Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey guys, yeah U.. This is a continuous post from Y U NO Boyfriend which I post like sometimes ago.. Since there are so many requesting for this, and mostly girl love to know why us I mean you, the forever alone freaking guy, Man/ Boy have no girlfriend, here I am, telling it to you..

Sincerely, I post this from my past experience.. I mean, not only me, but every people I've been with.. Well, as most adorable guy should be, me (ehem2) was totally been through with the 'rejection' phase.. And here I tell you why.. :p..

Not Being Yourself

I must tell you, most of adorable good looking man, is flirtatious.. Trust me.. Not that they're high skilled in that arena.. It's just whatever they do, they always catch a girl's attention.. But when being with their partner, they just not being themselves.. I mean, they lose their flirting skill.. Maybe because their attention to the partner, feeling like making her like a princess but at the same time, losing his MAN power.. They just follow and follow until the girl bored with the situation, coz the man cannot decide even for himself..

Not Bad Enough

I mean, which girl doesn't love bad guy.. If you're watching the Vampire Diaries series, tell me which of the Salvatore's brother do you like the most.. And I know most of your answer already.. Even a research was conducted for all the girls in the world, and I'll surely know you know the answer too.. He is DAMON..

Hm, not that a good guy isn't good enough to be boyfriend.. But.. ok fine, you may get the full answer HERE.. Trust me, just about 15% of girls in this world, doesn't need that bad guy appearance.. :p.. Now go count how much single girl in your Facebook friend's list..

You Talk more than What You've Done

Well, girl always love a sweet talker man.. Yeah, that's y they fall at you anyway.. But, if you talk more and act less, there is the problem.. You said you can get her the moon, while suddenly asking for her to pay for both of your dating drinks.. Ridiculous man.. 

Act more than what you can say.. Even if no words came out from your romantic lips, as long as the act is there, She's yours..

Less Secureness

Okay, if you got what I mean.. Girls need a man who they feel can protect them.. And that's why you can see two guys will fight over a girl.. Yeah I know it's ridiculous, but still why?? Of course because the girl love a protective guys.. And this was confirmed by every girl I've known and asked.. 

si Sumandak was included.. Trust me.. There was 1 time when I was giving 'warning' for a guy trying to flirt with si Sumandak and suddenly his Sister interrupt and telling me bla bla bla, there are so many another girls bla bla bla and I just answer her 'My Sumandak feeling annoying with him, and I think he need some warning'.. And she just stop her 'bla bla bla'ing.. Look like she understand it..

Less Attention

Warning, don't expect every girls know and understand you love playing DOTA.. Trust me, it never works that way.. You know what, girls is one of God wonderful creatures who NEED THE MOST ATTENTION you have..

Give her the most you can give until she cannot refuse of giving you YOUR TIME.. Trust me, when they feel full of attention, she will definitely giving you all the things you want.. Attention = Love.. If you see em that way.. :D

So guys, okay again this is for only the one who still wondering why they're handsome, not gay, but still have no girlfriend.. Those who love to live forever alone, you just can live with your world, just don't read this.. :D.. 

Again guys, now that you know what experience I've been through for this information, I'm hoping you can manage your own relationship now, and maintain it as you wish.. Those who single, I'm praying for you to get your wish come true everytime you read or share this to your forever alone friend..

Thank you.. ^_^.v..

Aki : I completely forget how it was when I was single.. Coz the last time, it was like 6 years ago?? And that time, I'm so flirtatious, so no forever alone feeling.. :D

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Richard C. M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard C. M said...

These are really good infos for the guys out there :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Betul tu Aki, sya paling nda suka yg talk more than what he has done. Oh ya, and i love protective man too..hehe

Shirley Tay said...

I disagree with Point 3. I don't like men who sweet talk. Hahaha! Always enjoy reading your posts, very refreshing!

room8five said...

y u hav to write about me but not really mentioning my name there? haha xD

Lastest in room8five: Golden Road to London - Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Armstrong said...

I dunno man, but I think apart from all this, humour is a man's biggest arsenal. If a guy can make a lady laugh so hard even if the guy wasn't trying too hard, that's a green light.

Now I don't say that I'm funny, no. I'm just saying that being funny is very important too.

Happy Monday, bro Aki! And awesome entry yo.

Meitzeu said...

I hate guys who always pay game game games!


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Totally agree with u! Must protect ur gf! Sometimes fight is for good cause hahaha

SimplySeoul said...

Not bad enough? haha...really aki? I wonder if I'm among the 15% or the 85%. Hehe.

But I have to agree with you that less secureness is such a turn off. or what i paraphrase as a guy whose extra extra humble or lack of confidence.

love your post aki ^^

Merryn said...

I don't think girls like guys who sweet talk. In fact, we despise guys who sweet talk lah..

Etong said...

waiseh, jd doktor love sudah si aki :)

Yen said...

Agree with u aki! There's a very thin line that separate us from a real jerk and a bad guy (attitude)..So if u want to do this, be sure to be careful.

raihan salleh said...

well rex i do't think most girls like sweet talker =)

jessforshort. said...

Aki.. I don't like bad guys. Hahaha =P But sometimes they do look cool. Hell yeah >__<

Nath said...

you're such a show off LOL

♥ Connie , said...

couldn't AGREE more ipar :D

HyatiMolly @ Tunung said...

Ewwww..Sweet-talker guys make me feel like nauseated.

Good post & show off bro! hahaha

ABU said...

betul la aki.. perempun perlu thu ni.. bgus antar artikel ko ni p magazine.. diorng publish tu..

Nana Eddy said...

lol. The first one sounds VERY familiar~~~ ahahahahaha

Bah, ngam!

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

stefan salvatore is cute and romantic..a bit tense...and damon salvatore smoetime just like a dick, but his too cute.

i chose Damon for sure.hehe..

nowriz mars said...

agreed with point yang last sekali..

sy pernah kasi tinggal lelaki yang begini..

sy boleh bertahan dengan lelaki yang punya hobi main ps2 or bola..

sehari dua tiada sms / call.. sy ok lagi.. dimaafkan..

ini sebulan teda berita.. tanpa alasan yang konkrit..

kalau sy sms, teda reply.. call.. balik2 di luar kawasan..

ingat kan meninggal..sekali sebulan selepas tu pandai pula sms n call..

nah sorry bebeh, setia ku bukan untuk lelaki begini.. babai gaman la..

SoLy SoLicious said...

i want a guy can protect me well... although u've been single doesnt mean u're alone right.. ^^

beaty said...

nah pakar cinta ni..

but aki sa suka lelaki yang talking bukan sweet la mcm biasa ja..kalau terlampau sweet mcm pondan pla..lol

Aemy Shamy said...

i strongly agree with Armstrong..i started to fall in love with Ifo bcoz he told me jokes that made me laugh severally on our 1st date. Guys should have a good sense of humour ^^

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

haha you can get so chatty, probably won't be #foreveralone one XD


Kian Fai Koh said...

well you got the point there, I think most of the point inside the post is your strong point then? :P afro awesome!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Lama tak update blog?? :D

Armstrong said...

@Aemy Shamy This means I have to be more funny... wakakaa. Since you also agree that guys should have a good sense of humour kans.

de engineur said...

You ask "Y U No Girlfriend?"

I ask "Y U No update blog?" hehehehe

Neway, hope you doing fine bro Aki.

Isaac Tan said...

hohoho.. interesting read here

Sharing is FUN!

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