Sunday, November 25, 2012

Find Penang Homestay @ iBilik

Thinking of going to Penang next holiday?? Well, I've been to Penang like I don't know how many times already, and Trip Advisor was my best friend upon searching room.. But not until I find out about Penang Homestay!!

Well, to be frank, most Penang Budget hotel didn't have their own website, so it's kinda hard for us to do the budget.. Plus, the price was change according to local event.. So, it's really hard to assume how much the price will be.. Sometimes, you can get as low as rm50 per room, and yet sometimes, you might get it like rm100 for the same room......

For me, searching a room at Penang isn't that hard anymore.. iBilik was so friendly user and they only were a third party website, while you'll actually contact directly just the owner of the homestay or hotel only..

So, let's see if you're agree with me that this website was really friendly user.. :)..

As you can see, the website is so light and fast loading.. So, there's no extra time waiting!! :).. And the choice were so many too!!

Okay, let's take this Bilik Unit J - Di Cozy Homestay as example..

You can view the room condition from so many picture available.. And that's easy for us to check the room out before renting em..

Plus, if you wonder about the location, they also provide map of the hotel location!!

Yup, powered by google map, you can search your room easily!! It's that simple.. :)..

Also, you can check out the availability from there!! It's so easy right?? Comes with user review, you can decide to stay or looking for another hotel..

Oh wait, you're a hotel owner at Penang and your hotel wasn't included here?? No worry, just register yourself at iBilik, and put in the detail of your hotel FOR FREE!! It's easy!!

And since it's Malaysian Website, you are welcomed to search ANY ROOM IN MALAYSIA!! :)..

Aki : Oh thanks iBilik, Now searching for another place to mark on Malaysia map.. Like... JOHOR MAYBE?? :)

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