Friday, October 7, 2011

AY Klang Dinner 2011 - Theme Selected and Outfit Selection

Hey Watzup!! Aki in da house bringing back to you the latest info about AY Klang Dinner!! Naah,probably you've missed my previously post about that huh?? Ok,never mind.. Just click this link below..

You know what?? This is an Annual Dinner for AY Klang which stand for Adventist Youth of Klang.. Don't know what is Adventist Youth?? Ok,go google it now!! Hm.... to make it short,Adventist Youth is a youth group of Adventist Church..

AY Klang Dinner 2010
OK.. Now about this year Annual Dinner, after a long meeting which I didn't attend due to some problem, we had finalized the THEME of the Year!!

and the Theme is......................
Idol Wanna Be!!

So,what will si Aki wear for this year Dinner?? For Last Year,si Aki's props were using NO MONEY at all!! Yeah.. si Aki was a bit stingy for sure.. So,this year, si Aki gonna probably use some money to make some outrages OUTFIT!! 

Let we see,who is si Aki's IDOL!!

1. Alien Aki Workshop
Hey,who here doesn't know this cute greeny thingy!! Quite Cute,but,the body paint will cost too much!! Plus, si Aki didn't have that slim body anymore.. Skip it then..

 2. David Aki Luiz
For sure,this will an easy task.. just wear the Chelsea's jersey si Aki have and finish.. This were actually si Sumandak's idea.. Yeah,she's right.. This is also suit me.. See, U even can't differentiate between si Aki and Luiz huh??

3. Aki Jacob and the Colorful Coat 
If you don't know this guy, he was a very great man in the Bible.. They said,we can be the Idol from the Bible too.. So,this will be definitely my choice.. But,can I change the Colorful Coat thingy.. Still costly... Hmm... Maybe next time..

4. Justin Aki Bieber

Hey, why did you hate him?? Because he is Young and Wealthy?? Ok.. Fine.. I don't care.. I just wanna be young again.. Aki aki aki oooooohhh.. Cut it.. Next!!!

5. Manny Aki Pacquiao 

 Ok,for this,si Aki will need to find that mighty glove of him.. And then,done.. Quite Good.. but no.. si Aki's muscle is much tougher than that.. So,sorry Pacquiao...

6. Mariah Aki Carey

Ok,for sure,this is one of si Aki's Idol.. So,si Aki think to give it a try.. No way.. You wouldn't think like that man.. I'm straight.. Please.. This will be No too.. si Aki doesn't have that mighty boobies.. Next!!

 7. Aki Wondergirls

Hm,same as Mariah Carey's reason.. This will take a no from si Aki.. Of course si Aki's cute enough to get in this group.. but no.. it was really hard to fit in a Girl Dress.. So.. Next!!

8. Aki Malaysian PM

 Hey hey hey.. Don't be like that Man.. He is good as an Idol what.. plus,he is the Malaysia's Leader after all.. So,being him will make si Aki proud to be Malaysian!! Unless if si Aki's salary didn't rose up this 2011 Budget,then thus will count out.. Ho ho ho..

9. Super Akiman!!

Well,this is quite good.. Except for he is wearing that underwear outside.. Hm,no way man... I'm still not crary enough to wear these to that dinner... Probably next time!!

10. Ken Aki Matsushiro

Ok,this was the Pantasia small cakehouse Manager in Yakitate Japan manga.. Yeah.. We have the same appearance though.. So,si Aki think that this will be it.. Hm,si Aki had all that props of him.. Even the muscular body.. So,what do you think??

Got another Idea for si Aki?? Hm,ok,share it here then.. si Aki will try to imagine on what will you suggest on si Aki.. So,come on.. Be part of si Aki's outfit choosing!! Remember,minimal cost of outfit for si Aki is compulsory.. ^_^.v..

btw, have you heard about the Cute Blogger Gathering?? Click the link below for more info!! ^_^.v..

Aki : Can't wait for the DATE already!!

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beaty said...

ko jadi wonder girl la aki...hahahahha..mariah aki carey pun ok

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

Wah,. Bagus jga tema dia tu kan "Idol Wanna Be!" Yang tu No.10 mmg ngam sma ko la Aki.. Yg No.4 pn buli jga cma ko kasi Afro lah... Hehehe..

nowriz said...

sy suka pic yang last sekali..

namun kalau ko jadi super aki pun.. ok jua ba..


bah.. happy friday!

Daniel Chiam said...

I want to see you in mariah carey's outfit!!! hahahaha

saveqmm said...

owhh..heheh..happy la kamu kan dapat dinner ramai-ramai..huhu

Nana Eddy said...

go as Ken!! I love that character. so fun. oh~~ but you don't have the hair anymore-- nanti kene sewa wig pula. then just wear your Chelsea shirt. hehe. save money guaranteed!

Yvonne Iman Felicianus said...

Aki kalau rambut kau afro ngam kau jadi si Ken Aki Matsushiro tapi kau kasi tagap2 bdn kau ah :)

KhuZa SunshiNe said...

kau jdi seja aki bieber ! hahahahah ;p

Va Va Voom said...

Ngam ko jadi tu "super Akiman" hehehe..macho apa!

p/s cizzz no wonder sa tdk nampak ko punya update rupa2 nya ko balik pi blogspot pula.

kay masingan said...

hahahhahaha..Aki Mariah Carey lah Aki..hehehe

SoLy SoLicious said...

yg mariah carey tu hancuss gila..hahaha..jd WG la aki..heee

Aemy Shamy said...

oh ingatkan theme dia masquerade..hehe.
alala please la jgn jd tu mariah carey or wondergirls..hahaha! ko xmau jd The Joker ka aki..? smart ba tu....why so serious!? hehe ^^

dyanareds said...

yg hijau pun ngam jg aki.go green ko bilang tu.kekeke

Wency Jelson said...

hahhahah..aki aki..ada2 jak ko ni tau..haha.. sa pili yg costume tu tau..pewitt.haha

meaw said...

aki wonder boy pon orite,kasi calit mekap tang pipi ngn mata nahhhh,haha

lilies.john said...

bagus yg 1st idea tu!
ko guna jak water color bah aki.. sinang cerita.. kekeke

Nani said...

Aki.. Aki... Imaginasi budak2 versi dewasa. Butul2 oh kau ni Aki.. Hahaha. Rambut Afro bawa tuah.

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