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Cute Blogger Gathering : The Full Story

Warning : This is the real full story, and it's a long one.. Trust me.. ^_^.v..

18th of December was the date set to meet my blogger friend and it's really excite me to the max!! ^_^.v.. I couldn't sleep that night, and I only able to rest like about 2 am, and wake up 2 hours later, 4 am to start the CBG Journey..

First, I got to reach Kota Belud to pick up si Sumandak.. And my journey that day should look like this!!

4 am - 8 am  : Sipitang to Kota Belud (red mark) Approximately 195km..
11 am - 12 pm : Kota Belud to Tanjung Aru Beach (blue mark) approximately 50km
6pm  - 9pm : Tanjung Aru Beach to Sipitang (green mark) approximately 145km..

Well I made a 390km journey that day, not to count going here and there to find something and everything.. ^_^.v..

Ok,let we see in detail what really happen that day :

4 am - Start the Journey from Sipitang

5 am - Breakfast at Beaufort

7 am - Pray for 777 at Shell Lintas

8 am - Reach si Sumandak Home, have a 15 minute rest there, and heading Kota Belud for the search of their ultimate Soup Mee!! ^_^.v.. And it was fabulous as usual!! Awesome!! Mee Sup KB for the Win!!

11 am - Drive back to Kota Kinabalu City, pass by at Menggatal to buy some Mineral water for the day!! ^_^.v..

1 pm - Reaching Tanjung Aru Beach.. Found out that Aemy and Ifo was already there!! ^_^.v..

2pm - Arms were there and he contact everyone who can make it!!

4 pm - The CBG actually Start

6 pm - The program finish and everybody is going home as me have to drive back to Sipitang with a tiring eyes!!

9 pm - My eyeballs almost popped out from my eyes, but we reach home safely!! Hurrah!!

And to be frank, CBG was a success even almost half of the 'should attend' friend cannot come due to some 'technical problem', but still, it was a success!! And I love it!!

Let we see,who was on that day!!

Standing L-R : Lilies, Sasa Tien, Nowriz, Arms, El (Sweet and Spicy), Aki, Aemy, Flo Va Va Voom, Cho, Rungitom
Sitting L-R : Keykho, Dora, Gunaqz, Chegu Carol, Rose Flower, Beaty

Ok, we are missing Cath J, Ashley and Wyne here.. They are off early due to some 'technical problem' also.. Ok, they have family matter.. ^_^.v..

and the activities were :
- Some Speech by Arms and Aki (the Duo)
- the Eating Program ( it's what keeping us there)
- the Changing Gift Session
- Games by Chegu Carol

Ok, to be detail, lets peek what the other blogger had says about the CBG, and I'll give you their link about CBG down here..

And for this CBG, I have special thanks to everybody who make this happen!! And I have to thanks em personally!! ^_^.v.. That's why this is a long post!! Ha ha ha..

Arms ( The Okay Arms )

This was the man who make it all happen.. He is the one who contact everyone to confirm their attendance!! ^_^.v.. And he really make our day as he sponsored some Carbonated Drinks!! ^_^.v.. Plus, his journey that day was JB-KK.. ^_^.v.. Special for CBG!!

By the way, he still didn't update any about CBG since I guess he is so busy but you can wait for em at

Chegu Carol (the Guru Guru Life)

Okay, she is a Superwoman, as she makes almost everything!! The Gathering details, sponsored some food, organize some games, and she is MC of the day!! ^_^.v.. And she really makes the day as she control the gathering and run it smoothly, I guess, that's what experience taught us!! ^_^.v..

and she got an interesting nice story about the CBG, you may go read em at

Aemy (Little Aemy's Big World)

Okay,she and her bf is the one who decide this venue of gathering and it was an awesome job!! Their spot was nice and great.. Such a nice place to hang out together with friend!! And they reach there at 12pm, such a good effort!! ^_^.v.. And that day, Aemy is the one that I bullied so much!! Warning, bullying isn't good!! :-p..

Aemy had her post to be read at

Beaty (Beaty John)

The treasurer of the day.. I just pick her randomly to do the collecting money job and she done it well!! Unfortunately, her fiancee can't join us due to some game problem.. Okay, he was up for something else actually!! ^_^.v.. But yeah, Beaty was really a nice person and make the gathering run more smoothly!! ^_^.v.. Thanks Beaty!!

