Friday, September 30, 2011

AY Klang Annual Dinner 2011 - Theme Selection

It's the last day of weekday and weekend is coming!! Today also was the last day of September.. Oh,how I wake up when the September ends.. T_T.v.. See you again next year September.. Well,it's October and it does mean,AY Klang (Adventist Youth) will be having their annual dinner..

Last year dinner was awesome.. See this post to believe..

Okay,I'm crazy with it.. And this year,we haven't selected the theme yet.. How about be part of si Aki to choose which one is the most suitable theme for this year.. Pick 1 theme and post your choice on the comment box!! Thanks!! U can give si Aki another theme to pick also.. Only if you are so rajin..

Out of so many suggestion,this is what si Aki choose to pick one to be the theme of the Annual Dinner..

1. Hawaiian Beach 

Who says we can't wear this outfit in a fully air-conditioning room.. No problem mah kan?? ha ha ha.. But I rather not.. Coz,I'm worry so many girls will be drooling seeing my abs.. 

This is your choice?? Wait till you finish up this post ok??

2. Bollywood

Ok,I'll be wearing this if any of the girls wanna wear saree to match up with me.. What do you say??

3. Cosplay

Cool huh?? But for and afro like si Aki,limited character only can do.. T_T.. Plus,use more money on this..

4. Cowboy 

Honestly, I didn't like this outfit very much.. Except for the cow girl.. no,si Aki mean Girl Cowboy.. and The Pistol of course.. Eh,what were U thinking??

5. Eden

Back to where the Earth were created by GOD, Eden is the place where the 1st man,Adam were born.. So,Eden is suitable for me who have no money for costume..

6. Elementary School

OK,the Japanese outfit is sure my favourite,but costly.. And sadly,I don't think I'll be in my last last last last last last last year school uniform.. Thank You..

7. Go Green

Sorry,I have no other picture to show about going green.. But,the paint will cost me so many rite?? Hm....

8. Jobs Outfit

OK,this is suitable.. I'll just wear my ofis suit and I'm done.. Can ah?? The plain shirt with slack trousers.. OK fine.. NEXT...

9. Retro

Retro.. Back to 70's or 80's.. Ha ha ha.. This will be costly too.. Ha ha ha.. I don't know.. But sure interesting.. 

and lastly,

10. Robot

Oh crap.. I'll finish twice month of salary on this.. Maybe next next next next year... 

OK,now,Choose for ME.. Faster!! Ha ha ha..

Note : This theme will be used by whole of the AY Klang for 2011 Annual Dinner.. So,please choose nicely,what picture will U want to see later.. ha ha ha..

Aki : Ok,this year will be great too.. Ha ha ha..

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Nana Eddy said...

NuuOOOOOuoOOOo don't go Eden. TOOO HORRIFYING!!! ahahah~ Stick to clothes, seriously, please. hehe

You didn't tell us the theme. How to choose?

beaty said...

aki eden la kalau ko berani...alalalal c aki..alalalalla

Xue Ren said...

go robot!!! =P

Aki said...

I'm choosing a theme here nana,for the outfit,let's choose after deciding wat will the theme for this year.. :-p

Kian Fai said...

Jadi robot pun segat macam mantap!

hahah Eden put ada jugak . . . jadi red indian pun bagus! ada tatoo XD

DoRa Priscilla said...

Retro nerd :D

Dida mumin♥ said...

1. EDEN..EDEN..EDEN...!!!!
2. Hawaiian Beach
ada membantu ka?..hahaha

Michelle Sung said...

OMG! please don't Eden...hahaha marah pastor o haha...

I think you're more to Retro! :) itu afro misti wujud..hoho

siok o kmurang sana ada AY annual dinner yg grand2 mau pigi klang la ni hahaha

♥ Connie , said...


nowriz said...

retro sama bollywood la.. :p

dyanareds said...

hahaha...robot la

misya mialen said...

aki, aku sukung tu retro..sbb ko punya body mantop ba..sasa gitu...hahaha..jd ngam la konon ko pki baju mcm tu.ehem;D

Idea2Talk @ I2T said...

Punyalah ko aki..sia rasa retro kot?haha...tapi bagus ko pakai kostum2 binatang ka,mcm ALONG tu..hehe..

Red Cherry and Avocado said...

Go for robot then..he he

tiara.dryden said...

retro plg ngam sama ko aki. hua3. actually sy mau pilih suda tu eden tp rambuk ko kan afro. wakakaka

meaw said...

pilihan meaw tade dalam list kat atas tu kot....meaw suka stylo !

lilies.john said...

voted for the cosplay and the schoolgirl theme!! apa kata buat mcm retro melayu!! girls with kebaya songket and lelaki pakai baju melayu dolu2.. semat jg,.. ke ke ke..
tapi yang bollywood theme pun ok jg bah klu ko aki.. he he

p/s always looking foward for AY annual dinner! siuk bah nampak kamu berkostum.. he he

Umie Artoqiemie said...

robot ya ohsemm.. sebab kmk suka robot hahaha.

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