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How Product Branding was Done

Did you know how Product Branding was done?? Well, we gonna make it simple to be understand today.. So, what is product branding??

Product that are ready to be sell or publish is indeed needing a brand for it's to be more powerful, attractive and cute.. Don't you understand?? Okay, lets see this.. Can you recognize this brand logo??

Of course you can.. It's Puma logos!! ^_^.v.. And I love the 'Puma' there.. Look so cute!! (damn I don't really fancy cats)

Okay, now back to the real things!! How Product Branding Was Done!!

Well, we have first to see how Famous Product had made their life that even some copy came out, we can still recognize the Original one.. Ok, tell me what is the original brand of these :

Okay, I know you know it and you got it Right for every single things.. So, this is actually how product branding was done perfectly and if you can hit your audience or buyer, you may actually be a billionaire!!


Work with your team of what product need to be brand, or simply choose some brand to work with!! Ok,let's we have some example of a perfect proposal..

Okay, I don't really have some proposal plan to do so...

We start like we have chosen the Brand Logo and Name.. And here was a perfect one!!
Like I said, it was perfect huh?? ^_^.v.. Okay, cut the crap and let's move on.. ^_^.v..

Choosing the Product

Well, this stage actually is the first to do.. ha ha ha.. I just put it here because I Love the way it should be!! Yeah, branding is supposed to be to Brand some product that you created and in order to make some sell for it and for the product to keep buyed/purchased/contracted by customer.

So, here is my product that need to be branded.. ^_^.v..

Yeah, I got a lot of size to be chosen!! And boys, don't worry, here are yours to be pick!! ^_^.v..

Don't they look cute?? Plus, the quality is damn good I tell you.. err, look like I already advance it to the next tip.. Okay, next tip is actually....


Okay, so after we got our Product Branded, all we need to do is to market our product.. ^_^.v.. And the best part is, we have plenty way to market our product nowadays!!

Well we can pick whether to advertise our product via paper, magazine, radio, television or the fastest way, Internet!! And since my product is something to wear, of course we need model to do em.. ^_^.v.. And this is what I like, picking the model.. Okay for girls, this is my product..

boys : are you gonna wear these??

And for boys, this is my product for you to pick!! 

girls : Are you really buying this??

Err, look like I advertise the wrong product to the wrong gender.. Okay, forget it then, as long as I can do the sales.. ^_^.v.. ha ha ha..

And if you can make a hit with all the step, you can maintain the quality of your product and you can produce it constantly to reach your customer and satisfy them, all you need is this last step which is....

Be Rich!!

Okay, this is for true.. Because if you really make your product sold and your brand getting famous, all you need to do is..

Yeah, get rich and being famous.. That's all need to be done!!


I have both good news and bad news for you all!!

Let's we start it from Good News first.. Okay, Good News is, you can have and share this tips for free as long as this page exist and you're alive....


the bad news is.. This tips haven't been tried before.. If I done it and succeed, I probably not writing some blog post write now.. I should get my business done!! Yeah, If I succeed, I'm RICH and Famous now which I'm not.. Ha ha ha.. So, good luck to you then..

And thank you for your time reading this and don't forget to share.. Thank You very Much!! I Love You All!!

Aki : Well, I guess I'm bad at Branding Product.. T_T

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Anonymous said...

What a nice tips..morning!!!!

beaty said...

wah pandai c aki membagi tips nbuli guna juga ni kan..mana tau s abuli tambah duit ni ..ahahah duit ja sa pikir,..sot suda

qaseh johanna said...

xkan beli product yg ada cop aki...geli..!!!

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Mcm interesting pula kalu ko ada bra & underwear using your name...opsss, I mean your BRAND. XDXD

Rose Flower said...

Nice tips!! and nice brands hahaha!!

nowriz said...

nice tips aki... namun tu produk la.. lucu ni.. maybe sy beli jg.. untuk collection sy & jika ditawarkan harga yang berpatutan la.. lol

Henry Tan said...

lol. great one! hopefully one day in the future i will see that logo in somewhere! and i will recognize as si aki! =D

Aemy Shamy said...

i was just answering a deadly paper about branding & protecting the brand as an intellectual property. now you remind me about the nightmare i had. haha. nice tips anyway! i could use them when i want to make my own brand..heeee... boyfriend wouldn't want to wear boxers with your face on it :p haha! good luck with your product aki! :p

Wen said...

good tips.. tapi kalu btl2 ada lingerie cap muka ko, sa xmau beli la..nanti tbayang2 muka ko..haha

StellaClaire-Richard said...

good yg ada muka ko tu ba d lingerie..nda la sya mau hahaha..:P

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

hey aki ;))

Elih Japahar said...

Nice tips saja bah kalau ko Aki..kucing mmg real kah? hahaha

Meitzeu said...

lolz :D

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Cahya Qasehnya said...

many faces of aki.. haha. XP

Sherrie Pui said...

Ur branding not bad la. XD

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Yen said...

ba, bila mo keluar p beli nanti..haha.

Merryn said...

I so WONT buy AKI's lingerie :P So besar the bee hive head on the ehem....! Macam lah not enuf BUSH in that area :P

Rungitom said...

Tu boxer saya mau, ada stok ka Aki? :D

SimplySeoul said...

Looking at the proposal, it seems like a very potential business. Haha. AKi brand will stand beside Triumph now. Hehe. The whole red booth seems scary tho, haha.

Nana Eddy said...

Sorry. not gonna buy it. I don't want your face on my you-know-what! er... literally and non-literally. hahha.

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