Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teen Fest 2010!!

Some shot by me at Teen Fest 2010 on 12th November 2010 located at Midvalley Megamall!! More at Facebook Teen Fest Album ...

 Love Those Dancers..

 And this one was Dancing too.. Great Choreography..


 Dark Angel and White Angel

Promoter Caught on Shot!!

 He Play Malmstein!!

 She is why I came and shot!!

 My Friend,great singer!!
Click here -> TT U-tube Profile to hear Her Lovely Voice!!

Love your Voice!!!!

 Another shot from Unexpected Photographer @_@.. Thanks Shikin!!

 RMS Promoter!!

 I don't remember what theme,but I love my shot!!

 Both of the Promoter!!

And I forget what game di they Promote,but I Love em..

Thanks to Jojo for your Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens.. Love my work and lesson there.. Will try on 70-300 next time!!.. ^_^..

by ©eXYanne Collection

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