Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canvas Rider is the Best!!

Hey you, are you an Online game addict?? Or never interested in games?? No worry,this post will give benefit to all of you out there!! Ho ho ho..^_^.v..

Working hard at the day sometimes make us fell boring, sleepy and stress.. We need to let out our stress sometimes.. the Blogger will update their blog.. the News reader,will surf sort of news on the internet.. the Facebooker,of coz,Facebooking!!..

But,games is always the best choices.. There are so many people choose to play games to relieve their stress.. And mine was..........

the Canvas Rider Header
the Gameplay
and the RIDER!!

This web allow us to play the most simple flash game,no need time for loading,no need time for managing some details.. Just click and play!!

Just using ur UP,LEFT,RIGHT,and DOWN button,you can control the rider perfectly with your own style!! and with some additional Z button on your keyboard to switch which side to run!!.. to restart,just press the enter button..

All of the direction on how to play were mentioned there.. I've give you the random Map link so that,you just can refresh the link if you are not interested with the current map..

Click here to Play!! ->

 Best play with Google Chrome!!..

this video show how the Pro play it.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Don't get too addicted like si Aki do,coz,ur reason to be stressed out more is there.. :-p

by ©eXYanne Collection

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Kian Fai said...

owh will try it XD

kay masingan said...

never heard about this game before and i think i will try it...:)

ken said...

loading so slow.. will try on a better internet connection :P

Eryati said...

atukei tahan napas ni klu sy yg men....ehehhehe

lilies.john said...

adui... saya mmg x buli main ni game owh.. baru start terjun pun mati suda tu game.. hohi

Aemy Shamy said...

oh ni lebih kurang mcm the fancy pants suka jenis game yg mcm ni..yg bleh jalan2 ba mcm mario tu..hahaha :p

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