Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why Being Adult is Sometimes ........ ?

Hey hey hey.. Back with si Aki usual crappy things.. OK,Our topic today is actually why being adult is sometimes Boring..

Ok,what are you dreaming Now?? Being as Popular as Justin Bieber??

It's ridiculous!!

Can you remember back then when U were a little Boy/Girl, what did you do everyday??

Dreaming of course.. yeah.. Thinking we are going to be somebody else, what will we gonna be when we grown up.. Can U remember being a superman and go ask your father to buy you a shirt of superman and then, go on a top of a table and suddenly fly .........   ...........  .........    .......    

  for a second??

Hm,Imagining is something we done back when we are the most cute and creative boy/girl in the world.. Dream make we believe that what we can't do is still IMPOSSIBLE... Even if it's just a dream..

Let me think....

Oh.. My Imagination was quite good back when I were still KIDDO.. ^_^.v.. 

Some of you had read the Jejak Wira comic?? It's a Hong Kong comic and quite popular back then..

Yeah,dreaming to be the Hero and Kicking while shouting ' 18 Tendangan Penakluk Naga '  ! ! !.. And I'm very good at it.. Yeah,trust me..

To the television,the favourite of all time... Being the Power Ranger.. Buy a Plastic Knife and blow it like blowpipe?? Sound Familiar..

Of course.. Being Tommy,the only Power Ranger that able to stand alone,with another Different Robot than the usual Rangers.. 

And yeah,the Robot were an assembly of T-Rex.. I don't want to tell you why I love being Tommy..

And read the 43 Books of Dragon Ball Series??

Being Son Goku?? Yeah.. Of course.. With that simple minded character.. And Cuteness too.. Yeah..

Hm,but Son Goku were not AFRO ok??

But Still the Afro Son Goku can blow up the KAME HAME HA!!

 And yeah, back to the TV again, everybody at my kampung always like to compare me with someone..

The Funny ACT and Blurred Face?? 

With Annoying act??

Hey.... I'm not Him la.. why can't you compare me to someone else?? I mean, Mr. Bean?? Are you serious??

Loving His Comedy is not a crime and a reason to compare me with Mr English ok??

And now, what is your ambition when your teacher ask you at school back then??

si Aki will simply answer it.....

I want to be a Doctor!!

Eh,the Teacher always let us to pick 3 choice of Ambition rite?? Yeah,the other were being a Teacher..


PILOT!!.. This is the reason why I stay longer in Kampung.. My Dad ask me to just stay in Kampung when He saw that I'm aiming to be a Pilot.. Deng..

Quite Handsome rite?? I mean the War Aircraft.. Damn awesome!!
But si Aki then change the ambition when reaching grade 4.. Later tell you lah what is it.. ^_^.v..

Hm,but, 1 more thing.. Having a great job will make us have more money??
Am I right??

Ok,cut it out again..

Now,at this age... My Dream and Imagination is still good..

But the imagination thingy sure change already.. Following the Rule of AGING..

But still, I'm not aiming to be the Number 1 Man in Malaysia even I adore Him so much..

but Being a Footballer?? That acceptable.. Except for playing with my Mighty the Blues Team.. That ridiculous.. I'm not that good..

It's enough if I can play for my Church team.. Or Office Team...

or Maybe any Blogger Team.. hey,how about pick me up as your teammate then?? ^_^.v..

And all I can dream everyday is just being the Pervert but Great Man.. Like Onizuka in GTO.. ah,just google Great Teacher Onizuka and you'll know who He are..

Just being Him is already enough..

Yeah, being Onizuka will help me to get Japanese Chix.. See those picture,quite cute with Maria Ozawa and Sora Aoi rite?? Ha ha ha.. Please don't google em.. I'm just dreaming!! #forgiveme..

Ah,it's just a dream of course.. There's no way these gorgeous will get in line with si Aki.. That's still ridiculous..

See,everything we imagine in this coming era will go like

It's Ridiculous!!

No way can achieve that!!

Hell,please don't dream so far!!


Okay,just back to reality then.. Being in our normal life.. for example, si Aki is being the Draughtman.. Quite Good job and great opportunity having a lot of money also...

And yeah, I'm dreaming to be an Architect when I was a little cute boy.. and now,It may change to something different..

Like being an Engineer?? Hm,sort of the building field Also.. But it's okay.. I love being Engineer too.. If not,then I'm not doing my job rite now.. ^_^.v..

Or,may I still dreaming to be the Top Cute Man in the Universe??

With the girl shouting my name, and all the man take off their hat when I pass by?? Even the animal wouldn't dare to see my eyes??

Yeah.. Dream Big and Achieve High.. 

But,don't go dreaming and doing nothing.. That is why all of dream will being...


Aki : Don't lose the passion to dream like what we have when we were Kids.. ^_^.v..

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Isaac Tan said...

wahaha, nice. Your avatar face is everywhere bro!

Nor Farah Ain Bte Helmi said...

cumil aki! sangat-sangat cumil tu katun2...heheehhehehe~

DoRa Priscilla said...

My bro is an engineer too ^^

I have not lost my passion for dreaming so it means I am still a kid la ^___^v lol

Amiirah-Cassan said...

Good Luck being all the above , be your own BOSS ! thats the best way ! and never ever give up ! there's no such thing as failing in life , there's only GIVING UP !!!

