Monday, October 18, 2010

AY Klang Annual Dinner!!

On 16th Of October 2010,AY Klang have organized an Annual Dinner that have been supported by AY Pandamaran.. This is some shot of the activities.. The theme of the Dinner is 'Take Off Your MASK' which bring the dress code of Masquerade Night!!...

 Take Off Your Mask

 The Action!!

 Beauty and the Beast in 'Phantom of the Opera' Duet
(Love their voice so much!!)

 The AY Bestfriend Award Winner

 The Most Quite AY Award Winner

 Backdrop last touch-up by Taiko Mali

 The Annual Dinner Backdrop!!

Design by : ©eXYanne Collection
Handed by : Aki and Andy
 The Backdrop Designer and Handler
Aki @ ©eXYanne Collection

 The I don't know scene...

 To eat or not to eat!!

 Yeah!!.. the successor!! 

 401 in Ninja Turtles Theme!!
Love it so Much!!
 The Most Discipline AY Award Winner
(The Nominated Winner wasn't there!!)

 This is Jebat and Tuah scene!!.. ^_^

 The Helper Award Winner - Dlfon

 The (read yourself) LoL!!

The Aura teda mandi!!.. Hehehe..

The Seven You to See!!.. hahaha...

We have the most enjoyable time that night!!.. Take off your Mask,and leave behind ur stained walkway!! Lord will be with us!!

by ©eXYanne Collection

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Joevilee Badu said...

punya siuk kamu di pun mo p sna la..sja suka2,mihahaha...

exyanne said...

Ya,ko cari ja masa Cho,ko sangat dialu2kan tu.. Hehehe.. Ko cari la tiket murah2..

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