Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why JERK always win

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We can't change this fate..

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Nice Guy go over Sweet Girl go over Jerk.. And yeah we really can't change this fate.. Totally can't.. And today,I wanna share with you, why JERK always win FIRST..

As we know,JERK is what's everybody's saying asshole, bastard, twat, knobhead, tosser, wanker, git, dick. Yeah.. We all knows that.. And even sweet girl too!! But still,they're running after em.. And this is why Jerk always win.

Sweet Words

Undeniable, GIRLS love sweet words.. 'Baby,you are awesome'.. 'Girl,you look cute'.. 'Honey,you are extremely gorgeous!!'.. Yeah, girls always love that.. But unfortunately, Good Guy just don't have them.. Trust me,they always go like... 'You are cute' 'You are Gorgeous' 'You are beautiful'.. 

Avoid boring words

Damn good guy,can't you find the word just boring?? Girl loves if you can't compare em to anything.. Made them realize that there's no one can replace em in your heart.. That's what a JERK do!!.. Jerk have this words.. Even if it's not from their heart for sincerely, Girls still love it.. And that's a FIRST WIN for JERK!!

Killing Eyes

Girl loves to be stared.. They like seeing MAN watching after em.. They just love it.. Can't you think why they're wearing PUSH UP Bra, Wearing Make-up, Show their cleavage.. It's just for you MAN!! For you!!.. But unfortunately, they don't like being stared by this face..

Damn fuckin staring faces

And damn, I have to admit, Good Guy had this look when seeing some hotties around.. They just stared em and get excited.. Hey man, Sweet girls hate it if you look em as a SEX toy.. And yeah,while good guy had those faces, Jerk had this killing eyes to look after a Girl..

Beckham does have the killing eyes

Make a girl feel proud.. Your eyes can tell everything to a girl.. That's the fact.. Make em feel like they are the gorgeous women in the world,and everything will be fine after that.. And yeah,that's the 2nd win for Jerk..


Excuse me, good guy can't be 'JUST LIKE THAT' Romantic.. They have to think overnight to make a romantic moment.. Imagine that we are going hunting in the jungle, everybody have a rifle, and pop out a cute Deer from the bush.. Everybody who make the sharp first shot,will surely get em.. So do flirting, girls always pick the one who act first with the right move.. 

Make the first move

To be a spontaneous romantic, you just don't have em like that.. Some man had their own time too.. So learn em.. Try and Error is the only option.. Training.. Not every girl loves the same act.. They had their own taste.. Just like their boobs size shoes.. Different and various..

So,the third win for JERK for being 'JUST LIKE THAT' Spontaneous romantic..

Powerful Feeling

Man, girls love feeling being protected.. They just love to see you get jealous over a man pass by watching your girl.. They love to feel how you show your care for them and at the same times, overpowered them.. They just love it.. Trust me..

Unfortunately (again) good guy seem doesn't have this protective feeling.. They'll just go like that.. Making the relationship flow just how it like to be.. They just doesn't know how to express their protective feeling..

Control your partner. Protect them

And yeah, Jerk always have that.. Just like a Lion protect it's group, JERK have this.. For sure.. Jerk always give the protective feeling for a girl.. And that's made a 4th awesome win for JERK..


This is damn undeniable fact.. Girl just doesn't like a predictable man.. They find it boring.. Well,as we all know, girls do love surprise.. Even if they doesn't, they still need em.. Can't you see?? NEED!! They need surprise..


Surprise make them feel like they had VALUE for you.. Surprise make them feel like You have them inside you.. Surprise make a girl feel WORTHY to cared of..

Err,for sure, I'm not mentioning a Bad surprise ok.. Don't go suddenly and tell your girlfriend that 'I have a new hot girlfriend, isn't that a surprise thingy??'.. You'll a hard slap on that..

Be creative

Being unpredictable, make them keep asking,what still you have in your sleeve for them.. And that's make them stick with you.. FOREVER!! And unfortunately (again and again) Good Guy always predictable, while JERK make an absolutely 5-0 win!!


The very GOOD NEWS is, Good Guy always win last.. a Jerk dump a sweet girl.. The sweet girl then regret it.. And Good guy come and settle sweet girl down and POOF, an absolute WIN for GOOD GUY!!

So,no worry good guy, you can always WIN at LAST.. But, is it worthy to take some jerk's balance?? Hey come on, I've been a GOOD GUY for sometimes and I really know it.. I really know the feeling and I really know the situation..

Being jerk is not an option.. We can't be a jerk actually.. But do LEARN from jerk.. Learn how to win over a GIRL.. Especially over your GIRL.. Win them first, however it is.. And let your 'GOOD GUY' self afterwards..

Happy Ending is everyone's dream

p/s - Happy Married Mr Willie and Ms Wency!! Have a blast!!

Aki : I've been both,so now, I'm a GOOD guy with Jerk appearances.. ^_^.v..

