Saturday, November 12, 2011

401 on 11.11.2011 Trip

Hey,how's your last friday?? Or to be exact 11.11.2011?? Well,si Aki had a bad day sleep and can't go to work.. Hey,what can you do when you wake up at 11 AM and realize that it's the day you should go to work??

So,Liau then ask if we want to go for Window Shopping?? Ok,why not?? Sometimes, window shopping is good for boys too okay!!

Then,by Liau's Kancil,we have our 401 Trip Friday on 11.11.2011.. This time,the 401 trip is just for Liau,ND and Aki.. Still dont know 401?? Hey,why don't you know them 1st by click the 401.. ^_^.v.. Ho ho ho.. We took off from 401 at about 2pm.. and We're heading....


Ok,this picture is not mine.. ^_^.v.. Yeah.. We are having our 401 Friday there!! Hm well,si Aki's seldom going here as,no money no talk.. So,this time,while having some 'money', it's the right time even it's just a 401 Window Shopping Session..

Reaching there,the 1st thing in mind is to find some Drinks!! eh.. forgetting someone.. Yeah,Bester will be staying at 401 for the weekend,so, he managed to find us there.. This Sunway is just in his walking distance from home.. So,after meeting him,then we are heading....

ChaTime!! Ha ha ha.. Being addicted to this drink lately.. But yeah,if you go to Sabah,don't forget to go to Centre Point Mall and find YOYO.. Trust me,you'll forget Chatime if you have tried the Yoyo.. ^_^.v.. ha ha ha..

Then,having some good time in the 'Desert',we found out this.....

Oh yeah,we are still in da Mall.. So,the decoration somehow make us feel like being outside.. Yeah,some photography technique is disguising in this shot.. Ho ho ho..

Then,pass by a shop.. An art shop.. And Liau ask the artist for a Potrait sketch up.. ^_^.v..

Okay,will blog about this later.. So,keep in touch.. ^_^.v.. Here's some of what those the corner have..

Artistic huh?? Wait till the next post which I reveal how the owner draw Liau step by step.. ho ho ho..

Then,for si Aki, a window shopping isn't complete if there are no girl to be seen.. Ho ho ho.. Actually,there were so much girl pass by.. Of coz they are cute.. damn..... plus,they were all boobslicious.. ^_^.v.. But,this is where si Aki can see so much..

There.... Can you see?? Ho ho ho.. But not that attractive.. I rather see em go jogging than doing the Ice Skating.. ^_^.v.. Nice huh?? Okay,this Ice Skating thingy,si Aki never try it and will never try it.. Damn not good for si Aki.. T_T..

Then suddenly,while continuing our walk,there was a drum roll.. si Aki thought that it was the Lion Dance at first.. but then,it was actually.....

Some Korean drum roll.. Hey,have somebody can explain why is this here??

Then,Liau go to Al-Ikhsan to purchase...

the Adidas sneaker!! ^_^.v.. Yeah,suit him.. Plus the Colour mixed well with si Aki's watermark.. i Like!!..

Then,we're heading back.. but wait.. It's time for copying some girl action!! Camwhoring in front of the Mirror!!..

Ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. Okay,next we're heading Carrefour but before that, let me show you,that Snow Flakes had already began to fall in Sunway.. ^_^.v..

And,reach at Carrefour.. Let's find the 401 food supply!!.. Heading the Cold Storage part!!..

 Ha ha ha.. It turn our trolley full of some goods!!.. Yeah,from a bit,till it full.. See em to believe..

Hey,can believe that we're actually buying this?? Okay, this is the look after paying.. ^_^.v..

And while Ekung (arrived at Carrefour later) go to find something with ND, here's some snapshot for Liau.. ^_^.v..

Ok,so don't forget to remind si Aki,'the step by step potrait drawing for Liau's post.. yeah, will update about it next..

Meanwhile,have your nice weekend!!

Aki : Now,we're heading Perak.. ^_^.v..

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Va Va Voom said...

Time cuti hari raya yg lalu ada juga sa pi jalan2 sana..end up terbeli perfume saja...ada hati juga mo pi main tu ice skating tapi terlampau ramai org pula.

Wah buli tahan juga stock makanan kamu ahhh...hihihihi

DoRa Priscilla said...

Saya akan ke sana in 1 week time! :D cuti2 Malaysia.. haha

aiEz said...

macam rambang mata tengok tak tahu nak beli yg mana,hehe...

Rose Flower said...

Wowee banyak juga shoppingan makanan kamurang stock satu bulan kaitu. Neway, excited sa nampak tu x'mas deco sini kk macam bulum lagi start x'mas deco woh

beaty said...

siok juga ko punya trip ni aki..ui tu digital camera..warna orange cute owh..oh pigi shopping lagi owh kan

Fyqa said...

untunglah aki ~~


onie said...

aok berjalan sik ajak kmk ye.......majuk~

nGiau said...

siuk owh baca ni post aki..hahah

Meitzeu said...

I saw something new on your mark!


And all your pix and your day seems great!


ABU said...

ini mmg bagus.. hahahaha kesukaan la kau tu aki kan..

Niena Pengembara Ilahi said...

aki keja kt mid valley ke

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Wah! bukan main enjoy lagi jalan2 arr.. kalau sy tidak larat mau ambil gambar oo..haha

echaRierie said...

siuknya jln2..hehe..
jeles ni..haha..

tgk tue ice skating rindu plk mau main maka nda pndai..hahaha..

bergmbr sakan si Aki..

Aki said...

Flo : Perfume ja?? Aiyo.. banyak nya.. :-p.. ha ha ha..

Dora : Bah,jan lupa kontek2 kalau pigi Midvalley ah.. Midvalley ja.. :-p

aiEz : tu ar pasal.. last-last,beli je sume..

Rose : Iya ka?? Midvalley pun belum juga start..

beaty : ha ha ha.. si Liau puny tu kamera tu..

Fyqa : Untung ke bende.. jalan2 gitu je..

Onie : Aok.. knak g ktak merajuk tok?? :-p

Ngiau : Ha ha ha.. ko memang.. asal pasal jalan,akun jak kan??

Meitzeu : Oh,long time ody use this mark,but seldom put in in picture.. :-p

Abu : Wajib abu.. jalan2 kan..

Niena : ye kak,aki keje kat midvalley.. apesal?? :-p

Elih : aik,best ba.. ada untuk di blog.. ha ha ha..

Echa : tulah ko nda mo ikut si Aki jalan2.. ha ha ha..

Yen said...

huih..punya la..stock setahun ka sehari ni? haha..patut la kamu semua comel2 ni..hehe.

p/s: icebox muat meh?

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