Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is a story of Ninja Turtle : 401

The Tahu Makan N Tidur 401 (or simply nicknamed Ninja Turtles) are a fictional team of four teenage anthropomorphic turtles, who were trained by their anthropomorphic humanrat sensei in the art of flirting and named after four Great Human ever alive. From their home in the flat of Shah Alam City, they battle petty criminals, evil megalomaniacs, and alien invaders, all while remaining isolated from society at large.

They were Aki, Ekung, ND and Liau... with their sensei,Amb.. and all together,they are TMNT 401.. Okay,401 is actually the number of their houses.. And they are HOUSEMATE!! So,any 401 trip is an assemble of this Housemates.. Okay,let we know them 1 by 1..

Oh yeah, better if I told you from the Oldest one.. Ha ha ha..

Better we start of from...
He is 26,
Working at Maybank,
a Lunbawang Warrior,
He Love Purple,
Fanatic MU Fan,
Able to CASH out money in a blink,
a Christian SDA,
the XBOX Kinect owner,
Own a Kancil and Myvi Lagi Best,
He's the ALONG of the house which collecting the House Rent from each of us,
The heaviest among 401 (not fat ok),
Hate singing but love Karaokeing,
Can cook,
Love Music,

And yeah,finish a bit about Liau,so the second one will gonna be....

A music teacher,
Got a Classic Guitar worth RM2k+,
Music Maniac,
Own the SARU (Saga Biru),
a Dusun Warrior,
the MU Fan,
Able to play guitar and hypnotized anyone to sleep,
a Christian SDA,
The Lightiest among 401,
Can Cook,
Love almost anything,

Phew,will try to elaborate more about Ekung next time.. Maybe just updating this post?? Ok,let we see,the third one..

Age 24 (older by Month),
Status are unknown, according to FB,he's in a relationship,
Working at Tourism Malaysia,
Have 2 weeks inside and 2 week outside of 401 each month,
Love Chelsea FC,
Games Maniac,
an Iban Warrior,
Able to beat anyone in a game he play for only 10 minute,
a Christian,
Love Games,
Can Cook,

And yeah,rather than knowing them too much,you must focus on this next TMNT, coz he is the best among them.. Introducing to you...

24 (younger by month),
Single, ehem2.. ^_^.v.. Okay2,I admit it,I got a girlfriend.. Cute one.. ^_^.v..
The Cute CHELSEA FC fan..
The Mixed Blood Warrior, (Iban,Dusun,Murut,Lundayeh,Kedayan)
Working at JKR,
Got 4 extra stomach and can eat almost anything,
a Christian SDA,
Boobs Lover, Chicks Lover, argh, Love everything actually..
the Blogger,
Can Cook and Eat,

argh,all of you know this guy above,no need for me to explain.. futhermore, U'll get bored of him..  We better move on.. Okay, the last one..

ND (Andy),
Can stand in front of his ASUS Laptop for 6 days a week.. Trust me,
Chelsea FC fan,
The Dusun-Batak Warrior,
Studying at MSU,
a Christian SDA,
Software Lovers,
Music Maniac,
Able to skip class for the whole week nor month,
Can cook,
Master of Download,

Okay,there's so much to tell about 401,but let not know everything.. So,after this,you'll see much of 401 trip coz we want to have fun before the world end in 2012.. Err,to be frank, it's because we have the intention to runaway doing some #bromance actually..

So,this is 401 and I wanna show you the large version of 5 of us.. ^_^.v..

Yeah,you can download it if you want.. No charge at all.. And no worry,I just don't want to put up my watermark coz this can be shared.. ^_^.v.. Just take if you want.... for FREE!!..

Ok,now,finish about 401, and now,we are arranging on some trip.. Arranging okay.. Not going.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Still,the AFRO TMNT is the Cute one,am I right??

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aiEz said...

err,apakah ini aki?hehe...

*cute ke yg afro TMNT tu?hihi..;p

Armstrong said...

Hahaa ko si Ninja Turtle, Leonardo ka? :D

Mixed blood warrior ba pula ko ni kan. Mana mo cari? Cari la di Shah Alam bilik 401.


beaty said...

ninja turtle? michelengelo ka..hahah e he..siap ada biodata lagi ni..h ehe

first time sa nampak ninja turtle versi malaysia ni

Azeanthy Paiman said...

waaa..hebat c aki drawing cartoon like this..u should create a new game entitled 'ninja turtle game' in're talented la!hhe..

Niena Pengembara Ilahi said...

ape nie aki

Daniel Chiam said...

Hahaha omigosh I used to be a fan of Donatello... eh camtu ka mo spell nama dia?

Kau la pula jadi si biru -_-"

Aki said...

Aiez : Ini cerita Housemate wa Bro.. ^_^.v.. Ha ha ha..

Arms : Yeah,tepat.. He he he.. No rumah ba tu..

Beaty : Michelangelo si ND.. ^_^.v..

Azeanthy : Sa edit ja ni.. Ha ha ha..

Niena : Ha ha ha.. Ini cite pasal housemate saya kak Niena.. ^_^.v..

DC : Ha ha ha.. yeah,tepat skali.. Donatello tu yang purple.. ^_^.v..

FiSh said...

lol to this post. diorang tau makan n tido aje?


onie said...

aki .....ngata dorang yeeeeeeeee..haha :P

Rose Flower said...

Wuishehhhhhh buli tahan semua pun buli masak hehehehe...masak apa tu...jangan bilang masak megi sama masak air ar...heheheh....just kidding guys!!

kay masingan said...

hahhaa..mulau no si aki..dui mudanya ko aki..hahhah

Blackswan said...

Cool! Nice mtg u, Ninja Turtles! I love Ninja Turtles, especially cute when they overturn. Oops! Hahaha!

Aemy Shamy said...

nah ini baru lah imagination! haha. comel ohh smua...!!! aki, kasi buat lg utk sy & kwn2 lain..sailormoon. hahaha :p

Nana Eddy said...

Ekung - loves almost anything
Aki - can eat almost everything

hahaha priceless~~ agree 100% :p

Kalo mo pigi trip jgn lupa ajak. :p haha

Anonymous said...

ermmm....WTF is this..huh?

Aki said...

Fish : Yup.. diorang memang tahu makan n tido.. :-p.. And shopping too.. :-p

Onie : Saje je.. takde keje kan.. :-p

Rose : jangan ko,masak urang pun pandai ni.. ha ha ha..

Kay : Ha ha ha.. well,biasalah..

Shirley : Deng,overturn huh.. ha ha ha..

Aemy : hm,ada juga sa pikir2.. tapi sa mo buat untuk geng karas ko.. :-p

Nana Eddy : Ai,bulih ba kalau kau.. ha ha ha..

Anon : This is damn fuckin post.. Ha ha ha..

Cherrie.Mia said...

oh ni ka hsemate kau..ha ha ha

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