Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Virused and Stay Positive

30 November 2011
2.34 PM

Sumandak : Bf, GF think Liau's HDD were infected by virus from your laptop??

Aki : From BF's What?? BlueDell is virused?? Oh no!! Please turn on all of the Windows Defender and Firewall now please..

Sumandak : Err,ok.. Sorry, GF think it is from GF's pendrive..

Aki : Ok, BF'll be back like about........ 2 more hours.. T_T

Yeah, I'm totally virused yesterday and since it was still in early stage, I ask si Sumandak the do and don't before I came.. First,to recover all of the infected file, and then, not to open any document file.. Actually,it had happen by 3 day ago when I found out that my processor is working like hell.. As for the usual, my 4gb RAM will working at high pace than my Intel Core i5 processor.. But now,the processor is running high than the RAM..

So,definitely virus is attacking because there is some activity done by OS without being executed.. So,after back from the office,si Aki finnaly reach the Lovely BlueDell and do whatever I can to resurrect all the files.. Damn,every single penny is there..

REFORMAT!! were the last option.. But gladly, I can save all the Data and also the Operating System too without those reformatting thingy.. Pheww.. And yeah, when I was tweeting about it, everybody was asking like where did I got the virus.. It's si Sumandak and hm... I say,what to do, it has happen and it's my own fault too by having no any Antivirus in my BlueDell.. And what to be worry of since all of those thingy still can be settled down.. Right??

err,sorry.. Wrong image

So,the morale is, don't be mad at people when they do mistake,coz everyone make it.. Rather than scolding people,how about we find the right solution for it.. Be cool.. err,But prevention is more better than cure right.. So,use condom to prevent AIDS.. So,I've installed the new McAfee Internet Security in my BlueDell and I'm now secure from all malware and virus attack.. Ha ha ha..

Aki : OK,time to sleep now coz I haven't sleep from last nite resurrecting the BlueDell

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beaty said...

adeh tu image ko kan..sengaja ka tu?

alalalla...kena attacked ka? alaal...pigi kasi selamat cepat

chegu carol said...

usually kalo ganti2 pendrive masuk lappy/pc, gitu lah cerita dia tu kan.

aiEz said...

err aki,image tu pergh...tak senonoh,hehe

Nana Eddy said...

ni iklan McAffee ke ni?

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

But Avira is the best! LOL!

Aemy Shamy said...

eeeeuuhh what's with the condom? haha. feel sorry for u..tu la lain kali pakai la Avira :p hehehe. just bcoz im using Avira, so x salah ba kan promot2.. :p so i take that u're reformatting ur lappy right now..guess u'll be away for few days? back soon!

Meitzeu said...

LOlzz :D Luckily all back to normal!! :)

Happy blogging! :)


ekabukanmakcikkau. said...

eh aku memang guna mende wana wani tu pon sebab free of charge hekhek

Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Image tu apa? konpius hahaha...

SoLy SoLicious said... MsAfee ni ok la ye.. slme ni xpenah amik tahu pun aki..hee..

Gunaqz said...

Apa maksud gambar kondom sama statement 'mencegah aids' tu ah? haha. mo suruh komputer ko pakai kah. lol. gurau jak aa.

FiSh said...

nvmm virus will go away very much! then u will get a healthy one again :D


Blackswan said...

Damn, I hate it when this happens! Really hope all goes well for u, dear. Love how u ensemble the morale & the virus together :)

Anonymous said...

itu laitu.. next time play safe.. hehe

ps: dpt balik da blog sy.. hee~

Miki Aya said...

Yeah..... we shouldn't get mad easily when something bad happens...... but, humans are weak.... and anger looks like the easiest option when things went wrong. You are mature though.... i mean, in handling the virus, and everything in between (maybe not the picture). A pat on your back.

Thank God that everything is OK now :)

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