Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dream Wedding (Men's View)

While most of girl always have their dream wedding in their mind, what will you think guys have in their mind.. Trust me, normally girl is the one who work hard in the wedding, and guys, normally had the money to done it all and give all those selecting thingy to their lady..

That's mean, LADY is in charge of the wedding.. And I'm so sure with that.. Well, not that we guys doesn't concerned about it, but when it comes to the once in a life matter, girl done the things better, I mean, not individually, but the occasion.. It will run smoothly as they wish, although they didn't have enough sleep towards the day..

So, what will all the girls think what guys have in mind for their wedding?? Ok, let see what is in si Aki's view..

Wedding Theme
Well, to be truth, since assisting much of my friend in 'Theme Decision', makin one for myself is kinda hard.. Trust me, it's hard.. Well, been exposed to so many decision makes me think 1 things, I never wanna have the same idea as them.. So, let this one done by si Sumandak.. ^_^.v..

The Dress and Suit
Yeah, as U know, Men doesn't have that much choice when it comes to the Wedding Suit, but much on the Lady's dress.. So, perhaps, I would like to design one for si Sumandak.. No worry, I'm very bad in sketching but very good in imagining.. :D..

It would be a simple place which chosen also by si Sumandak.. Well, since our place were a bit far from each other, any place in between will be good.. Ha ha ha.. or to be exact, KK.. :D.. Ok, this should be chosen by si Sumandak.. Ha ha ha..

I don't really have much in mind about the program, but I prefer a simple one so no need for me to feed the guest more than 1 times.. Ok, sound so stingy.. :D.. No worry, but I really can't imagine what is it.. So, this is up for si Sumandak too..

See, as girl can list so much for their Dream Wedding Reception, I can only list this.. 4... Oh, damn.. Still doesn't mean this things is not my concerned, it's just I don't know what to do.. Ha ha ha..

But what I have in mind right now is, I'm gonna 'duet'ing a Song with si Sumandak.. this is for sure even she's not agreeing with this.. I don't care.. This is a must.. :D.. Imagine, I came from the backwards of my guests, while slowly going to where si Sumandak are, in most case, in front of everybody, while singing this song...

He he he.. I know i know.. Comel right?? :p..

Ok, am I telling you this?? Really?? Err, this is a dream which is confirmed unachieveable in the next 2-3 years.. So, I will still keep dreaming.. No worry.. :D.. Hopefully, I can still get a good dream about this.. :D..

Aki : Me sound so desperate.. Gusta.. :D


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Michelle Sung said...

Hahaha! klu tinguk gmbr2 ja mcm hebat juga ni imaginisi..tpi last2 appoint to si Sumandak juga bah hihi..

aaah! sama idea kita o Aki..sya pun berhasrat duet itu lagu yg sama kekeke..ngam bah kan =)

beaty said...

selalu mencintaimu tu kan siok lagu dia,,sa suka ni..selalunya wedding kan semua jatuh sama tangan perempuan..he he he

Dora said...

Semua Sumandak yg pili :D haha..
Buli katu ambil wedding planner, senang skit kerja..

Merryn said...

I guess everybody's dream wedding is to hold a wedding without the need to worry about the budget! THEN they can do as and what they wishes :)

Wooots! Thanx Aki for the SHARE! Muacks!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Wah! Ready mau kahwin sudah?? Bah, klu kahwin kah KK, don't forget to invite me, this DDT. Okie.. Hehehe

Diana Diane Teo said...

Wah! Ready mau kahwin sudah?? Bah, klu kahwin kah KK, don't forget to invite me, this DDT. Okie.. Hehehe

Wen said...

besa la tu lelaki.. darling sa pun gini jg.. ikut sa sja, janji sa it all depends on the budget jg la.. tdk bole terover jg nti overbudget susa oh..sengsara mbayar hutang..ahhahahha..mmg kawin is once in a life wedding day is just the beginning, yg plg ptg is the day after the wedding..thats my opinion la..

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Kalau lelaki yang pilih warna tema wedding, mengkali hitam putih ja tu semua kan. Tengok warna baju yang paling banyak dia ada (warna feveret). Haha. Bah, bila kau mau kahwin ni ging? Jangan dikasi lama. Haha.

Blackswan said...

Hey Aki, r u getting prepared for a wedding soon?? Hahaha! I must say u're very well organized.

