Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a Ladies Killer, a Jerk, and Good Guy

WARNING : A Personal Post and a Long One

a Ladies killer?? I mean like serious?? Diana once labelled me as a ladies killer.. And Miki Aya too.. Yeah,after reading this POST, they decide to label me as a Ladies Killer or Ladies Boy.. Hm,no no no.. a big NO..

I'm not a Ladies killer.. Totally not.. It's just like, girls love to take picture with me.. Or me always pushing all those cute girl to take pic with me actually.. Plus,my look don't allow me being a ladies killer.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. But once a jerk, yeah, I've been once.. Trust me,once..

For your information, truly, I've know the COUPLE word when I was 11.. Can you believe that?? a 11.. And that's when I'm still a good boy.. a cute good boy with fuckin damn good boy faces, and shitty sucks appearances.. Or should I say a nerd without his spec look?? Yeah,that's me..

Yeah,just like <- that, but without the specs.. Damn.. I really don't mind the style nor my appearances as I think that,I'll get laid just by my knowledge and good guy appearances.. But damn, never once.. I've learn so many things so that I can attract more girl, but in result, they got me as an Item of Perfection, not a GUY.. Damn girl (err,I mean,my previous classmate.. Ha ha ha)

By 14, I've turn myself into some shitty like everybody of you thought.. Yes, a JERK!!.. Being a jerk is not an easy job.. IT's NOT AN EASY JOB!!.. Yeah, JERK tend to learn all things about girl, and it consume a lot of money too.. Plus their persistent, on getting the girl,yeah.. This is what JERK Learn,Try and Do all the time.. Their life is being a Womanizer..

And I've never been in a serious relationship after that,this week a girl, next week another girl, and it seem like I've been 'in a relationship' with almost 1/4 girls in the whole school,not to forget,the next school..

And this is maybe a bit damn shitty fact,but it's still a fact.. I've been 'in a relationship' with three girls in my class,at the same time!!! The 1st was sitting in front of the class,the other one is in the middle, and the other one is at the back.. And it last like about three month!!

But KARMA does happen.. And it just happen like 'What goes around comes around'.. It's when the first time when I think I really feel in LOVE with this one girl and as usual,my jerk appearances help me to get her after working it out for like three years doing this and that and suddenly,she just leave me like that.. And yeah, once again, KARMA does happen.. (but I'm sure,she already got her Karma too.. Ha ha ha)

And a good guy?? Yeah, after that incident, I manage to hold myself back to my Good Guy mode, but somehow retaining my JERK knowledge.. Yeah, experience is the best teacher of couse.. So,I really don't have the problem to got a girl for me,but for maintaining the relationship like it should be,I'm learning and still learning.. err, wish me LUCK!! ^_^.v..

err,both are once a Jerk,but the left one is still a jerk (joke).. Ha ha ha
Aki : Finish with the damn sentence.. :-p..

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dyanared said...

aiyah..player football plak si aki ni kan.hehe...nasib baik sy enda tersangkut

chegu carol said...

oh hello casanova! LOL!

masa saya masih muda remaja, mama saya bilang tidak apa kalau ada bf/gf ramai...yg penting pandai jaga diri. love come and go easily debilang tu. :D

Gunaqz said...

Chegu Carol,
My mum said so too. Tapi ada tambahan. Dia bilang hati-hati lah kau, nanti 'pili-pili kalansat, kopili otomou'. Peribahasa dusun. Aki, kasi translate gia?

Aemy Shamy said...

oooohhh a boy with a record....womanizer! yeah u look like one. haha :p jk! karma does happen, it happened to me too...i twisted story between 2 guys at the same time and i was busted. then sy kena balik oleh my ex...then sy repent & i met ifo..thank God..hehe..
yg penting kita belajar dr kesilapan & kita sedar..jgn langsung x pndai sedar, tu yg bahaya..hehe..

meisnani said...

hello jerk..^_^ how r u?? i'm ill.. btw, nani still larat nk blogwalking blog aki... =)

lambat heh update?

Kian Fai Koh said...

amboi change la topik, JERK! LOL! :D

Miki Aya said...

a real jerk? you were so young then! you can't help it..... i think..... haha :)

i've dated a jerk before..... not a great feeling. macam mo tembak ja c dia dr jauh.... mcm angelina jolie dlm wanted. hahaha :)

lilies.john said...

don't worry AKI, i used to be one of those playgirl too.. but as i grow up i'm afraid to in relationship and that't how i repent...
lelaki atau ppuan skrg tidak buli pecaya btl jgk.. should be more careful before u start any relationship.. hehe v peace

bendan said...

Ahhhhaaaahahaha!! Funny. U r a playboy huh???? No good. XD

Blackswan said...

I'm getting to know u better & better. Lol! Looks like u're having a good time :)

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