Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DAY 1 : Hobby 10 : Shouting!!

This is my number 10 hobby,Shouting!!
Not only to people,but even to an ANT??!!
How rude huh??
Damn.. :-p.. This is me,If you can't stand it,PLEASE DONT..
Haha.. Or U'll feel damn annoying..
Hm,shouting mean 1 thing to me.. Err,I mean it..
It mean,I have a feeling about U.. ^_^.v.. I mean,If my word is too rude to you,that's mean,you are my friend..
and beware for my sweet WORD!!
It'll kill you..
So,be glad if I'm talking bad about u IN FRONT OF YOU!!
because that's mean I LOVE YOU (unless You are my Girlfriend,because,she is the one n only deserved my MANJA² & jiwang² sweet words)

But if you are my friend,and I'll talk nicely to you,for the WHOLE time,THAT's mean,I Hate You.. Hahaha..

So,do you see how I see about people??

So,these days,DO MY WORDS annoy U??
If Yes,GOOD,U r my friend..

IF NO??!!! Be careful,I'm the worse one to be a backstabber.. Hahaha.. ^_^.v..
(I'm not a backstabber UNLESS U require me to do so)..

So,THAT's all for Hobby No 10.. ^_^.v..

by ©eXYanne Collection

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