Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've Been Tagged and Tagged and Tagged

First of all,sorry to all the taggers,I have to delay the post.. Find the right time to answer em.. So,I'm gonna warn you all,please do not read this post because it will took half days of yours.. For the taggers,just go to your question and read it.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

Err,1 things for sure,I'm answering all of your question within my HONESTY.. so,don't be shocked to see maybe different sides of mine!! ^_^.v..

Er,those taggers are A-me, Lilies, Pitot, Chegu Carol, Audeanor,Ichigo and Miira.. I can't recall back if anyone have ever tag me again,but If I do miss you,please tell me ok?? ^_^.v..

So,as usual,the rules...

1.You must post these rules.

2.Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.

3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.

4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.

5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER

6.No tag back!!

7.No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people.

Wondering why I cross the other rules?? Yeah,you know it,I'm not tagging anyone!! ^_^.v.. Coz the rule itself didn't reach the 11 number,so,I'm here for breaking the RULES!! ^_^.v..

and 2,the Usual Tagging game pattern, 11 fuckin FACT about si Aki..
(may I skip this??)

1. If girls are crazy to learn what man can do, si Aki is the opposite.. I love everything a girl can do and I'm learning it..

2. Sumandak's own..

3. Damn crazy upon FOOD!!

4. Hate Question but Like to Answer any.. Can you understand?? Better not..

5. The best in FARTING!!

6. Can stand in front of BlueDell (My Laptop) for 48 hours straight.. Doing job,watching movie,playing game, watching porno, blogging, flirting, photo editing, argh,you named it all..

7. In Love with Romance Novel quite recently.. Can I borrow yours??

8. Boobs lover!! Yeah,I know,every man loves it.. It's just they can't say it.. They're not honest huh??

9. If you're single, don't talk to me as my lips are sweet enough to make you crazy.. But only if I had crush on you..

10. I don't have any pet (for now)

11. I'm an honest LIAR.. ^_^.v..

Phew,finding those TRULY fact about me is quite amusing myself.. T_T.v.. But yeah,lets go on!!.. So,we make it ONE by ONE!! I'll just do this in ONE go ok??


1.The story and meaning behind your blog name..
si Aki Borneo?? Err,I think I have the answer in HERE,but to make it simple,I'm Aki and that's my NICKNAME!! Favourite one!!

2. What is Your favourite LOVE quote?
LOVE is LOVE,there's no quote good enough to picture the beauty of LOVE.. ^_^.v.. same as there's no picture of GOD,but we still believe HIM.. ^_^.v..

3. Do you read? What is your favourite book?
COMIC.. Ha ha ha.. I can't tell you what's else I'm reading coz I'll be blabbering about it here until morning!!

4. A place you wish to go.
the MOON!!

5.Three things you want to say to three different peoples.
Sumandak : I miss You ba.. Ha ha ha..
Parent : Jangan lupa kasi tulis nama saya yang first sebagai pewaris di semua tu geran tanah ah..

Friends : Call me if you're feeling like treating me on some FOOD!! ^_^.v..

6. What is the best Love Story you ever watched?
err,I don't know,everything was fine to me.. are Porn is included here?? Ha ha ha.. Ok3.. I love to watch over and over the Pocahontas back then!! ^_^.v..

7. Seven things that cross your mind now?

Cute Blogger Gathering!! ^_^.v..

8. One thing you wish you can have right now.
My Sumandak here with me..

9. Name something you dislike about the day you're having.
STOMACHACHE.. damn,can't eat much.. T_T

10. If the world were to end tomorrow, what will you do with your remaining time on earth?
Go out and get some LAID!! ^_^.v.. Come on ladies,si Aki is here!! ^_^.v..

11. Screenshot / PrintScreen Your Desktop
shit,I hate this.. T_T


1. who was your first love?
Damn question.. err,to be frank, Novianne Jeoffery from Tenom which I dumped 6 years ago.. Sorry Little.. T_T

2. If you could change your face? how would you want it to look like?
My Grandpa.. He's so Handsome,plus his tatoo was awesome.. Yeah,he's pure IBAN!!

3. Your most unforgettable dream?
Having threesome with Japanese twins.. This is what you got by watching too much porno.. T_T.v.. Don't blame me,it's tempting..

4. Have you ever made a mistake or any bad thing? (the answer should be YES because the next question is)

5. Tell us about it.
About Money.. Full Stop..

6. what is the most embarrassing things that ever happened to you?
Err,I never get embarrassing.. If I am,then I'm lying..

7. how do you know that your partner is your true love?
I didn't know.. I work it..

8. money and love. which one do you prefer??
Money of course.. What is Love if you don't have money to make your partner happy.. ^_^.v..

