Friday, April 1, 2011

Re Share : The GOOD little THINGS

 Copied with Gratefulness from Dear Shery Lilie

stress can be divided into two, physiology and biology.. physiology is more to physical like a tension or something that we learn in physic class. the one with the formula T=F/a or whatever.(i use to love it before <3)..

on the other side is the biology stress. it always connected with our mental health.
doesn't matter, physiology stress or biological stress, we need both to survive. especially biology stress.. never ever underestimate the power of stress in your life. remember, for every action there are reaction. manage your stress carefully cause once you fail to manage it, it will kill you slowly. 

to those who think he/she has a lot of things to stress with, enrich yourself with knowledge about stress and how to manage it. emm.. why don't you start with this one? "how to handle stress"
and to those who are in trouble or whatever kind of havoc, never ever try to give up your life. trust me,to end your life is not gonna solve the problem but worsened it. like my math teacher use to say  'no matter what happen, LIFE MUST GO ON.'

and to those who can handle stress, help those who can't
i remember that day, one of my friend text me (yeah, i know, my friend loves me and they keep texting me.. hehe). i remember our college are having an event and it quite busy that time when i suddenly recieve the text.. the message was like this.

"i am pathetic, nobody cares about me." 

and emmm, i have this bad habit. i don't really reply my friend's message.  if it's not really important,like "hai,how are you today?" or some kind of stupid text,i'll just leave it in my inbox.. so,without the intention + busy doing my VOLUNTEERing job, i can just leave my friend's text but,

i don't know why, that time i just take out my phone and started to choose one of my message draft and forward it. it was one of my favourite message in my draft. 

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you"

i never check my cellphone after that. and the next day, this friend was texting me as usual, joking and sometimes sending me some stupid message.. me?? well, i enjoyed the funny text a lot but as usual too, can only reply his text sometimes.. (kedekut kredit o kan..haha)

but, last night this friend text me again and he said. 

"thank you for the text last time.. if it was not because of the text, i will surely be the one who welcome my classmate up there" 

i never realize that the friend would be so stress at that time, i mean, i know about his family problem and his difficult course but because of his bright character, i alway think that he can handle it until last night. now i realize how powerful stress are.. it's choose the target randomly. huhu, but i also realize, how good little things that we do in our daily life can actually save other's life. :)

jangan malas-malas reply message kawan. :) 

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