Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Miss Home Badly

How does it feel when U were far away from home.. Far enough to meet your family like once a month? or once a year? Yeah, I miss home, real bad.. Like really really really bad..

And one of my mistake was, I never took pic of my house, for my personal caretaker.. I mean, yeah when I miss home, I just can see em.. :)

But, the other day, I found a solution for that matter.. I know we can ask our family to MMS the pic for us, but how if they're really bad in taking picture?? :p.. So, I use.....

Sketch Up 8.. A free software by google.. This simple software were real good.. I mean, it is simple, friendly user, working smoothly and the outcome was outrages!!

Now, I just feel like I'm home.. Everyday, everytime.. Ok, lets take a look of my house (father's house) which I grow up there excellently.. :p..

The House Plan

Perspective View

Stalking inside from outside

Now, this is where I'm watching TV

Hey, this is where I learn to cook!!

This is where I sleep at first, now, conquered by my sisters..

Excuse me, I'm taking a bath here.. No stalking please..

Hey, keep this as our secret, I finally sneak into my parents room.. Yeay!!

Yup, to be truth, you can make almost any detail by this software.. And this one really help a lot since, I love Architectural Design very much..

Ok now is the promotion.. I maybe teaching U this, or you can just learn from youtube.. Like me.. Or, you can contact me by clicking contact me button up there if you want one like this!! I mean, if you are searching for an affordable architect, I can say I am one here..

And do share this post if you really love my job, or promoting me to your friends.. Thanks.. :)

Note : My house furniture was not even close to that.. I just pick which one that I like the most.. :p

Aki : When your job is your passion, Everything will be GOOD!!

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Michelle Sung said...

paling manang dan terang yg jelas, HD tv. hehe bah design ma konon2 rmh sya hehehe

de engineur said...

Sketch Up 8 kah software dia tu Aki? How long did it take you to complete these 3D sketches?

Aki said...

Mic : Kalau la ada tu di rumah.. :D.. ha ha ha

De Engineur : Bos, kira2 8 jam la kalau continuous.. sa buat plan2.. baru sa blajar yang hari Jumaat ba ni..

Armstrong said...

Geng, smart! Ada juga la terubat rasa rindu hometown kan lepas tinguk ruma kita sendiri secara virtual ;D

Happy Monday, bro!

jessforshort. said...

Punya campin si Aki guna ni software mcmni... and nicely done btw! ^___^

Ada juga kurang sikit tu homesick ko kan lepas buat ni. Hari2 bole peek in into your own house =D

Shirley Tay said...

Cool stuff, huh?? This reminds me of some game that I used to play. Hahaha!

Hey Aki, come on over & chk this out: SK-II MEN Is Born! Find Out Who Is The Face Of SK-II Men Event!

HenRy LeE said...

wah wah wah! pandai betul ko pakai Sketch Up 8 ni! haha :D terbaik la

StellaClaire-Richard said...

I think i want to use tht software for my future house hehehe.. :D

kayau said...

Bah balik kg lah aki pg kasih lepas itu langadon dulu;p

♥Audeanor®♥ said...

berkuldt sudah sy download to software tp sampai skrg x guna. I don't have that talent :(

Cinoi Lavigne said...

HAHAHA Lucu. I like this entry. Good job. Tunang saya pun suka lukis2 gini 3D mcm kauu, tp slalu sy malass, klu sy mau suruhh dia

beaty said...

pandai juga ko design2 ni aki.cantik..he he

nnt sa minta design ko la ruma idaman sa

Zurina J. said...

wow! :D

Just said...


kay masingan said...

smart o...itu tempat tingu tv luas ni..:)

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