Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Art of Peeing [Mens Style]

Warning : There are no animal hurt during this project

Driving for such a long distance is sure hard.. Especially, when the times to find a TOILET is there, and yet, there are no sign toilet were available nearby.. 

Okay, skip about shitting, we go for peeing instead.. Okay girls, did U simple thing that man can pee in a bottle, especially when there are 'so many' people in the car?? So, a pit stop is sure helping when it comes to emergency situation..

The pit stop will surely look like this..

Oh ok, this is simply wrong.. I put the wrong image.. oh, yours truly are the on in the middle.. :p..

Ok, the pit stop is surely look like this (down)..

In this case, men may simply take the 'things' out and done the business as usual.. But, sometimes, I find men too have a problem when it comes to just pee like that in the middle of nowhere near the road with so many car passing by..

Then.. I found some solution for em and I name it The Art of Peeing!!

Well, as we know, if it's a simple thing like just take the 'things' out and done the job, this maybe the variation we create so that the people in the car passing by the road behind you didn't notice you are doing some 'business'..

Yeah, stop at the side of the road, take the 'things' out and make your own style.. So, people passing by might thought you are actually making some rest and wanna see the beautiful view..

Or you may add some variation to it by making your own style.. maybe like this..

or this....

or this......

See.. people will sure not noticing you have another business if you are peeing with this style..

Or yeah, you may have business over business.. Well, this is a good variation but need a high skilled person to done this well..

Business over business is more to have another busy things to do so that people wouldn't think you're actually peeing..

Like this (make a phone call)..

Or this (drinking water)..

For sure, things will be run smoothly and nobody will care what are you doing by stopping in the middle of nowhere beside the road..

And yeah, depend on the location you stop by, you may wanna try other action.. In this case, let's imagine there are trees nearby.. 

Yeah, you sure look like a forest ranger without uniform.. So that, people wouldn't notice you are actually nursing the tree with the ultimate fertilizer..

Or, you may make it Like A Scientist!!

Sitting next to the tree, searching for some specimen to be studied.. Or should we say this is a girl style?? ^_^.v..

But, above all these, the ultimate technique might be this..

Doing your peeing business while browsing thru the map... All the passers will surely thought you lost instead of thinking that you're actually 'businessing'..

But hey, this skill require a highly motivated person to accomplished, coz you might be spraying everywhere.. So, be careful!!

Aki : Above all this, the only tried method were actually the 1st one.. :D

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♥Audeanor®♥ said...

welcome back Aki after gone for awhile...busy bah kan...trus kasi post art of peeing muahahaha byk lah punya art kalau mau terkeluar sdh mana sempat lg mau posing ;)

Isaac Tan said...

omg.. lol! cute la you bro :)

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StellaClaire-Richard said...

Haha..funny.. teringat hubby sya cerita pasal kwn dia.. On the way balik dr kudat ke kk.. mau terkucil suda.. dia berenti ja tepi jalan kasi langsai bisnes dia..LOL.. Doktor lg tu kawan dia.. org lalu lalang bulih nmpk oh..doi..

Charmaine said...

Hahahaha after drinking water, u can pee into the bottle XD

beaty said...

astaga 18 sx ni..LOL...main2 bh aki..trus sa ketawa2 ni hilang stress sa ni ari

Rose Flower said...

Atukoiiiiii punya main byk 'art of peeing' ko aki...selalunya sia notis kalo balik kg. yang gambar numbur 1 tu lah kebykkan urang buat....haha...

Eryati said...

hikhik..kasi pusing tu gambar bah aki...ahahahah...mcm lama sy nda pigi sini..ka si aki yg x kasi updated?(huhu..padahal..sendiri pun x masa mo BW)


hahaha really la funny. can u really do something like that? the idea of calling someone while doing this business is good.
klo buat gaya cam tunjuk gagah or peace kat bukit surely la gaya org 3suku. haha

Aemy Shamy said...

whoa...peeing pun ada style ka..haha..guys are lucky, bleh buat mcm2 style..yg girls ni mna bleh..hahaha :p
1 lg style u should try..ghost rider style..ada fire! :p

kay masingan said...

hahahha..Aki ko ni kan..
Ba sa tanya ko n ko jawab jujur, tidak basah ka seluar kalo itu "thing" kamu (lelaki) tidak dipegang time kencing?

Anonymous said...


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

haha funny! have to enjoy the scenery while peeing eh?

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Henry Tan said...


ur post is really entertaining! haha

but i wonder the people in those houses down there will see ur "thing"? =p

anyway, good one ya! =D

Meitzeu said...

You always make us laugh la! :D

SimplySeoul said...

my goodness the peace sign is seriously makes me lol. and yes i agree that you need to have the skill. i mean like kan, u know, nanti, i think u know what i want to say hahaha.

Azeanthy Paiman said... gaya c aki jg yg pling manang ni..hehe..

Azeanthy Paiman said... gaya c aki jg yg pling manang ni..hehe..

Merryn said...

LoL! I like the phone thingy.. yeah.. police will clap their hands as they see you stopping to answer a call >_<

Nani said...

Peeing: comel pktaannya haha. Ada2 ja bah si Aki. Inila kelainan entry si Aki ni.

Diana Diane Teo said...

I'd been to Glasgow before. Oh no!! Did I smell ur pee???!! OH MY GOSH!!

cimöt said...

the best post of peeing is...angkat kaki sebelah tu haaa..hahaha

meisnani said...

hahahha AKi ini sangat siot but brilliant !!! ahahah law pempuan camane lak ? macam susah je... ahahahha

Richard C. M said...

was here visiting. its fun though..:)

Writing From Far said...

ha ha ha..duduk pun buli kah juga..

bah AKI, saya pindah rumah sdh..sini sdh

Miki Aya said...

mcm x besa kan :p

Daniel Chiam said...

=.=" pee pee... there's no art for me at all... hahaha

Saveq said...

Hahaha..what the hell..kahkahkah
Aku jarang bha mau kencing dekat semak samun..takut juga tiba2 keluar ular ka naga ka..haha!..

Aki said...

Audeanor : he he he.. kalau sa, mo posing juga tu, takut kedapatan.. :p..

Isaac : ha ha ha.. thanks Bro..

Stella : ha ha ha.. itu baru la.. apa buli buat, emergency.. :p

Charmaine : I really can't pee into the bottle..

Beaty : Ha ha ha..

Rose : ya, itu yang paling normal la tu..

Eryati : Kasi pusing pun sama ja tu Kak.. :p..

Yong : ha ha ha.. Yeah, I can really done this.. :p..

Aemy : he he he.. Relax la.. tia mau berapi, nanti tebakar..

Kay : hm, kalau pandai kontrol, tida juga tu.. tu la kena kasi tau sana mesti mo training berabis.. :D..

Fish : yeah of course.. :p..

Henry Tan : ha ha ha.. No way, unless they are on binocular.. :p..

Meitzeu : Fun aite?? :p..

Simply Seoul : ha ha ha.. the skill is important.. :D..

Kak Yan : itu trademark asal tu.. :p..

Merryn : ha ha ha.. for sure, no summons.. :p..

Nani : ha ha ha.. mesti mo ada2 ja.. :D..

Dee : yeah, and Shhhhh.. :p..

cimot : ha ha ha.. itu variation.. :p..

nani : jangan nak mengade.. :p..

Richard : thanks.. ^_^.

Cher : he he he.. ok, nanti sa lawat rumah baru ko.. :)..

Miki Aya : yeah,. U got it..

DC : sa tau.. :p.. susah mo aplikasi ka?? :p..

Saveq : ha ha ha.. itu masalah tu tau.. :D..

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