Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Malaysia's Largest Property Website

Well, seems like Aki Borneo been selling himself so much these days.. Well, you can read the last 3 previous post if you don't believe me.. Yeah, I'm really been selling myself..

Brand, Business and Plan.. That's all to be sell when suddenly I think I should involved in Properties Business.. Well,sound like I have so much properties to sell perhaps??

Well, it's my friend who ask me to blog about he selling his properties and I don't think I can make the sell.. Yeah, all my readers seem not that rich to get that fuckin pricey properties..

So doing the search for a good websites to put that things for real, I across with Malaysia Properties which damn good coz it's FREE!! Well, who doesn't want free thingy?? And still you can advertise em thru 1 Malaysia??

Well, Free is one good things, while easy and fast access is the second good things!! Well, this website is easy loading to the max and I'm kinda get excited searching thru all those properties (even though I still don't have enough money for em)

So, if you wanna sell some properties, just leave me your ads at :

email :

Facebook Page : Aki Borneo

Twitter : @AkiBorneo

and I'll do the rest for you or instead click that picture above to simply register yourself and be their user as it is damn easy to navigate..

Aki : Does money is the only things I blog today?? Well, we'll see tommorow.. Ha ha ha..

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Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

I begins to see you like the Apprentice Star from Sabah. ($_$)

Va Va Voom said...

Belum cuba belum tau Aki...good luck!

Blackswan said...

Hey bro, u're into so many biz ah?? So many lobangs! Getting rich very soon :)

beaty said...

Gud luck sama bisnis ko aki..he he he..

Miki Aya said...

sy mo jual sulap. bleh ka?

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