And yeah, her post is ready to be read at

Tom (Rungitom)

The special edition that day!! His shot was awesome!! And great too!! I like em all.. He is the admin of Borneo Startup and Social Network!! And he is the writer of

Meanwhile, if you wanna see his shot of that day, you can go and see em at

Ok now finish with the thanks, we gotta see what everybody had post!! ^_^.v.. This gonna be fun!! err, I mean their post of course!!

Nowriz -

Dora -

Rose Flower -

Ok,the rest of em, is still maybe updating!! But yeah, we do had so much fun that time, plus, I got my own bodyguard that time!!

si Sumandak!! ^_^.v.. He he he.. I Love You like a Love song.. (amboi).. ^_^.v.. Okay, I'm sure all of you were tired reading right now, but still, U have to visit em who manage to come that day!! ^_^.v..

  1. Flo Va Va Voom -
  2. Aemy -
  3. Kieko -
  4. Arms -
  5. Eudora -
  6. Joevilee -
  7. Norizuana -
  8. Shery Lilie -
  9. Gunaqz -
  10. Beaty John -
  11. Elwyna Hansel -
  12. Ashley Easther -
  13. Chegu Caroline -
  14. Wyne M Kojuna -
  15. Rosc Esther Symone -
  16. Catherine Jimai -
  17. SasaTien -
  18. Tom -
Ho ho ho.. Mine was updated, and now waiting for the other for maybe updating their CBG?? Ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. But yeah, it was awesome everyone!! Thanks!!

Aki : How about we make it again another time!! With a larger volume?? ha ha ha..

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Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Owh! lain kali sa kena ikut oo kan haha..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

waa..jauh nya ko bjalan aki...anyway,best kn balik sabah..ehe..

echaRierie said...

lain kali sa mesti ada ok..hahaha..
jeles sa baca..huhu

keykho said...

bha mari kt buat lagi!!! kestau awal2 brapa hari bulan spy sy bole minta cuti awal2(kalo sy kerja suda la hahaha)

N.Aima K said...

astaga aki..mmg rambut ko sama pula sama dngn yg katun kah kah kah..btw saya berminat la mo kenal sama c chegu tuh..sebab paaaling hot bah!!

Merryn said...

Your hair rocks man!

Happy New Year to you Aki! It's great to be meeting so many cute bloggers! :)

ABU said...

slmt tahun baru aki..

wah siuknya aku tengok.. ramai jugak yang datang,.. rindu o degan muka muka orng sabah.. lama sudah aku ndak p KK..aishhH!!

Va Va Voom said...

Nice meeting u Aki!! Memang best next time kita buat lagi..

Just said...

Aki.. kalau laki sia pingsan sdh dia kali after sampai KB dr sipitang! nda jadi trus join the gath! hahahaaaa... nyway, hrp2 lain kali dpt join kamurang.. :)

Daniel Chiam said...

8 out of 18 i followed their blog... haha been reading a lot about cbg and I will try to make it next time :D

Charmaine said...

Wow you're a Superman too! Driving such long distance!

Cherrie.Mia said...

bah bila mo buat lg?

Aemy Shamy said...

mentang2 i'm the smallest one, suka la ko buli sy kan..penjahatt!!! hahaha!! :p
rindu oh mau hang out sma kmu smua bla tgk balik gmbr2 was super awesome..very to meet everyone!!!

ps: please organize another gathering for this year! ^^

Wen said...

astaga aki..punya jauh perjalanan ko.. hihi

beaty said...

jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan kan aki..he he he he

bh siok kan kita paling suka ni...

Meitzeu said...

A happening day you got there. :D The whole day from 4am till 9pm, omg! Hebat la u! If me, pengsan sudah. haha :D

Meitzeu @ Facebook

Meitzeu @ Blogspot

Meitzeu @ Twitter

Nani said...

Aki, kau nda jemput aku pun...... !

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Like sis beaty, sa mmg suka gathering too. Lain kali di tempat lain kita buat hehe...

chegu carol said...

Aki, sa sponsor mineral water ja bah. itu pun ada satu cup bucur ni :D ...pls dont mention it. im more than happy to help out with anything yg sa buli la...and yes, kalo ada next gathering lagi jangan segan silu inbox sa lagi....kalo sa dtg kl and ada bikin gathering sama bloggers dari kl, sa gerenti panggil ko juga tu.

Rose Flower said...

Bah Aki CBGII for 2012, mana tau ni kali ramai yang turun padang kan...

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