Friday, March 9, 2012

Things That May Holding Up Blogger

Being a blogger isn't an easy job.. Well, if you say it's an easy job, then you aren't probably reading these.. Why? Because you wouldn't want to know what holding you when you blog, coz it's an easy job..

Well, as usual, this is not a studied matter, it's just my own consumption after blogging for a year and half?? So, I just list down my idea or my circle problem, or you.. Yeah, your problem..

The things is, we know that blogging, for most of my circle of blogger friend do, is to express their life or knowledge in their own style.. So, most of the problem that holding us up would be.....

No Idea
The Common problem which everybody gonna thru this, but it's not a big problem for me of course because, I can't talk a full long post or two or three post just talking about A PENCIL.. But yeah, most of my friend circle do have the problem with this.. You know, like they don't have or know anything to say anymore.. 

No Life
Well, this thing is more totally to a personal blogger which share his/her life at all the time, and unfortunately, for some 'time' they just don't have their life and in result, they have nothing to blog about.. If you can imagine, yeah, she/he maybe stay in the refrigerator for quite a time, and doesn't find it is interesting to blog about..

Too Much Life
If no life holding a post from a blogger, too much life activities does the same too.. Well, if you have like 20 event per day and you have to attend it all, definitely your time for posting too, will be reduced, by negative numbers.. Well, if that happen, just enjoy your life doing anything that please you then.. ^_^.v..

No Mood
Well, if you are a sux storyteller which always adding up on sumthing to make it interesting, you might be a pro blogger, coz, yeah, blogger often make it extravaganza while actually the things is just as simple as sleeping.. But, when the mood is not around, you may find that doing a 'storytelling' in your own blog is one crazy idea.. 

No Internet Connection
The common problem to student blogger who use those 'free wifi' to blog and one day, they suddenly realize that it isn't free anymore, there they goes, no internet line, and they were hold-up.. Unless they suddenly move out from their apartment and live in the caves which repel most of the ultra wave connection, that's acceptable.. How can you find internet line in a place like that..

PC Problem
Well, if internet connection is an important part of blogging, for sure you can't blog without a PC.. Either Laptop or Desk PC, without this, you can't blog.. Like these two week, my pc have some problem which I can't solve.. Everytime I start a program, within less than 5 minutes, Blue Screen appeared.. And I'm so annoyed with that.. :D..

Something Holding You
This is the main problem for me which hold me up in blogging world like almost 2 week.. Something that holding me is actually so many people.. King Arthur and Merlin, The Salvatore Brother, The Nerd Cooper and Leonard, Snow White and Prince Charming and yeah, so many more.. Well, it's really a big problem when I started watching some TV Series, coz, I'll never stop until I watch the last episode in my laptop..

Here's the list of what Holding me up until now :

Merlin Season 4

The Vampire Diaries Season 1-2

Once Upon A Time Season 1 (running)

The Big Bang Theory Season 1-3 (there's another full of 22 episode of season 4 in my laptop)

So, this is the real things which hold up a blogger in posting their blogpost.. Actually I just want to tell you the last part but I find out, it will be more satisfying me if I share all of the common problem.. 

And the real question is, what is another best TV Series I should watch?? Please give me your suggestion.. ^_^.v..

Aki : I Need More TV Series to Watch..

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HyatiMolly @ Tunung said...

hahaha! thought it is just me having this kind of syndrome.
I haven't post any new entry because I am busy watching my favorite series online.. Gimme 5 bro!

Rose Flower said...

Same here woh....lebih2 lagi sekarang ni AI (American Idol) hot season kikiki....!!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

sya suka tgk Korean Drama.. Ko suka ka korean drama?..hehe

Michelle Sung said...

banyak2 di atas, merlin 4 ja sya tau n sdh habis tgk haha..hmm secret circle?

Dora said...

sy too much life and internet connection :D haha

beaty said...

patutlah ko hooked sma tu tayangan..kawan2 pun lupa mau merajuk suda ni..

Daniel Chiam said...

My mom love Merlin! haha bro.. Download Nikita, best juga :D

My writer's block is always no mood and lazy xD

Azeanthy Paiman said...

i love blogging but internet connection always interfering me...huhu.

Wen said...

walking dead season 3.. mlm ni first episode.. ataupun, tengo nada cinta..hahahahaha

chegu carol said...

Those are bound to be normal for most part time blogger. biasa lah tu....kalau sa pun, usually it's my work yang holding me back from posting regular entries. not much time to actually sit down and type a proper entry.

tapi kan, the cikgu in me mau juga kasi correct tu penggunaan perkataan 'consumption' in your second paragraph. I believe, the proper word would be 'assumption'?

