Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(Pic and Tips) Penang Street Art Hunting [Mural & Steel Sculpture]

Penang, the little island with full of activities, fun, food and people, was never disappointing me everytime I go there.. Since si Sumandak was studying there, I always get the chance to go to Penang, my favourite spot after my hometown.. 

So, going there like I don't remember how many times already, I decided to do some FUN activities.. So, searching thru the Penang Tourism website, I was interested in this FREE yet SATISFYING activities.. Yeah, hunting the Street Art of Penang consist the Mural Painting and Steel Sculpture..

Yeah, and I decided that it'll be the whole day activities for me and si Sumandak, walking around Georgetown and hunting those Street Art.. So, we print the maps from Google which you can get here :

And here we go, our journey........

We start as early as 8.30 am (early??) and yeah, we had mark our way plan the night before.. so, the starting and ending point, was our hotel, as there is 1 steel sculpture just in front the hotel..

And yeah, you can just see the proof of our hunting tour from the pic down here.. A TOTAL OF 31 MURAL AND STEEL SCULPTURE.. Yup, you've read em, 31 of them scrambled around Georgetown, and we're hunting by FOOT!! :)..

"Ting Ting Thong" Sculpture

"Cheating Husband" Sculpture

"Narrowest Five Foot Way" Sculpture

"One Leg Kicks All" Sculpture

"Little Girl in Blue" Mural

"Win Win Situation" Sculpture

"Jimmy Choo" Sculpture

"Awaiting Trishaw Paddler" Mural

"Mr Five Foot Way" Sculpture

"Kopi-O" Sculpture

"Labourer to Trader" Sculpture

"Char Koay Teow" Sculpture

"Rope Style" Sculpture

"Limousine" Sculpture

"Waterway" Sculpture

"No Plastic Bag" Sculpture

"Cow and Fish" Sculpture

"Reaching Up" Mural

"This Old Man" Mural

"Procession" Sculpture

"Too Narrow" Sculpture

"Boy on a Bike" Mural

"Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" Mural

"Little Children on a Bicycle" Mural

"Escape" Sculpture

"Children in a Boat" Mural

"Property" Sculpture

"Too Hot" Sculpture

"Bullock Cart Wheel" Sculpture

"Untrained Parakeet" Sculpture

"Tok Tok Mee" Sculpture
And hurray, the last sculpture come with an auntie sitting there!! Yeay!!.. This last sculpture was taken at 11.40am and it was like 200 meters from our hotel..

Oh, if you want to know, we do have our resting point.. 1 times for breakfast and 2 times a simple break for resting.. Well, I'm very proud of si Sumandak for tagging along with me along this activities.. And I don't know we walk for how many kilometers that day.. 

So, if you're asking me that if it's adventurous or not, I must say yes.. Because...

1. The Sculpture was placed randomly, some at the busy road, some at the Market, so, it's up to your creativity of taking the shot.. And yeah, the sculpture tell the story of the place you walk on.. :)..

2. Some mural are just too popular that you might need to get in a lined for taking picture with it.. for example, when we reach the "Little Children on a Bicycle" mural, there was a photoshoot session there, and they took so much of our time..

3. There was so many another painting that randomly made near of these mural, or sculpture that I don't know why they're not included in the map, so we didn't take picture of em..

4. And there's a different hunting all of these with FOOT and Bicycle.. But if Aki and Sumandak can do it, why not U?? :)..

And so, if you're asking me, what my favourite of all?? I might say, the one that took my most attention was...

The Children in a Boat Mural (8 pictures merge together) for this is the mural that I think most of you will like it too.. It's not just about the mural.. It's about the environment and the people there making me LOVING this mural so much.. :)..

Aki : So anyone can feed me another free and interesting activities at Penang?? :)

A simple video of our 31 pieces street art hunting activities..

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Gee said...

mcm siok.. penat ka? susah mo cari ka tu? mcm mo jg nanntiiii.. hehe

Just said...

jalan2 cari mural! bagus owh sumandak kasi kawan ko. kalau sia, sia kena cari org lain ni. huhuhu...

jessforshort. said...

e... mcm siok ni tempat tau. hehehe.. byk art painting. unique! ^^

Diana Diane Teo said...

31??? I never knew there are so many of these mural & steel sculpture. I plan to go Penang again eventhough I went few times just for these incredible mural & steel sculpture. Pinjam ur map boleh kah?

Camy said...

wow! u went and check out all! i dont even do when i'm a penangite. *shame on me* anyway, i blog abt this before! try check out the book if u'r interested! :D

Henry Tan said...

ohmy! u are so bad in doing the "Reaching up" mural! LOL

steffany daph said...

:D ohmy, the pictures...all of it ! cool :D wehhh..macam2 posing. haha.

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Best nya.. Mau pigi sana oh nanti Aki.. Thanks for sharing this. I really dont know such thing exists in Penang. Padahal dulu sya study sana haha

Sherrie Pui said...

nice!!! I wanna go!

kayau said...

wah.. it was really nice not only the mural and metal sculpture but also the photo shoot taken ;p good job keep it up ;p

Meitzeu said...

i was thinking to visit Penang soon!!

Meitzeu @ Blog

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Meitzeu @ Twitter

Aemy Nadira said...

the murals are so cool!! walaupun tu bangunan nampak old, but the murals makes them look great..i love this place!! mau pigi sana la jg nnt...heeee..

Wyne Mouren said...

Wow, this is cool. Must do this when I'm there.

Thanks for the tips, Aki. Kebanyakkan kawan sa pigi sana to hunt the delicious food tapi it is more than that if you visit Penang!

V said...


Yen said...

huii..bila kunun ko mo bwk sa ni..haha.

de engineur said...

Aren't they cool? Love to have them here in KK

Anonymous said...

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Aki said...

Gee : hehehe.. penat la juga.. tapi syok la.. :p..

Just : Bah, pigi.. syok tu.. bawa yang kawan2 adventurous skit la.. :p..

jess : hehehe.. ko sudah pigi.. syok kan?? :D..

Dee : yeah.. 31.. :).. that's not my map.. Penang had updated the map so that everyone can use it.. :)..

Camy : Yeah.. hehehe.. it was normal when the local didn't realize that tho.. :p..

Henry : yeah, that's me bro.. so bad.. :p..

steffany daph : hehehe.. brabis begambar kan.. :p..

Stell : sa rasa time ko study dia blum buat secara meluas ba tu.. even the map pun updated like July 2012.. So, ko boleh pigi la.. :)..

Cutebun : hehehe.. go la.. so special la this.. :)..

kayau : bah, pigi la sana.. syok tu.. :p..

Meitzeu : ngam.. go and find this.. mesti best.. :p..

Aemy : hahaha.. I know.. not the bangunan nampak old.. It is old.. Dari zaman british and dorang mo kekalkan penang like that.. :)..

Wyne : hehehe.. Penang kecil ja, tapi memang banyak benda boleh buat.. :D...

V : I know2. .:p..

yen : bah, nanti kita atur.. :p..

Floyd : Yeah, very cool bro.. di kk belum ada lagi mcam ni..

Sharing is FUN!

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