Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lucky Number 2

Hey Morning Thursday!! I know some of my friend called Thursday, or to be exact, Khamis.. Ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. Ok,today was the lucky 2 for me..

No, no, there are no such things like single number jackpot.. And I ain't giving you any.. If I had it,why would I share it.. Me here is getting some damn life without money already.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. So, what's up with that lucky number 2??

It's just two years ago, back in 2009, at this time (0735am) I was finishing my last packing.. My brushteeth, my boxer, my porn cd, my whole thing and especially,the document.. Then after that,struggling with my mind to pick what should I wear..

Yeah,this is the date when I first reach KL.. I mean officially.. Back at 2004,I've once reach KL,but that will be not counted.. I only make my step to KLIA, waiting 8 hours for transit to Penang.. But this time,I'll be steppin at KL and live here happily ever after..

My flight were at 1730 (5.30pm) and I have the whole day to be worried, call some relatives and fuckin out myself.. But another damn thing, 5.30 pm's flight will always be delayed.. I've experience it triple time and it quite amusing me.. Damn..

But yeah, I reach KL at 9+ pm, and it was my uncle who pick me up at LCCT..

So,that's my lucky 2 for today.. And I should celebrate this with.... Get some laid tonight?? ok,I lied.. I think, a Teh O Ais will be good.. Eh,that's my daily drink.. Ok, deal.. KFC then.. :-p..

Option 1
Option 2

Or,should I choose one from HERE (down there)??

Oh yeah..
Totally Officemate
Sarawakian Friend
Tina!! My Bestfriend..
I forget what's her real name already.. Isma.. Help me.. :-p
Thiba!! ^_^.v..
Uppsiee.. Hanim, somebody's wife
The Officemate!! Qaseh Johanna.. Mr. Boo Boo's wifey
Anem and Yana.. Both are somebody's wife.. But yeah,they are gorgeous.. ^_^.v..
Titi!! ^_^.v.. Stephenie Eric.. Yeah,I guess so.. :-p

Aki : Does that mean, I'm already 2?? I mean, as a Metropolitan Boy??

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onie said...

option dengan mocik ok?miahahaha

Mr. Z dan Mis N said...


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DoRa Priscilla said...

wah jd city boy suda Aki :D hope years to come will be even better la, naik gaji ka.. hehe..
nda gmbr sumandak ka?

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Ops! baju putih bersayap tu ter'touching' sikit lah..ahaaha..

Aki said...

Onie : Ok je.. datang shah alam,seksyen 18.. ha ha ha.. :-p..

Mr. Z : Ok chegu.. akan melawat.. ^_^.v..

Dora : Sengaja tia letak gambar sumandak.. ha ha ha.. Thanks for the wishes.. :-p

Elih : Sa nda perasan oh kalau ko nda cakap.. ha ha ha.. :-p

Diana Diane Teo said...

How's to feels like life in KL? Last time I used to be a student there and stay for almost 4 yrs and I almost want to start my career there but now I realised Sabah is much more better.

Anyway, wish you the best in your life. And one more thing, Man! You're are lady killer. Always surrounded by ladies. :P

Daniel Chiam said...

Haha si Aki showoff pretty girls picture yang dia pernah bergambar sama2...

LoL one fine day we should meet up Aki... Kinect!

Aki said...

Dee : Thanks for the wishes.. hey, I thought the same too.. Sabah is much more better.. Thinking of going back there too.. ha ha ha.. Err,this is only for show off thingy..

DC : ha ha ha.. ini baru sikit ni.. takut kamurang temuntah ja kalau sa taru semua.. :-p Kinect?? Ok,no problem.. :-p

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...


meisnani said...

happy thursday.. =)

Dida mumin♥ said...

Akidal...jgn ckp happily ever after, tidak lawan juga tpt sendiri bah kan...saya kalau ada pilihan mo balik sabah, that where i belong to

meisnani said...

hey that's a big reason why i says that "happy thursday" okay... i'm always reading ur entry until the end... am i a good friend?? ^_^

live with all the angel... owhhh damn... ahahaha

beaty said...

mana gambar c sumandak? sa mencari tau nih

SaSa said...

oow..d sna pla haepy2 sllu sna..^^

Miki Aya said...

ladies boy ka gaman? hehe :)

lilies.john said...

OMG! how can you remember the flight number and date??

Meitzeu said...

Wow! Seems like you are famous between girls. hahaha

Cherrie.Mia said...

nice nice bah all the chics terutama yg last tu...mcm artis...

Aemy Shamy said...

hey u city boy!! jgn ko jd womanizer betul2 aa..hahaha. nice pics..all of em! undeniable, u got lots of fans! haha. tunggu nnt gathering giliran sy gambar sma ko :p ui, cek your fb inbox aa ;)

misya mialen said...

uik, buntar mata aku tgk gmbr semua dgn perempuan.hahahaha.

dyanared said...

oh itu plak tajuk 2 tu.isk..isk..aku ingat ko kawen 2

SoLy SoLicious said...

hamboi...aki..berkepit ha..

kay masingan said...

happy thursday Aki.
Semoga turus maju ya..:)

echaRierie said...

gambar si sumandak mana ?
haha..Aki2..lucky 2 sdh ko r..

debrajill said...

hahaha! Aki! saya cari2 gmbar si sumandak juga ni..hehehe..wowwww..tia alang2 o gmbar ko sama girls! tmbah lagi collectioN..hehe

Aki said...

Charmaine : Ha ha ha.. Yeah..

Nani : Happy thursday dak.. :-p

Dida : ha ha ha.. sa pun mo balik sabah.. for goods.. :-p

Nani : Oh oh oh.. oh damn.. :-p Damn good girl.. ^_^.v..

Beaty : He he he.. nanti2 kalau gambar si Sumandak..

Sasa : Ha ha ha.. begitu la tu..

Miki : Mungkin la.. :-p

Lilies : Ha ha ha.. itu lah masalah saya.. I can't forget the fact.. :-p..

Meitzeu : Ha ha ha.. naah,not really..

Cherrie : He he he.. kawan church tu.. tapi dia memang artis juga tu.. :-p..

Aemy : sa mo begambar sama semua sumandak2 yang ada di blogger gathering nanti..

misya : ha ha ha.. hebat kan si Aki??

dyana : ha ha ha.. ko ini.. kuyak juga si Aki tu.. :-p

soly : Ni saje je ni..

Kay : Konpom.. ko tingu ja.. :-p..

echa : he he he.. ko lagi lama kan?? gambar si Sumandak di dompet.. :-p..

debrajill : si Sumandak sana di post lain.. nanti durang jeles kalau balik2 si Sumandak ja.. :-p.. err baru sikit ba ni.. ha ha ha.. :-p

Mizz Yana said...

owww men owww men n owwww men...gurls everywhere..toink² la..wahahahaa

meisnani said...

^_^.v.. <<<<stands for??? ahahhaha

Blackswan said...

Hey city boy! U look charming with all the lovely ladies! Hahaha! Have fun & all the best!

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