Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Short Notice

Ok,there's no short when it comes to si Aki's posting.. You know it right?? But,yeah, this is kinda short for me.. Trust me.. ^_^.v..

I'm out from blogsphere like about 4 complete days.. And it really annoy me coz NO KEEP IN TOUCHING with my blogger friend means,I'm zero.. Oh damn.. Addicted level 100%..

See,it told you.. The intro itself had cost me like about 50 words?? Hm,I'm really bad in managing words.. ^_^.v.. Ok,this is the real thing.. I've been out for 'websitingself' for 4 days because......

si Sumandak is here.. Ha ha ha.. Hm,so my laptop will be in her hand for like 2 weeks?? Oh man.. Hey sumandak,I want my Online Life back.. T_T.v..

And yeah, it's 18 days to the GATHERING!! ^_^.v.. Can't wait to see all of you my friend.. ^_^.v.. Really can't wait..

And Aemy, it's seem I can't go to the BBW Sales due to some problem,but I've passed your list to my friend.. Sadly,she only find like 2-3 of the books,but she can't afford it for me.. (my bad,I give her the list as she's getting out from the heaven).. I'm sorry Aemy.. T_T..

 Argh,this short notice had been a primary 6 essay (like make a 120 words essay) and still,I'm bad in controlling my text.. Have a nice day you'll.. I Love everyone of you!! ^_^.v..

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beaty said...

aki..alalal...misti ko rindu blogging tu palan2 lah

fazrulnoor said...

aki, kau kasi promote la blog saya. saya pun mau dikenali mcm kau

Gunaqz said...

Aiseh.. si aki!

meisnani said...

aki erkk perlu ke pic last tu?? ahahhaa.... cute lol!

Rose Flower said...

Gambar si sumandak ko kah tu aki??? bah you have a great time with ur sumandak...

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