Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is a Man Desk in Office

Yeeehhaaa.. Hm,take a long time to make this post.. er,frankly,I should post this a long time ago,but now with the new 401 camera (Liau's own) si Aki finally manage to do this post..

Ok,have you heard of 5S system?? Ok,a bit of refreshment.. See this pic below..

OK,remember now?? I know all of you already MASTERed this things so,no need for me to say.. It was 2 month ago,there was a 'gotong-royong' at the office for this 5S thingy..

When everyone was doing the 5S for office,all si Aki done is '5S'ing si Aki's desk.. or partition/cubicle.. Yeah.. There were so many of them focusing on the office thingy,so, no need for si Aki to be there actually.. Lets have a sneak peak of si AKi's desk!!

Ok,si Aki remember this actually while doing THIS post last night.. And yeah,the one who make si Aki remember this things were Chegu Carol.. ^_^.v.. Thanks Chegu..

Hm,can you see those tagging there?? Ok,here's some of it..

Yeah,I like doing the tagging.. So Much actually.. ^_^.v.. Here's some of my tagging collection..

Wondering why the handwriting is so BAD?? Yeah,that's my handwriting,when I slack off.. Ha ha ha.. It's the same at all the time actually,but,mind em.. Let we see each of them then..

Ok,this is my favourite spot on the desk.. If you can read em,it says 'MAKANAN FREE & SUBSIDI'.. or Subsidized and Free FOOD.. That's mean,none of this were bought by si Aki.. All are given by si Aki's office friend.. Ho ho ho.. They're so generous right??

This is si Aki's PC, Stationery, and Telephone.. Ho ho ho.. I like this.. And yeah,my desktop PC wallpaper were the wallpaper I got from Ernest,the BRO!!.. Been using this since September.. ^_^.v.. Ho ho ho.. Wan't my office number?? Err,actually,I only remember the 4 numbers at the back.. Ho ho ho.. Err,those stationery were actually given by office too..

The Calendar place,and some In Out rack that not fully utilized actually.. It's a place where I dump unused document recently.. and the TAGGING 'Fail-Fail Projek'?? Yeah,this place were once seated by those Project file which were transferred to other places due to last week AUDIT.. Yeah!!

This is a small 3-storey drawer which contain 'so many things'.. The top one?? Ok,it's actually containing my makeup,perfume,porn cd,eyeliner,shoe's kiwi, a dunlop glue (I opened the drawer while typing this) and a lot of Plastic!! ^_^.v..

the second and third one were not recycle bin actually.. Containing some 'LOVE LETTER' from government and a lot of bills.. Payed one ok??

The shoes rack!! Ok,the rack were actually 2 piece of Polystyrene which I got from this newly get PC of mine.. ^_^.v.. He he he.. Modified to a shoe rack.. And as usual,none of these were bought by mine.. They were given by my friend.. 

The most 'not-organized' place in si Aki's desk were... the 'Pusat Kumbahan Drawing'.. Well,a pusat kumbahan is not that tidy also mah,so,it had influence the view of this place.. Ha ha ha.. And they got a lot of drawing there, finished and ongoing project one.. ^_^.v..

And my cute dustbin,it always full of rubbish at the end of the day.. With snack plastic and so on.. a Tea bag is must at least on afternoon.. ^_^.v..

So,this is si Aki's 5S implemented on the desk.. How's your working space.. Mind to show si Aki?? Ok,leave your link here for si Aki to visit..

and don't forget to click the Facebook RECOMMEND button up there or share this article on your social site!! ^_^.v.. Thanks!!

Aki : Hopefully this one can stand for a year.. Hopefully..

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Michelle Sung said...

hahaha atukkoii punya lah rajin kena tag2 tu segala stuffs sana hehe...dulu2an sa npk, "JACOBS" haha...bkn alang2 o..satu tin besar lgi tu..apa2pun, sa suka tu keychain kena gantung2 sana siring2 tu hehehe

dyanared said...

wakakaka...ko pun ada alat2 kosmetik & penjagaan diri ka aki?kasi tgk ba tu laci...

Rose Flower said...

Siuknya ko Aki ada lagi corner tempat makanan free & subsidi. betul2 generous lah ko punya kawan2 tu.

Nana Eddy said...

Yang bab subsidi tu ak tau ko paling suka kan? ahahah~ Errrr... Need to clean up my space first kalo mo kasi ko tgk :p

Nikel Khor said...

WTH... label everything up..

Daniel Chiam said...

Haha Aki... I can't sit just beside foods... dangerous... those thing won't be able to last me for a month xD

Trus bos x pernah beli biskut sudah... one week gone.

Haha somehow I feel funny about the tags... but in many ways... it is very good. Gambatte!

Va Va Voom said...

Cool eh...ko la lelaki pertama yg sa pernah tau, rajin membuat segala taging2 ne...tabik spring terusss ;-)

beaty said...

cooll..aki lawa g ko punya desk ni..dari desk he tempat sa betabur ni

Aki said...

Michelle Sung : Ha ha ha.. 1 tin?? Ada 6 tin sebenarnya tu semua.. Tapi semua sudah habis.. Ha ha ha..

dyanared : Ha ha ha,pa yang sa tulis tu,itu la tu,kecuali yang kena garis.. Ha ha ha..

Rose Flower : Ha ha ha.. tu lah.. sangat baik hati ni semua.. :-p

Nana Edd : Of coz.. Ha ha ha.. Ai,tempat ko so messy meh??

DC : ho ho ho.. a month?? Me can't last for 2 days ok.. Semua yang ko nampak tu,kosong tu.. :-p..

Flo : Ha ha ha.. ini gara2 5s la ni.. saja mo buat gila2 di opis.. :-p..

Beaty : Ini time tia betimbun tu kerja,kalau datang sudah,siap.. :-p

Aki said...

Nikel : Ha ha ha.. there's no purpose on this actually.. ^_^.v.. Just game.. :-p

Enniebelle said...

lol! tag sepatutnya invisible (selalunya di bawah peralatan/invisible place) bukan di kasi tampal di permukaan peralatan.. You should see my desk, bikin pening..sudah susun tapi lepas tu, behambur..that's what you get, kalu ko jaga 3 org boss sekaligus :(

Just said...

astaga naa.. abis kena tag semua aki!! paling la sia malas mau menulis! huhuhu... itu Jacobs mmg sia duluan nmpk. hahahha.. tp, sia suka itu keychain tersusun begantung saaaanaaa atas. kalau la sia ada cubicle... hmm..

Meitzeu said...

Wow! So many tags!!


kay masingan said...

rajinnya ko but tag aki..itu makanan betul2 buat ko dapat pahala banyak o kan Aki..hehehehe

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Ahaks! rajin bah c Aki mengetag ni haha..aik, mcm mau jadi blog enggeris sudah blog ni lama-lama..

Bah, apa lagi pasanglah Adsense punya iklan ..

Aemy Shamy said...

aki!!! kenapa ko x tag tu na keychains yg bergantung2 tu...comel wo...mau 1!! hehehe. rajin oh ko kan p buat tag lg. i can say u're an organized & neat person. jarang ada lelaki mcm ko..look at your desk, so neat. tulisan ko pun cantik. ^^

Anonymous said...

hahaha! itu Jacobs paling menarik phatian sa! mantaps!

lilies.john said...

saya pun tidak se-organize ini owh.. kin takut ni klu semua bertag.. ahahhahha....

Anonymous said...

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