Monday, March 12, 2012

Permanent Ink Design

I Love Tattoo!! Well, probably it's the influence of the family because my grandpa was tattooed all over the body.. Lower Body part is not included.. Yeah, he's pure Iban and of course he had tattoo.. Well my dad himself ink his body with the yin yang design and I think he add 1 more last year, and don't really remember what is it..

Well a tattoo is a permanent ink draw to our body, and of course, making 1 that you wouldn't regret for the whole of your life is important.. Yeah, a design that you would love attached to your skin for the rest of your life..

And FYI, I have no tattoo and considering having one.. I would love this one in the back!!

the illuminati diamond

So, how was that?? Nice one huh?? How much will these cost me?? 

And for the hand, I would love to design one.. And after sketch for like 30 minutes, I come with this..

Ok, both of the above design was already tried before.. By a permanent marker, to my right shoulder.. And I found it is interesting to have one, but still I didn't satisfied with just that and I change em every time I draw a new one.. 

If you read em upside down, U will realize that it contain the letter 'r.e.x.s.a.r.i.a.n.n.e' which was name of mine and si sumandak.. Yeah, I'm ready to ink that word to my body..

And then, I decide to draw a new one which I haven't try before, and I come up with this..

which was the same words as above, 'r.e.x.s.a.r.i.a.n.n.e' but readable upside down..

So, maybe I'll work on this one and sketch a variation of these and will show you again another time..

So, what say you?? :p

'I'm AFRO and I Know It'

Aki : Or may you design for me?? :p

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☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

I like the last one sketch.. looks like Sanskrit but its not. I hope to have a spiritual tattoo which we have to ink it on Thailand..

Dev Clarehova said...

sakit maitu !! :) tp yg bawah tu santik design dia..

chegu carol said...

i must say, your sketches are much influenced by ambigrams kan? mesti kesan dari baca buku dan brown la ni? :)

the first and the last one are nice provided that it is drawn on a perfect location and proportion properly.

good luck!

fazrulnoor said...

hebat la kau aki

Aki said...

Mitchell : he he he.. me totally love the last one too.. napa mo ink di thailand?? :)..

Dev : he he he.. ya, pasal sakit la sa mo buat skali ja.. :D..

Chegu : he he he.. U know em.. me fan of ambigrams.. :D.. totally influenced by that.. :D..

Blackswan said...

The sketch looks cool! Most importantly, u mustn't regret :) Aki, I thank u in advance for your vote @ CozyCot International Women's Day 2012!

Daniel Chiam said...

Cool Cool... my design till today pun belum mula buat, haha kecewa la camni xD

beaty said...

ko mau buat permanent ink d mana aki? wah..kalau begitu sa panggil ko castello suda lah..ha ha ha

Isaac Tan said...

if guys tattoo the back, must make it a BIG one.. like those Japanese gangsters one :P


nape tak wat kat bhgian dada? blkg, rugi, diri sendiri bknnya npk.haha. at least, klo depan,tak pyh butangkan kemeja, grenti look macho n gagah.haha

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i dunno why but the words look like jawi to me ><

Latest: Meh-meh Goats

Writing From Far said...

mine one, i made it for 180.consider cheap la...mula2x rasa takut mahu buat..ingat sakitlah sangat konon coz ramai org ckp sakit gila2..sampai konon saya kena suruh minum vodka dulu baru buat.ha ha,compared to belly piercing saya rasa tattoo tidaklah sakit betul ni..hehe

yg last 1 tu smart..

Miki Aya said...

Cool! If you've finally made up your mind (like, seriously serious), I have someone who can do the tattoo(es) on you for a very affordable price, and he's really good too! Just let me know :)

*though, he's currently residing in Sabah right now.

Michelle Sung said...

mula2 sya x dpt baca..'rexs' ja sya nmpk..but who cares! smart ba yg last tu..hehe

SimplySeoul said...

The last one really2 nice. Some of my friends are getting one too. I would love to watch people getting their tattoo done.

Anonymous said...

Was plannin to get a big piece of tattoo of koi fish on my back last time but i held it back. Kind of worried that i might regret it but who knows in the future, i might get it done ;). by the way, the last one is nice :)

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Serius lawa ging yang paling last tu.

Elih Japahar said...

Uik nah, bertattoo oo..apa2 design pun sa sukung jak haha

shera said...

i'm thinking about having myself a tattoo too. haha.

Azeanthy Paiman said...

waaa....xsakit ka tu aki?

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