Just said...

banyak oo dream ko Aki!!

nowriz said...

hihi.. cute2..

sy jadi adult bila sy di office saja.. am i? haha

bila sy di rumah.. sy tidak ubah seperti gadis yang baru tingkatan 3..

daydream harus ada.. mengasah minda kita supaya jadi kreatif ba tu.. ;)

Nana Eddy said...

Waaahhh Jejak Wira tu~~ antara komik pertama (selain gila2 dan ujang) yang sa baca~ hehe dan series lain yang macam tu jugak... ala yang ada "wira" jugak la... macam "wira perkasa" heh.

It's ok to dream big. But if you REALLY want to achieve it, you'll have to work hard.

Btw, I have not yet lose my ability to dream. I'm THE brat after all! ehehe~

Yen said...

aki ngam pla ko jd c bieber tu..haha.

kay masingan said...

banyaknya dreaming ko aki..hehhee
itu katun ko betul2 cute o..
apapun teruskan bermimpi dan usaha untuk menggapai mimpi tersebut.:)

beaty said...

perkara biasa bh tu berdream mcm ni..he he sa pun dreaming banyak ni..he he tapi ko punya hibat2 owh dream ko..he he he

Daniel Chiam said...

Dear Aki...

I know who is Maria Ozawa and Sora Aoi is without googling them and I just to say yes it was once my dream too!!! Hahahaha

they are freakin' cute XD

Umie Artoqiemie said...

ki, gus tak jd justin bieber jak. ngam li upa.

de engineur said...


you've just been spotted practically everywhere! Hehehe

Blackswan said...

Aki, this is hilarious! Love the post :) I'm still dreaming now, doesn't hurt to dream, right? Lol!

I only had one ambition when I was a kid; to be a Flight Stewardess. And I did, I joined the world's most prestigious airline & became a Flight Attendant! I've never regretted it since :)

SoLy SoLicious said...

nak jadik power rangers kaler pink !!!.heeee

suzie shazana said...

sama la rex muka ko gan kartun tu

nc said...

sa penah ada baju superman time kici2 lagi. yg ada sayap2 di belakang lagi syg o tu baju.. :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

don't ever play with the dreaming cause it maybe can be a reality one fine day (sometimes). so, u may not to say ridiculous ;)
overall, the avatars are so cute~

dyanareds said...

hehe..ya aki kadang2 ada perasaan mo jd bdk2 kerana t/jwb menjadi org besar yg semakin besar.haish...

a-Me said...

Aki, ya btul jga tu kan... Bila kita dewasa sdah tu pemikiran orang bilang matang sdah. Tapi masalahnya pndai jga kan terboring2... Tu power rangers pun dlu sa suka jga dreaming2 tu.. sa mau jadi yg wrna pink.. hahaha.. ;p

Elih Japahar said...

Aiyakk...! ko ni Aki..lawak jugak avatar ko ni bhaha...diapit awek arr

Aemy Shamy said...

d mana2 mesti ada gambar ko sama hot girls kan..mesti your sumandak very the sporting kn, klu ifo buat gitu sy lastik oh hidung dia..haha..
btw, nice photos! ahhaha. sy setuju la klu ko jd si Goku yg time kicik..cumil!! ^^
sy pun mcm2 sy angan2 dlu mau jd apa..jd penyanyi la, penari la, princess la..haha. tp smpai skrg sy masih angan2 mau jd penulis buku ^^

Anonymous said...

Ya.saya setuju.Kdg2 saya mau juga jadi budak2 balik.Hmm btw thanks to you saya rasa saya tau apa saya mau taip untuk next post.muahxxx terima kasih AKI..

Red Cherry and Avocado said...

dulu saya angan-angan mau jadi britney spears. Ha-Ha

curryegg said...

This is so funny. Now I miss the way I used to blog - hillarious + insightful.

You have reminded me about the 3 ambitious writing too. Same things go to me - teacher, doctor, lawyer and they repeats every year.

Btw, you look hamsem with your faces all over. haha XD

Rose Flower said...

Dreaming is good to have but kalo dreaming truss masalah juga kan boss heheehehe, nanti dreaming truss ndak pandai bangun tidur plak jawabnya angan2 mat jenin lah tu hahahaha. Anyway, buli tahan juga si aki woh skejap jadi power rangers, skejap dragon ball, skejap pilot etc... everywhere bah muka si Aki...

Diana Diane Teo said...

Dream is wonderful and sometimes you wanna stay alive just to chase the dream that you have looking for. But like you some, as times goes by, as we grow old, sometimes we seems so far away from what we dream.

When I was in secondary school, all of my friends dream to marry a rich guy. You know what they said? Biarpun kepala botak, tapi poket tidak boleh botak =-=. I not sure they manage to get rich husband or not :P

But for me leh, fly to everywhere is my biggest dream. Just 1 problem - Why money not falling from the sky??? xP

nunui Joe said...

hHahahaha. sy rasa ko paling ngam sama tu son goku aki. comel nih. haha :D. Si aki, ko punya alexa rank down sbb ko tukar link ko kan. Tekezut sy tingu. huhu

sweetandspicy said...

hahaha.. adei ktawa2 sa tingu muka c aki merata2.. my personal fav yg power ranger jg la. hahahaha xD

Nani said...

Biarlah nmpk kebudakan di luar asalkan sebenarnya di dalam sudah dewasa..

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