Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Start of 2012

Walao weh.. Today was 1.1.2012!! The Beginning date of New Year.. So,how's your life on 2011?? Interesting?? or Fuckin Damn??

Ok,for me,of course it's a great year, despite of my own problem and the cuteness happen on my life, I still had my great time!! I mean really great!!

Ok, I got my New header as usual.. Of course for the New Year.. And This maybe change as soon as my Payday come, and this time, for Chinese New Year one!!

Ok, let we look back what happen in 2011!! ^_^.v..

Introduction of Lovey Dovey Tuesday weekly segment!! Since the idea came from real life situation which yours truly, the Aki is the one who consult most of my friends relationship problem, it appears only when someone is finding si Aki for an advice.. ^_^.v..

eXYanne Collection change to Zon si Aki Karut and again change to the latest one si AKI Borneo with full of si Aki's life story with maybe some fuckin idiocy of rambling plus a bit craziness?? ^_^.v..

Okay, that's the major happen in 2011.. I mean for this damn cute blog.. For me.. err maybe tell you later about it!!!

By the way, 2012 new year resolution is a must!! So, what's yours?? Okay, for si Aki, maybe thinking to upgrade this page to a new own hosting, may to akiborneo dot com?? Well congratz upon Dora for her new home!! ^_^.v.. Yeah ha!!

Whatever it is, please love and live your life to the fullest.. Who know the world may end soon!! ^_^.v.. Peace everyone!!

Aki  : Now, telling you the truth, last time I eat was last year and I'm damn hungry right now!!

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Misya Mialen said...

slmt thn baru ki. moga ko bahagia sllu;D

Diha Hasan said...


Diana Diane Teo said...

Hello Aki! Happy new year to you. Do check out my latest post. Something special for you :D

DoRa Priscilla said...!! :D Thanks for the mention Aki ^^ Happy New Year 2012

Aemy Shamy said...

hey remember me? we've met last year. :p hahaha.
happy new year aki!!!! resolution sy ialah belajar buat header sndiri...& sy suda buat 1..check it out :p hehe..have a great year!! hope to see u again soon :)

kay masingan said...

happy new year aki. semoga terus maju...

tiara.dryden said...

aki, happy new year!!! :D

Ashley Alexandra said...

I've seen your name in many blogs. Anyway, happy new year :)

Blackswan said...

Hey Aki, miss reading your nonsense! Hahaha! So glad u're back in action. Feed us more pleeeeeeeese!!

Really a pleasure connecting with u & here's wishing u all the best in 2012!

meisnani said...

Aki where have u been? long time no see u.. ahaha mcm penah jumpe kan.. nice header... ^^

Azeanthy Paiman said...

mmg cantik header ko aki...=)

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