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

the internet connection problem is always what i face! streamyx is slow, but unifi is unavailable at my area.. what to do..

Latest: Mamak or Indian?

Miki Aya said...

I've too much things to do. Studying stuffs. I'm a nerd. Gah!! :p

kay masingan said...

sama la tu Aki, sya pun selalu mengalami masalah yg sama..:). Top Shot, history channel..:)

Saveq said...

Haha..yup kalau teda idea tu teruk juga sebab mcm sia-sia seja duduk depan lappy tenguk post fb yg mengarut..
Hidup aq mmg ssngt boring kalau teda internet..coz what i dont like to listening no point story better i read a blog than make a sin..haha!

Writing From Far said...

kalau saya selalu teda mood ni...malas..ngantuk


should watch all tv series but not vampire diaries. hehe. i don't know why i don't really want to watch it, maybe i just want to be loyal to only twilight saga. even all the actors are so handsome.haha. i stumble on that channel not so long ago,er but now already forgot which channel.
and i do really agree with you, since i don't even post a single entry for about 2 months now. not that i don't have ideas, a lot of ideas dancing on my mind, i must say. but still, i am so lazy now. huhuhu. n a lot to read-novel..i have 30 novels queuing on my shelf, waiting me reading them. but don't worry i really love comment and read other bloggers. as you can see now, i can comment a foot long comment(exaggerating, is one of my wonderful characteristic :p).
eh by the way, what channel i can watch that once upon a time spoiler. really look interesting story.

Kalamhati said...

benar2 belaka..hehe

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

LOL. My biggest problem : Doesn't have Internet connection. Selalu outstation pigi tempat-tempat yang teda Internet connection kan. Ndakan mau pigi singgah CC pula. Haha.

aris said...

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Misya Mialen said...

hai aki., lama sdh ba x jln2 blog ko. tgk, sy pun ada mc2 hlgn mo post entri. sy dpt post entri tp tu la x dpt baca blog kwn2. awal thn kerja mmg byk lps tu, penat terus titun smpi pagi. huwaaa. tgk tv pun x ada.btq, sy suka ni entri ki;D

Isaac Tan said...

bro, where are you again??
can i come "borrow" some of the tv series? T__T i need some shows in my life.. it's getting so boring. Help me k? I can come over to your house. hehe

Charmaine said...

No life = ME!! My everyday life is almost the same, ntg new LOL!

Aki said...

Molly : ha ha ha.. gimme 5 too.. sa terpengaruh oleh si sumandak.. :)..

Rose : he he he.. sama ja ko cam kawan si aki.. :p..

Stell : tia berapa oh, sebab sa malas mo cari subs kan.. :p..

Mic : secret circle tu baru lagi kan?? sa takut sa gantung tingu.. :D..

Dora : ha ha ha.. too much life ah.. :p..

beaty : tu la.. nanti sa lawat ko beaty, jan ko merajuk.. :p..

DC : ha ha ha.. Nikita cam best, and panjang da cerita dia kan??

Kak Yan : he he he.. biasa la tu, especially bila balik kg..

chegu : eh, thanks for the correction ah cikgu.. ^_^.v.. He he he.. ko too much life ba tu.. besa la.. :)..

Fish : he he he.. poor streamyx.. and need to say, I Love Unifi.. :D..

Miki Aya : ha ha ha.. I love nerds.. :D.. not too nerd la ko tu.. :p..

Kay : ha ha ha.. sa tau, besa la tu, tarikan..

Saveq : ha ha ha.. tidur ba best.. :D..

Cher : he he he.. trus tidur ja la kerja kan>??

Yong : 30 novel?? make it one a day.. :D.. he he he.. I love long comment though.. :D..

Kalam Hati : tu la kak wan.. :p..

Fadz : standard tu kalau kluar dari zon selesa.. :D..

Misya : he he he.. biasa la tu kak.. kehidupan orang kerja.. :p..

Isaac : OK 'PM'ing U.. :p..

Charmaine : where U got no life ooh.. Your life is one to be jealous of.. :p..

SimplySeoul said...

All of the above had happened to me before aki. haha. no life, no mood, then suddenly too much activities even catching a good sleep was very hard. Then things that hold me back, i'm talking about fighting dragon and breaking a magic spell here.

But but but. No matter what happened, I will never be able to let go my blog. No matter how buruk, pathetic it become, I still want to treasure it dearly.

millerJ said...

ya. i agree to things that u've listed above that holding up a blogger.. btw, if i happen to have many ideas in a day, i dont care at all, i just write as many as i wish... haha. sudah nama dia hobby@passion kan... erm.u shud watch the walking dead...siok juga. hahaa.. and the big bang theory,i find its very funny. esp that skinny guy.... hihih :D

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