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nowriz said...

haha.. sia suka ni entri.. macam case study pla..

iya kan.. JERK guy ada 'dummies' untuk dapatkan SWEET girl..

jadi, GOOD guy misti mo rajin2 update diri kalau mo dapatkan SWEET girl.. ;)

aiEz said...

tu dia penjelasan dari aki,hehe...panjang lebar..^^

*aki,sibuk kerja...jd kena kurangkan masa utk blog..:),thx jugak sbb selalu singgah

onie said...

jerk-jerk,hehe... nyway, congratulations for Mr Willie and Ms Wency :)

Michelle Sung said...

ahahaha so sweeeet and panjang....haha baah can i say, i love jerk! yaiii...

awww~congrats to Wency dear...mesti dia sdg sibuk2 tu skrg kan hehe

beaty said...

i hate jerk..dei..kalau smart punya boy kan dia akn cuba menang hati sweet girl tu sampai dapat!


haha, sometimes yg jerk tu annoying. yg mana kindhearted lah yg menang kan!

Dida mumin♥ said... jerk learn from the good guy!

~NiZa Maksit~ said...

lelaki yg baik utk pmpuan yg baik,
dan bgitu jga sbaliknya.
so, mstilah sweet girl akan dpt good guy! hehehe ^^, like this entry :)

Rose Flower said...

Yo!!! i like character GOOD guy with JERK appearance!!! one hell of a COWBOY he is yeeehawww!!!!

dyanared said...

apa buli buat aki.betul baitu ko ckp.

FiSh said...

well, i have a question in return, why good looking guy must be a jerk then?


Elisha Batuncang said...

Indeed very true.

Have both traits and you'll win from the first round to the last round.

Another thing is that when a good guy win at first, there's a possibility that a jerk will come up and try to steal from him. Well... He's a jerk though. The most interesting part is the girl will be seduced by this flirtatious jerk guy and the relationship with good guy became scandalous. What ever happened after that is all dependable to the girl's 'actions and decisions'.

True life case study. Hehehe.

Aki said...

nowriz : he he he.. case study ah.. Hm,itulah yang sedang diperkatakan dengan hangat tu.. ^_^.v.. Good guy that have the Jerk appearances is the winner.. ^_^.v..

aiEz : Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. It's ok bro..

onie : ^_^.v..

Mic : Yeah,that's y I Love being a jerk..

beaty : What beaty?? Do you hate me?? ^_^.v.. Ha ha ha.. yup,but smart guy ni jarang2 dia punya case..

Fifiey : ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. Betul..

Dida : Yeah, learning..

Nieja : Hm,^_^.v.. Thanks that you got my point..

Rose Flower : Ko juga lah yang paling memahami si AKi.. yeeehaawwww..

dyana : Ha ha ha.. Totally betul kan??

FiSh : Because,they had the look,so, being a jerk is their only option!! ^_^.v.. ha ha ha..

Eli : Ha ha ha.. yeah.. you got it right.. and the another thing part, If I'm a jerk,I'll gladly let the girl choose the other,so I can get another!! ^_^.v.. Ha ha ha..

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

jerk? be jerk isn't too good, malah will be looked very jerk by anybody around us! nice, malahan disukai ramai :)

Kian Fai Koh said...

see the face and the heart, not all the jerk is the winner :P

Kian Fai Koh said...

And also, not all the Jerk is Jerk too XD

nGiau said...

hahahahahah..ketawaaaaa sja sya baca ni entri owh..huhuhu..jerk vs good boy..

p.s i hope one day my hubby will have killing eyes. hahaha

Va Va Voom said...

I should ask my boyfy to read this wakakakaka..ko juga la paling menang Aki.

Meitzeu said...

Agree with the last statement!

Good guy always win after a sweet girl being "dump"! :D

Sweet girls always regret about the facts after being with a jerk. :(


Azeanthy Paiman said...

aah,i dont like jerk boy!huhu...

anyway,sy setuju ckp ko aki...

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

p/s: hehe, actually dia kakak kepada arisha and i'm her lil sis..:)

ABU said...

good guy always wind last.. yeah its true.. that why i love to be a good guy..

Camy said...

ahah! funny post!

lilies.john said...

i think not all of the girls like to be stared..
everytimes someone stared at me i think tere's something wrong on my face!!! hahaha...

good sharing aki! love it.. congrate to kakak wency n future husband!! :)

nc said...

good guy with a jerk appearance a..:)

mcm mna itu a..:)

but Aki,, true u know..all ladies love to be romanced. tpi la.. most of the good guys,, just dont get it. kasian gia..

Yen said...

1 question 4 u aki..which type are u? haha.

Yen said...

oo ko lupa retak 1 ciri2 jerk..persistent..hehe..they always work hard to get the girl.

Aemy Shamy said...

i love this post, aki!! hi 5! sy mau kasi baca my lil sis ni nnt..hehe. i used to be very stupid chasing after a jerk once...huhu..thank God i met my good guy :)

meisnani said...

Aki, panjangnye entry ni,.. hehe tp nani bace smpai abes... yg ta tahan tu part boob size la.. jerk balance, push up bra... ahahahhaha siotnye...

btw, komen at this entry ya.. =)

Winnie Irene said...

nice la aki. hehe. :)

Blackswan said...

Bro, u seemed so experience looking at your post. Hahaha! Bet u've got lots of girlfriends. Lol!

Armstrong said...

Uina geng, post hebat.

Uits, kalo chicks ni... diorang suka bad guys, just as boyfriends. Tapi kalo hubby, mesti la nice guys ;D

Miki Aya said...

haha.... don't forget to mention this aki: girls (i) love guys who workout (go to the gym, jog, do sports, etc.) regardless of whether he's a jerk or not. :) well built body wins!

SimplySeoul said...

*Bow to you*...tq aki. Seriously tq. Now you make me feel less guilty for admiring JERK guy haha.

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