Love the theme! Well, all my friends thought I would've a very grand wedding but I didn't. Hubby & I wanted it simple. No wedding dinner at posh hotel nor wedding reception. Both of us just spent our money on studio shoot & off to honeymoon. Lol! Of course, our parents complained a lot. Hahaha! Then again, not many people can do that because of family traditions etc.

I'm sure u'll have a blissful marriage judging from your topics :)

♥ Connie , said...

Hahaha, ba can can ody ba, jan kasi lama :D haha, let me be ur flower girl :) and my man be ur Bible boy. haha, thinking about wedding is every girl's fav and the best thing is when it come to choose our wedding dress, such a bliss :) When it comes to ur big day, i suggest you to find someone that you can trust on to be ur wedding planner so that ur day will be your DAY :)

raihan salleh said...

xsangka our discussion that morning ada related gaklah dgn post kali ni. =)

Aki said...

Mic : He he he.. hebat kan imaginasi saya.. :D.. tida la, kerja sama2 ba, baru best.. :).. ba, apa kita duet dulu ni lagu.. Mari..

Beaty : he he he.. Tida juga semua ba, ada juga lelaki ja yang buat.. :).. he he he.. syok kan ni lagu..

Dora : he he he.. ambil wedding planner paling best.. :D.. senang urus, tapi duit la.. :D..

Fadz : he he he.. paling manang, btul!!.. he he he.. Lama lagi ni, cuma sa suka ni mo buat kontreversi.. ha ha ha.. ha ha ha..

Blackswan : he he he.. the family traditions is one big problem.. he he he.. :D.. But, me getting married?? Relax, got a lot of time ma.. :p..

Connie : he he he.. don't want.. Let us be the flower girl and bible boy of yours.. :D..

raihan : bila?? ha ha ha.. :D

Isaac Tan said...

cute merryn's boy there! hehe

dream wedding.. sigh, mine was rather normal, but the memories were to last a lifetime. sweet sweet memories. haha

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woa the topic! you really have a good imagination! tak sangka lelaki pun ada dream wedding gak. haha really tak pernah dengar before. hati lembut aki. sweetly romantic.hehe. tapi....suma go to sumandak jgk!hadeh, kamu!hahaha. ya ya sumandak is better at choosing right? and you want to please her. n the idea of you appear among the guest, singing the song is really la sweetly intoxicated.hehe. suka idea tu.

Azeanthy Paiman said...

waa aki.u must get married hurry up.and dun forget to invite me!hehe..

Va Va Voom said...

Hebat juga ko punya imagination Aki..:)

Camy said...

nice one. rarely got guys will even list out u knowww

.: iEyLa :. said...

great imagination... :)

DAYG ♥ said...

hihihi. lawaaaaa laaa.

untung c yen :DDD

Just said...

Trus kan sia terimagine my hubby mau kasi surprise sia by playing a song with his guitar coz I know he won't sing.. Hehehee..

Nani said...

I. Cool bah tulis entry pakai English.
Ii. Aku suka warna tema dia tp xkan cincin warna itam?
Iii. Membuktikan bhwa perempuan mmg jenis bnyk pikir, lelaki x bnyk.
Iv. Ataukah wedding mmg bidang kbnykn perempuan bkn lelaki so drg bole plan macam2.
V. Aki, kau mimang kreatif bila menulis dlm blog. Ada masa depan kau punya blog ni :)).
Vi. Selalu suda blog aku ada entry b'gmbr since pnd sdh aku mempost entry melalui emel.. Rajin2 kau kurik hahaha...
Vii. Abis tp sja kasi ckup 7 sbb aku mmg suka no.7. Yihaa!!!

Cinoi Lavigne said...

Haha sebab tu sometimes saya anooyed sama saya punya fiance "oh man pls give ur opinion sometimes, or give some idea" hahahahaha

Aemy Shamy said...

time kakak sy kawin, dia yg paling sibuk ohh..her husband just kasi keluar duit seja..u see, arranging things is harder than withdrawing money..of course la kan..hehe. so, jgn la lepas tangan ya guys, tolong la bakal bini kamu tu..hehe..
but this list is very good..u've stepped forward to become a good husband :p hehe..

Anonymous said...

Lofty bye, sentimental soul mate :)

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