Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Complaint?

This issue is not really a big issue, it's just a minor issue that most people doesn't really should come with. But yeah, we come with it.. Why complaint? should cover most of things actually, either it's about religion, race, popularity, personality..

Okay, have you seen or heard someone complaining sound like this??

' Hey, the uniform of that company was too sexy.. Not good, people who see em may thinking something nasty '

The fuck man!! Why cares about people where the things we should cover is the one who are seeing em and thinking nasty?

Okay, we know we can't hold what people can do and think, but why comment?? why complaint?? It's just showing that you are not satisfied enough with your life and damn, why complaint if you can choose not to see em??

Okay, we extract this issue just like this, Imagine if you are a vegetarian.. You go to a party and someone serve you this..

 Yeah, no worry.. You will definitely pick the vege meal served.. And leave the chicken out.. Why need to complain when you still got what you can eat??

Okay, if it's a matter of morality, like the person you should complain was need to wear properly, why just not go to him/her and talk smoothly?? If she/he still make it, what the hell then?? Leave it be, that's their choice??

Or you are just jealous that she/he will got more attention rather than you?? So, be like her/ him and stop complaining.. If you can't, just leave it then??

I really don't wanna make some issues about religion nor races here as it was a sensitive issue, but yeah, you can imagine em..

Reminder? Yeah, we can remind people of what they're doing is maybe some mistake in your eyes, but remember, you're not GOD who have the right to judge people.. Reminding and Judging is two different things..

Let's live the fuck up of our life together peacefully, and please just stop complaining if you don't really have the right.. Especially in someone private life.. Thank you.. I Love You All.. Ha ha ha..

If you think I'm saying the right things, share this to your friend.. Ha ha ha.. ^_^.v..

Aki : If you agree with me, please wear Ultraman Boxer!!

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beaty said...

sa mau p kadai lu kalau maubeli ultraman boxer.

sa complen pasal diri sendiri ja ...harap2 tada orang lain complaint pasal sa

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Hahaha. Agreed with you so to my hubby!!! go pakai Ultraman boxer. Angry Bird punya bulih kah? hehe

Nana Eddy said...

What is it with you and boxer??

That aside I agree and disagree at the same time. Explanation? too long to write, too busy to spend time writing and too lazy to think how to construct the sentence.

hehhe. btw, did you see the tag?

chegu carol said...

kalo sa agree sama ko Aki, sa tia mau pakai ultraman boxer hahaha

Blackswan said...

Sigh! Guess that's part of life; complaints are everywhere, bro. We should learn to compliment more than to complain :)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

huh.i really disgusting people who like to complain for whole time.huh.

nGiau said...

i don't have ultraman boxer but i agree with you :D

Aemy Shamy said...

now tell me where can i get the ultraman boxer? because i so agree with u! complain less, give more! huhu..

btw, sy tetap mau komplen psl ko kasi batu api c ifo..hahaha. c aki penjahat! :p :p :D

Meitzeu said...

Human... most of them just love to complain.
Some of them complain bcoz they are jealous, some of them think that they are just better than others. :(

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HenRy LeE said...

i dont have an ultraman boxer wor. Mind sponsoring me? :P well in this era, those company who engaged their staff to wear sexily is a part of marketing strategy. It's not wrong, just that Malaysia is still very new and sakai about it! XD

Rungitom said...

Boxer shortage here, can sponsor me one? ahaha

Rose Flower said...

Agreed but unfortunately say no to ultraman boxer hehehehe...kalo aki's branding mungkin buli consider lagi wakakakakakaka.....

SimplySeoul said...

Where should i get that ultraman undies hehe. People like to bring religious matter when judging. He/She blah blah that this is not approriate la, wrong la, sinful. Yes reminding is a good thing. But if you remind it in facebook where the person cant even read it. So you remind siapa sebenarnya. Macam kes Amalina, people come up with this religous matter and trending in Twitter for days. Konon nak menasihat, tapi pegi nasihat di Twitter. That's not reminding.

eh eh eh ter'emo' mak. hahaha.....

Sorry Aki.

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