..

Dora : Hehehe.. pakai basic ja.. paling best bila kita tida melibatkan supplement.. :D..

nGiau Jairim said...

hmm tida pena jadi2 bha workout sya ni huhu

with love said... nda mo makan mlm ni..

Armstrong said...

Wahahaa. Very nice advice from Mr Aki. Banyak tips. Detail lagi tu. Ada percentage lagi hehee.

Tapi mcmna ni Aki, I like Double Cheeseburger the most. Hahaa.

Nda apa. Start ni minggu, sia mo try pigi gym suda. kunun.

Happy Wednesday, bro.

Yen said...

inda mo la diet or exercise cardio segala..i'm too lazy to do all that..just let my metabolism doin' all da work..ouu yeahh! that sounds great..haha.

Diana Diane Teo said...

One of my resolution for this year is to lose weight and workout but looks like it's really hard to do so. =(

el said...

Haha.. title tu bah! xD
Kalau mo lose weight ni satu ja. Discipline. Kalau teda tu habis.. byk2 tip pun nda guna mcm sa. haha! xD

beaty said...

nanti sa kasi tingu ni post sama c ben.. dia mau kurus bilang.. he he he

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Dulu masa mula2 kenal husband sya, dia kurus. Then after abis study, dia build muscle di badan dia. Pigi gym, berenang and jogging and of course jaga makan. Uiyooo lean ba body dia tu dulu, ada six pack lg. Dia pernah jadi fitness instructor lg tu sana Celebrity Fitness, One Utama.

But now after ada suda si gabriel, nda dpt suda kasi six pack sebab kena bnyk mkn mau gain tenaga jaga anak..haahaha.. But the most important is dia healthy ba. His appearance now pun ok, i didnt care tht much, asalkan jgn jadi perut boroi and double chin hahaha..

Aemy Nadira said...

bila ko mau update pasal kenangan kita d icity..haha

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i think i cheat on my diet everyday, thats why i cannot lose weight haha

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Anonymous said...

True. Kena ada cheat day juga kira macam self-reward bah tu. share bah pasal weight training tu :)

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