9. between good looking guy/girl+kindhearted and not-so-good looking guy/girl with kindhearted. tell me honestly, which one would you prefer?
Of course the good looking one.. Especially comes with bigger boobs.. But the Sumandak is not that right Lilie?? You know her right.. So,I think,you know what I choose then.. :-p

10. imagine, you are in an exam hall. you seriously don't know how to answer most of the question. but then suddenly your friend(best student) next to you offer you her answer for free. what would you do??
Pretending not hearing HIM/Her and go sleep or exit the EXAM hall.. That's what I do in whole my exam.. ^_^.v..

11.why is a round pizza put in a square box? Because If the Box are round,those blind people will eat it with the BOX!!


1.What is your biggest FEAR?
Losing my mighty appetite!!

2. What were you like when you were a kid?
the Nice Guy which no girls really attached with!! T_T.v.. but a Clever one.. ha ha ha..

3.When was the 1st time you had beer? Did something happened?
I think, on my 13 and I finish 4 can in 1 go.. Nothing happen coz Dad scold me later.. T_T.v..

4. Do you think that age difference is important when dating? Why?
Naah,no problem for me..

5. Chinese Food? Malay Food? Indian Food? Which one you prefer? List 3 of your fav food.
Chinese Food of course.. And I Love all of them.. just serve me and I'll eat.. So,no need to list.. ha ha ha..

6. What will you do if someone you trust from the beginning, lied to you?
Fuck Him/Her

7. If you could have lunch with 1 famous person, who will it be?
Zac Efron.. I wanna punch him in the face coz get along too well with Vannesa Hudgens.. ^_^.v..

8. If you have to choose between Money, Fame and Freedom, what would you choose and why?
Money.. It's just can do almost everything!!

9. When was the first time you met with your BestFriend? Can remember the date?
For all of them,it was on 14 March 2002..

10. One song that reminds you of someone you really love.
I Love You 7.3 (Sorry,no preview.. It's my song to si Sumandak)

11. A funny/crazy picture of you.
Damn,I have a lot.. Ok.. Here it is..

Chegu Carol

1. Do you read your monthly zodiac?
Nope.. But do read if someone point me to..

2. Organized or messy?
Organized.. So much..

3. Hot or cold?
Cold!! ^_^.v..

4. Feng Shui believer?
Err,I'm mastering the Bedroom.. The other part,still learning.. Ha ha ha..

5. Bad habit that you still trying to curb?

6. How does winning a million dollar will affect/change you?
So much!! ^_^.v.. But not friends.. It can buy a man,but not a friend.. But I still want it!!

7. What kind of music accompany you when driving on long distance?
Country!! ^_^.v.. Yeehaaa.. I'm driving a rodeo!!

8. Do you have regrets about something in the past?
Yup,but that's make me stronger now..

9. How do you take a compliment by someone you dislike?
Fuck it off with some CUTE SMILE!! ^_^.v..

10. You love yourself? Why?
So much!! Because I'm living here in this world.. for at least something to do.. I'm sure of it..

11. Do you mind telling your age? *wink*
Proudly.. I'm 24..


1. Your nickname
damn,why am I telling this??

2. The most hated/ annoying person (s) and why?
My friend.. Coz they all are so concerned about me and it make me feel like I'm debiting upon em.. T_T.v..

3. Your dream car (s) and why? If you have, list down the model name and why you bought it?
Kancil coz I own it.. But for sure HUMMER H2O would be the best car ever created in this WORLD!! ^_^.v.. Super 4WD huh??

4. What's your mobile phone brand/ model?
Nokia!! ^_^.v.. Favourite.. Easy to navigate and to hack on.. ^_^.v..

5. What other language you want to learn?
I wanna learn all of Borneo native language first!!.. Teach me!!!

6. How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
A Father!! Will be a father!! Yeah.. I love making children!!

7. The favourite place in Sabah you love the most.
Sipitang,my Hometown.. Full of so many people with different language and faces!! ha ha ha..

8. Your favourite food (s).
Rice!! Don't let me pick one coz I don't know.. Rice is a Must!!

9. What do you think about film industry in Malaysia?
Quite good coz the standard is getting up right now.. Fuck all the complainers!! Just know to complain but didn't know how to support,when will we achieve HIGH STANDARD if like that??

10. What do you think about plastic surgery? Are you going to do it?
Damn not doing it!! I Love my Physical Appearances!!!!

11. Please post your most funny picture.
Damn,this one again.. Ok2..


1. Jenama laptop yang anda gemari? Sila nyatakan sebab ya.
Dell coz I own it..

2. By any chance, do you play Angry Birds? Which bird do you like the most?
The Yellow ONE!! 

3. I often eat RICE with FRIED EGG.

4. Apa akan jadi kalau anda sebenarnya Lord Voldermort?
Argh,I'll capture and demolish all the magician as early as in the 1st Movies!! so that,no another chapter!!

5. Anda ambil calculus? Senang ka susah?
What was that?? Can be eaten??

6. What word come first in your mind when i say 'bebola beracun!'?
Ikan Buntal

7. 3 songs that you often play on ur playlist?
Err,I don't know the tiltle.. It's on the game I'm playing..

