Friday, April 27, 2012

First Love Story : No One Forget

Day 3 of 30 BC : Your First Love

I think I've said before that I'll never reveal my first love story.. I think so.. But for the 3rd day of my 30 day blog challenge, it says my first love.. So, challenge accepted..

Well, I don't wanna start off like my first love is my family or my parent or anyone related, coz that's everybody's first love.. What they really want to know was actually, the first love between 2 non related person in a relationship.. RIGHT?? So, I think the day has come for me to share em here......

Ok, this POST and this POST once before had reveal my past a bit.. So most of you already know.. But, they once said, when a man have this....

stance for a girl, that's mean the girl have been at least a meaning in him.. So, since I got this once, that's actually my first love flying away from me.. Ha ha ha..


Well, we start a bit about her which I'll of course never forget.. She was around my age, that's mean we were born in the same year.. Goes to the same church with me, so the chance of meeting once a week should be enough for me of seeing her.. Her smile is one that I'll never forget and her eyes I think was the most sparkling ever that time.. Yeah..'s...... sister.. Yeah, back when I was still in school, I have 4 of my most bestie (up until now) and she was sister of one my bestie.. 

My Effort

Well, being in love, I finally make a move to ask her out.. Of course to be my girlfriend.. And guess what, she just reject em.. Yeah, just like that.. But well, that's not the end.. Coz I'm still trying to get her of course..

And okay, I admit I use my knowledge and fuckin over-genius brain rated in terms of lying to help me with this.. Well, I have so many contact that times that I could actually have any answer for every folio (secondary school assignment) that were given by the teacher.. Well for add maths, Pendidikan Moral, and many more that were standardized for all Malaysian.. 

And she got all of the answer just like that.. :p.. That's my first year of effort.. and it continuously happening for like 3 years?? Yeah, I'm telling you, that it took me 3 years time of effort.. 

She Replied

YES!! after the 3 years of effort, she gave me the green light for me being her boyfriend.. Yeah.. And that time,early year, we were in the same class in Upper six.. So, we then be in a relationship and you know what's that mean.. HAPPINESS!!

The Best Moment

We then use our time together at the school joining almost every activity.. And one trip that I'll remember was of course this...

Upps.. not this one, she's not there.. ha ha ha.. Ok,this one..

hm, both picture was our School Lembah Danum Trip.. And that's me in always wearing a cap.. and she was there, the blue shirt besides me, sitting.. Yeah, that's her.. I have no other picture of her already.. I don't know where is it.. ha ha ha..

And of course lot of other activity,especially church program.. :D.. Eh, I got one more as my memory.. ha ha ha.. found this in my FB Profile..

She was in the middle row, third from left.. The other picture were maybe in the hell already.. Ha ha ha.. I have none of these.. :D..

p/s - for sure U'll know where I am in all of that picture right?? :p

Good Bye

Well, this was I told you karma that happen on this POST.. Yeah, by the end of our STPM exam, after finishing all the paper, she finish me too.. ha ha ha.. Yeah, I mean, she leave me......with the famous words 'You'll certainly find a girl that is more good than me'..... So, here we go..


And that's the end of our relationship.. After that day, for a week, I maybe lost myself.. But never mind, I'll never suffer for so long..

and I think, she's right with that famous word.. I DID FIND MY SUITABLE PARTNER now!! He he he.. 

Right now, she's happily married with two cute sons (but not as cute as me) and no worry you all, I'm still keeping in contact with her, as friend.. and last time we talk to each other was............ oh, last year.. Before she deliver her second son.. And I'm still in good contact with her family too..

So, now you agree that FIRST LOVE is a story that you will never forget?? Ha ha ha.. Girls, I know most of you love reading this.. So, why don't you....... you share your first love story.. I mean, yeah, FIRST..

I'm waiting.. :p

Aki : I'll be busy this weekend, so, coming back to visit your blog when I'm free.. Thanks everyone!! ^_^.v..

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millerJ said...

Hacking script??hahahaha XD

so, well, okay..i wanna hack for a while here.hahahaha...

honestly, sweet story but ended just like that. i guess same happened to me, but just that the other side yg putuskan me. ha ha ha

so sad rite. it shudnt happen such way.. but it's past. i moved on and i rather call it as cinta monyet. wakakaka *bikin cover

Cik Diana said...

seriusly its sO hard tO forget Our first lOve. Hate!!!!

