Friday, March 18, 2011

New Our Phonetography Header!!

Waarrggghh.. I'm so boring with the plain header for my New Blog : 
that I give my whole day time editing pic for em..
(whole day for me was when I woke up at 11 am.. until now 5 pm)
Hehehe.. Just a Simple One.. Hope it can fulfill my
reader.. ^_^.v..
By the way,visit my new Blog and Follow me if You Dare ok?? ^_^.v..

this was the new header

Aren't they awesome?? Hahaha..

by ©eXYanne Collection

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The Heart's vomits said...

hei bro..i do liked it so much! =)thanks..

exyanne said...

Thanks Cyeka.. ^_^.v.. Sa curi2 ja mana gambar yang sa rasa ok.. ^_^.v..

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