8. Fav local band?

9. Your fav jokes?
Err,the nasty one!!

10. What do u like the most in my blog?
Hoping to see you post your cute faces there but sadly,no.. T_T

Mana soalan 11??


1.What is my favourite colour?
Nda tau.. PINK?? Sepa suruh,urang bawa jumpa tia mau..

2.Is my hair straight or curly?
Curly.. eh jap,pigi tingu gambar dulu.. ahh,pedulilah.. biar ko curly kasi kawan saya..

3.Where am I from?
Em,sa lupa lagi.. Tawau?? Hm,jawapan selamat,ko dari SABAH!!

4.What am I? Singer/Poetess/Artist/Teacher... (only one)

5.Lets see our compatibility, which do you prefer Harry Potter or Twilight?

6.Read the novels or watch the adaptation films?
Reading the Novel, and Finish watching em.

7.Fill in the blanks. If you are a/an AEROPLANE, you would FLY!!.
8.What top 3 countries you would like to go in the future and why?
Brazil - Football
France - Bakery
Australia - Koala

9.What is your biggest dream?
Being a SUPERMAN!!

10."Money can't buy happiness", do you agree or disagree? Why?
 Disagree.. Would you happy if you're starving??

11.What sort of writings do you prefer to read in my blog ?
*Personal (not those loveydovey kind though, see this example and this) OR
*Informative (tutorials or whatever, see this and this) OR
*My Own Point of View on Things( I state a subject and I say what I think of it, see this and this)
As long as you're posting and it appear on my HOTLIST,then I'm reading it.. ^_^.v..

Thanks for no one to not reading this from the start till the end coz it's the first time I'm being so honest.. Damn.. T_T

Aki : Phew,all the debts were settle finally.. Perhaps.. ^_^.v..

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onie said...

funny pic so funny !hahaahaha....

DoRa Priscilla said...

I can't believe I finish reading this long post @.@.. haha..

Meitzeu said...

lolzzz ;D

When u think of home~ Come back kk for good!!!


oyen iyrid said...

best in farting???hahaha demo kunun wakakakaka

Daniel Chiam said...

I can believe I finished reading the whole thing. Now I know a lot about you Manja :D

Aki said...

Onie : Aku memang dasar tak leh nak ambik gambar serius.. Nanti nampak hampeh..

Meitzeu : Can't wait actually..

Oyen : Ko mo?? Bah,datang..

DC : damn.. shit.. shit.. shitt.. ha ha ha.. arghhh!! sa ingat teda orang mau baca oh.. damn!!

Va Va Voom said...


Aki said...

DoRa : I can't believe someone is eager enough to read this.. Ha ha ha..

Flo : Hai.. Ha ha hah a.. DEng!!!! :-p

Pitot said...

sy berjaya baca semua.. paling manang juga la yg the best in farting..hahaha..

P/s : Manja??.. boleh suruh si Sumandak panggil "Anjaaaa" sja tu..mcm dlm cerita Bini2 Ku Gengster.. so cute~

Umie Artoqiemie said...

tok nang sik rupa org busy.. panjang haha.

beaty said...

ahahahahahah aki-b kiut tu gambar o mengandung...he he he helol

ranjin ko buat ni owh kan..bah

Rose Flower said...

Interesting facts about si AKI MANJA hahahaha...but one thing we have in common am crazy fan of a country music too!!! long distance drive country song will keep me entertained!! yeehawwwww cowboy!!

Aki said...

Pitot : Wait till you hear it.. ^_^.v..

Umie : Aok,tok nang busy.. Sik da lah.. baru jak siap.. :-p

Beaty : He he he.. itu paling kiut tu.. :-p

Rose : Syok kan tu Country Song.. ^_^.v..

Cherrie.Mia said...

memang betul lah bah panjang kan..nasib saya baca tem habis kerja sudah kalau enda memang curi tulang lah nama dia...

Cahya Qasehnya said...

ty aki, sa baca bahagian saya jak. haha. iyakan lupa soalan 11 terlamapau mamai udah kali. :P

lilies.john said...

-sy tau ko suka menjahit n cat kuku!!! haha
-boobs lover?? seriuosly? haha
`wow, nama sumandak first love lg tu.. mari sy search d google! haha
-threesomw with japanese?? mmg ko ada teste aki..haha
-hey, i've seen your sumandak! cute what!! cuma dia pendiam sikit la.. so, i didn't get a lot of chance to talk to her.. sy pun pendiam ni klu baru jumpa..haha
-bgus owh..smua org x mo meniru d exam.. sebab klu sy mungkin sy akan meniru.. takut gagal..haha

btw, jgn ko berani2 tumbuk zac efron sy!!! ahaha..

can't believe sy habis baca ni post ko.. thank u arr menjawab. AKI terbaik!! sy mo p sambung dulu bacaam sy yg entah apa2 tu.. bye!

sweetandspicy said...

Panat jg la sa membaca post ko ni aki.. LOL

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