CathJ said...

Wahhhh romanticaa bah c aki ni.. :)

Ui kkalau sia mau cerita 1st love..mau rewind 5episode cinta tu.. Byk.. Hahahahaha...

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

mmm,yups,i guess so...1st love never will be forget..but i always tries to forget it.whatever,but i need to forget it..

Just said...

Will share mine later k.. :)

Anonymous said...

I have found the answer to your question in

Diary oF Mine said...

pewittt... :P
lomentik la aki... :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..1st love ka Aki.. hehe..
Hope yg skrg punya tu berpjg sampai marriage la..hehe.. A prayer for both u..:)

Sya punya 1st love is my hubby suda skrg.. hehehe.. Titik2 pertemuan tu mcm mana?..hmm..nnti la kalau ada masa sya kasi blog..:P

Daniel Chiam said...

=.= 3 year... tabik respect... kurusnya aki dulu... anyway... I'm not a girl but tempted to do you 30 days blogging challenge and maybe i will reveal my first love story too :P

♥Audeanor®♥ said...

Hi Aki, onu abal nu... si Tarabas kirim salam. Sy blm sanggup mau cerita sal 1st love ni

Sherrie Pui said...

Wow! Ur first love story is impressive!

Armstrong said...

Aki, y u no look at camera during class photoshoot! Wakakaa. Cuba mo tinguk ko punya ex-lover ka tu. :D jk.

Macam banyak ko cerita pasal ex ko dalam blog ni o kan. gf ko okay ka? Takan tda jelez sikit pun hehee.

What's past, is past. Yang penting, you did find your suitable partner juga kan yang sekarang :)

Ba happy weekend, Mr Aki.

Rungitom said...

'You'll certainly find a girl that is more good than me'

Yes, same thing was told to me before, and I say, "Why can't I settle with you? I'm already in love with you"

In the end.. :(

Aemy Shamy said...

aiyyooo aki, the boy in the pictures doesn't look like u owhh...are u sure?? hahaha :p jk bah, besalah muda2 kan muka cumil ckit..ckit ja.. :p hehehe..

nice story 1st love story (errmmm..mcm x sesuai bah panggil 1st love...1st cinta monyet baru ngam kn.. :p) was terrible..susah mau crita sini, nnt la sy kasi post....but im not sure if Ifo will be ok if i write about my ex...sporting oh ur sumandak kan, ok seja ni ko crita psl ex ko sini..hehehe..

btw, have u listened to the song Cool by Gwen Stefani?

Meitzeu said...

:) There's a Syria tourist told me, first love is good when both partner is, there's no comparison of previous r'ship. :)

SimplySeoul said...

First love not necessarily yang the sweetest, strongest, fun. But it just have this special value that non of us could forget. Some did not really cherish their first love. But still, we remember.

3 years aki, 3 years. wow *clap*clap*

Camy said...

awwww. nice story. its good that still keep in contact ;)

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

you go for church?? @_@
ermm. married already but at least you're still a friend of hers :)

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Blackswan said...

Just back from shopping trip in Korea. Phew! I'm dead tired. Thks for visiting during my absence! It's nice to be greeted by a heart-warming post.

Thks for sharing your first love with us! Certainly reminds me of mine :)

Wyne Mouren said...

LOL. I can't imagine how my ex-b reacts if I post about him.

Tunah bah, gmbr Tingkatan 6 Atas 1; knp kunun ko tinguk arah lain. The camera is front of you bah XD XD

nGiau said...

wahhh touching jg story ko ni aki..mau meleleh jg ni air mata..anyway, i dont have the guts to show my first love hahaha

Nath said...

puppy love when you should study *smack pigu

beaty said...

c aki juga paling manang ni..tapi ensem ko time masi kurus tu

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

looking forward for the challenge next day :)

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meisnani said...

Aki !!!!
Nani datang sini.... =)

wow, sgt2 sweet lorh... ahahha...

Anonymous said...

Auw...first love doesn't always last :) but true love does. Long time no come here and leave comment. How r u? :)

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