Friday, December 2, 2011

Youtuber : Stefpenny Eric

Feeling the Music
Stefpenny Eric was a youtuber since April 2010 but I've known this cute girl for like almost 2 years? And I don't really know about her amazing voices until one day, she ask me to attend some event or precisely a Talent Contest she had joined..

It was the Teen Fest 2010 at Midvalley. And that's when I was so shocked to hear her nice hitting high voices.. Trust me,she's really good on high notes..

And now, let us have a sneak peak over her detail.. ^_^.v..

Full name : Stefpenny Eric Sungkit

Birthday : 14 December 1987

Origin : Tenghilan,Sabah

Family : Parents, Two older sisters, 1 late older brother, 1 little sister

Music Influences: Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera
Stefpenny Eric Sungkit

Music has been my greatest joy ever since I was a little girl. I went from church choir to singing solo to various occasions. I have been always a great fan of singing to many genre of music and my mood could be carried away with specific type of music I heard or sing. I love letting my body loose to the beat of good music and it honestly helped me through stressful time in my uni life.

One of my long time dream is to be able to share the stage and sing with Bruno Mars.He's been a great inspiration to me and hopefully one day this could be a reality. -Stefpenny Eric
Hitting the Right Note

Ok, everything in this world need a demo to be proven.. So I'll let you hear the DAMN GREAT HIGH voices she had.. And if you like her, you can subscrice to her youtube account : StefpennyEric

Yeah,the mood is on.. That is my personal favourite.. not the song really, (coz I'm damn uninterested in JB Voices although his genre is mine.. Ha ha ha).. I Love the Mood she bring here.. ^_^.v..

and my all old time favourite song is both of em down here..

Ok,should I make cover for this song and put it up here to compare to her?? Ok, I'll sure make myself damn funny then with the fuckin bad sound of mine.. Ha ha ha.. err,but I can do the rapping yo.. jeahhh.. (somebody do the beatbox faster.. beat... beat..)

Dear Stefpenny, best of luck for you from si Aki Borneo.. Make us proud.. Dream Big, Achieve High.. and please don't fuck up with your hater.. You know yourself better, and prove yourself out!! STEF FOR THE WIN!!  err,one more.. Don't let Bruno Mars have your grenade.. Coz He's the grenade lover.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

err,I think most of you already seen this,but still,I want to show it here.. ^_^.v..
OK,some action for the AKI with STEF.. or I rather call her TT.. ^_^.v..

Aki : TT,may you cover the song Someone Like You by Adele for me?? Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

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Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Wow! hebat juga suara dia ni...tapi macam gumuk sikit haha..jgn marah arr Stefpenny..

mi$$ oZja said...

aki!! she does have an amazing voice! semat lahh.. i'm on my way to subscribe her youtube account. All the best for you sis Stefpenny Eric!^^

Va Va Voom said...

Wow, she's so talented singer and good luck Stef.!

Pitot said...

Seriously..mmg siok suara dia.. and macam familiar pula dia ni.. mgkn penah ternampak di church la mgkn dulu2..hehe.. All the best for Stefpenny... :)

p/s: terganggu skijap bila tgk video kedua tu.. boleh pula ada 1 org sna berjalan2 ambil video.. hihihi.. ko ka tu Aki? :P:P:P

SoLy SoLicious said...

pergh... dah jadik mak pun boleh mntap lg..

Aki said...

Elih : Mantap dia ni.. ko jangan.. He he he..

OZja : Told ja.. ^_^.v..

Flo : He he he.. Smart kan suara dia??

Pitot : He he he.. macam familiar ah.. mungkin la.. ^_^.v.. And tu urang gila di video kdua bukan si Aki.. :-p..

Soly : Mak?? Err,die bujang lagi la Kak.. ^_^.v..

beaty said...

wah c aki suda kasi feymes si steff..bagus bh ni suara dia

Blackswan said...

Great videos, Aki! All the best to u, Stefpenny! U do have a great voice + good looks :)

misya mialen said...

c elih ba, yg gumuk atau kurus dulu ba ditengoknya..haduiiii.hahaha

nowriz said...

superr suara dia.. meremang bulu roma dengar ni..

oyen iyrid said...

wow!!!!! i like!!!!

ABU said...

aku ndak kenal dia la aki..

kay masingan said...

x dpt buka youtube la d kg mesti siuk suara dia ni...

nGiau said...

full pakej! good luck for her :)

Miki Aya said...

Yeah.... her voice is great :) I've written a post about her before. Gotten to know her through my brother.... they were ex-schoolmate.... i think :)

zureen said...

hebat dia nyanyi!

echaRierie said...

liked !
best suara dia :)

Aemy Shamy said...

waaaa she's real talented!! cantik lg tu ^^ mmg package la..hehe. mcm pernah dgr jg nama dia...kirim slm sma dia aa aki ^^

meisnani said...

Aki, nani tengok gigi dye un nani taw dye leyh nyanyi... =)

heee aki fell in love with her..?

jgn lupe bw sini k...? nani bwu update.. =)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

wow,she's great!!i'm proud of her!=)


kenapa fifi tak pernah kenal dia?? atau pun munkin fifi ketinggalan zaman?

Daniel Chiam said...

feewwwwiiittt.... mantap la gambar terakhir xD

sa masih bujang ni Aki :D

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