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Aki is a freelance designer, draughtsmen, planner and crapper that mostly blog about nowadays topic, work, art design, info, event, and some craps.. Aki mostly cover about :

Header ( Photoshop Design )
Drafting ( Architectural Plan, Structure Plan )
Event (self sponsored or sponsored)
Counseling ( Relationship ) note : Not responsible for any decision you make on your own
Personal Life
Tech Info

Should you interesting upon making some scheduled post or any inquiry of above matter, you can CONTACT ME at :

Email :
Facebook Page : si AKI Borneo
Twitter : @AkiBorneo


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wawaKyoko oneal said...

Hye Aki..i really love ur blog..follow ur blog and mine to follow me back..cos this is 1 of way to contact u :D thank you for ur time ^_^ -hidup ccaxxx-

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