Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let Discuss it Out..

This is Me not single.i told them like dat.e2 la cara sia mengelak drpd kna urat2.ceihhh..maw muntah not interested.fb, fb jgak tpi..x la kli sembarang maw kwn2 urg d sia.terutama lelaki.dasar penipu.terang2 IN A RELATIONSHIP dia pn mc miang pg chatting2..abis uda kali laki setia cni dunia.pduli la kna ckp sumbung kalo sia x point ba.laupn sia seorg y jajal2 men cmni,kalo part ni..sia plg pantang.nmpk laki ncem "playboy' n minta puji' la d kpala sia.mmg 2.emosi jgak sia ni.smpi kutuk2 cmni.uishh..sbr2 ster.sia x bermaksud.dun try me..sia bsar uda ba ni.xda uda ati sia maw men2 sinta gebuk..xda faedah 2.plg2 pn kc ngis sia ja. xmaw ada perkara'ditinggalkan and meninggalkan'..aduii..oroul ginawoku.sia x kuat ba..huh..sia selalu ckp sma urg,kalo sia maw kapel..maw y cm kwn tpi serius.n xmaw mcm budak2.2 ja.ntah la.susa maw dpt laki y setia..tpi pmpuan pn sma ja.depends ba 2.Hanya mereka y kenal TUhan ja dpt mempertahankan definisi cinta.sia setuju.hnya jdikan DIA sbg dsr hubungan.sia setuju kata2 c nonong(Hyelia) duuulu.."hnya akan terima urg y benar2 sia knl n dia knl sia" Yaa..sia setuju sma ko nong.sia pn cm2.y ptg penerimaan seadanya kn.pa2 pn,cinta 2 akan dtg bla2 msa ja.x pena lari 2.hnya tgu waktu y plg tepat.mcm ni pn best ba..smpan perasaan n kep in touch.jgn ja,bisuk2 tetiba bekepit ngan urg len.mmg sia pingsan tahap la y berlaku awal taun 2011..kena stdy btl2..maw jdi cgu y berkesan.all de best sma sia n gumuk..n goroi.ambilan kmi la y plg susa maw tembus posting skg.ada cabaran..hnya cgu y cemerlang bkl jdi guru.aisemen.jdi,apa2 pn aktivti cni ip..fkirkan sbg keperluan tuk jdi cgu y lengkap..hehe.sia ngantuk..maw mdop ka oting??

This was a story for my Friends Blog.. Look interesting.. I like it,and I read it Twice.. (to really understand it actually)...
So here,she's pointing out about who she are in terms of relationship.. which mean,She's not the type of a girl to played out nor playing.. Interesting..
Well,in this situation,yeah,I think this is what a matured girl will think.. After a several times of failed relationship and love game,She began to understand what is the purpose of loving and being loved..
See,my whole opinion is,U never know until U try.. Everything in this world is a gambling situation.. See,when we eat or drink,we choose something new,it's gambling.. while other people,doesn't seem want to,by choosing their favourite,and forget the other,we try the new one,and found out it is more interesting,than the older one,that have been our first choice.. And then we tell other,and they'll try to..
Listen buddy,if we're the one who are going to try first,we always see the result 1st than other...
Like I say,the 1st.. And the person who wanna try 1st about this thing really in gambling situation,that would between 2 things result.. 1st to be suffer by the choice,or 2nd,to be grateful with that... Hehehe
See,we often been in this situation..
Any situation..
It always will come with a guideline,I mean we choose the guideline,before we make any gambling...
See,If it's about food,we always come with the ingredient,the method of cooking,and many more.. (I give you the food situation as it is what we are doing everyday.. Hehehe..) so,taking the risk of allergically and so on,and that will influence our choice,whether to take it or not.. 
So,if a simple thing like that,need to gamble on,to get the 1st result,I mean to explore,then,It is so with other thing...
That's mean,if we want to be a pioneer,start gamble.. Trust me.. We never know unless we try... The Only things about gamble,I mean in positive way,is to choose the guideline.. CAREFULLY.. Which is,the correct guideline will lead Us to a GRATEFULNESS while the wrong guideline,will direct may lead us to SUFFER..
Enjoy Everybody!! Hehehe...

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