Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Troll Opening

Hm, first of all, what is your 'NEW YEAR' resolution?? I mean, yeah, kindly everyone love to have for at least ONE a year.. Me?? I have nothing as usual.. But my friend does have one.. 

He said 

'2013 gonna be full of prank and trolling for EVERYONE'..

So, here's a story about what we've done to OPEN the NEW YEAR with style..

It's started on 30th Dec 2012 when we were going to pick up our friends from airport..

Lone : Hm, if only we had prepared a banner saying 'WELCOME HOME Mr & Mrs Liau'

Aki : LCCT will be packed.. But I know someone who we can troll to the MAXX!!

So, on 1.1.2013, Amb will be arriving at 1.30pm++ at KLIA.. So, we wake up earlier that day.. Prepare the banner..

Ok, make it short, the moment you want to know was when Amb actually coming out from the departure area and read his name with confusion.. Since we didn't write his FULL NAME, so at the first glance, HE DIDN'T even see our faces..
'Oh, have someone the same name as me coming today too'

And continue walking.. and the second time. he read the name again, and look at Lone's face, still..

'Really?? Is there anyone with the same name as mine on this flight or airport too?'

And the third time, he finally recognize me and say

'Oi kima..'

Then we approach him and wish HAPPY NEW YEAR.. (with burst of laugh of course)

and he was like.. 'Madepake U guys, I didn't even recognize both of you.. Pakyu.. I tot U were waiting outside in the car.. Shit troll ever'

Oh, wonder how we look upon welcoming him??

Yeah, Amb took this picture of us.. Well, you wouldn't recognize your friend to pick you up in this attire tho.. Unless you have business.. :p.. Still, Amb were in his Short Pant, T-shirt and Selipar Jepun.. -_-..

So, next troll?? :p..

Aki : Hopefully, MORE TROLL to come this year.. :p..

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Just said...

Happy new year aki!! Hahahah... the best troll la kamurang! Pnya semart mau fetch kawan yg hnya berpakaian short pant and selipar jipun! Hahahahahah

Dora said...

Happy New Year Aki! Bah rajin2 la kc troll org supaya ko buli update ko pnya blog! hahaha

time to change that header man :)

Shirley Tay said...

Nice post to kick off the New Year! Happy 2013!

Iman Rasyidah said...

happy new year aki! Hahahaha ketawa sendiri sy baca..

Michelle Sung said...

haha mulau o kamu..bah happy new year Aki! :D

Aki said...

Just : happy new year too.. :0.. Hahaha.. tu pakaian la sebenarnya yang troll dia.. :D..

Dora : hahaha.. kalau ada masa, ok ja ba tu.. :p..

Shirley : Happy New Year 2 Sis.. :)..

Ebon : Happy New Year.. Best kan.. mo pikir lagi troll2 yang menarik untuk tahun ni.. :p..

Mich : hahaha.. muda ba.. muda.. Happy New Year 2.. :)

Aemy Nadira said...

hahaha...jahat kamu kasi troll urang awl2..haha..
happy new year aki!!!
jgn kasi troll sy aa :p

Armstrong said...

"Madepake". Hahaa first time I see the word spelled like that. Cool. LOL.

But lagi cool your troll.

Fit suda ko o Aki. Mcmna ko buat tu. Ajar sia hahaa.

Happy New Year to you too, buddy.

Nor Farah Ain Bte Helmi said...

hal-hal bgtu memang aki paling terer kan..haha...hapi 2013 though..hahah

✿A I N A A✿ said...

wahhh, happy new year! sweet 2013.. ngeeeeeeeee

jessforshort. said...

Ni la ni klu kekurangan kerja ni.. hahahaha XD anyhow, happy new year Aki! ^_^

Cahya Zaque said...

Hepi new year aki! hebatlah opening 2013 kamu urang. Sa kena study pula. Sedey. Haha.

Wyne Mouren said...

Heran juga your friend tidak bulih kanal kamurang kan haha!

kay masingan said...

smart juga kamu ambil org, smart kamu ni mcm menjemput boss besar yang datang dari luar negara oh..hehe
Happy New Year Aki!

Yuh Jiun said...

Happy new year!!!

Ash Give said...

mmg kau aki saitan hahaha

btw, happy new year Aki..

Aki said...

Aemy : hahaha.. :p.. happy new year 2.. Hahaha..

Armstrong : COOL kan?? :p.. eh, nanti sa share about fitness.. :p..

Ain : Hahaha.. thank you..

Aina : Happy New Year too..

Jess : Hahaha.. Happy New Year too.. :D..

Eyqa : Sama juga opening kami sebenarnya.. ini curi masa ja ni..

Wyne : Itu lah tu.. dia nda tingu muka kami kan.. hahaha.. :p..

Kay : happy new year too kay.. hahaha.. itu attire la yang bikin legend tu.. :p..

Yuh Jiun : Happy New Year too!! :)..

Ash Give : Abu, ko tau juga kan.. Ko mo macam ni?? :p..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

happy new year! :D

Merryn said...

LoL! This is too cute. You two were dressed so nicely betul2 ada rupa those ppl who are always at the airport to pick up important guests.. Where's da selipar jepun mia gambar? :P

Ashley Alexandra said...

Owh, best juga kan kasi jadi 2013 a year of trolling, haha. Anyway, Happy New Year, Aki! :D

Xue Ren said...

woah! smart looking there! Happy 2013!

Edith said...

Haha...nice one Aki! Happy new year!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Ni kali lah kena troll berabis ba si kawan. Next troll?

Gunaqz said...

Aki, sampai krem bah perut sia ketawa tinguk tu gambar. LOL. Sia x dpt bygkan mcm mna rupa kawan ko meninguk kamurang. Hahaha.

Amalkan selalu, yah. Lol. Mo tunggu apa next troll kamurang nih.

Steffany Daph said...

hey there, aki :D Happy New Year 2013. ahaha, that was :D ahhh..the troll..memang prank habis lah.

Amb said...


beaty said...

happy new year aki!!

ha ha troll juga la

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