Thursday, March 10, 2011

DAY 3 : Hobby 8 : Plucking!!

Hm,plucking!!!Yeah,I really mean it.. Er,but not that Plucking Fruit Things..
I mean Plucking the Guitar!!!..
Oh Gosh,I'm so inLove with plucking when someone name DEPP,my BestFriend start to learn it..
Then, I learn too...
Fisrt plucking I learn was 'As The Deer' song and now,I can play it even when My Eyes Close..
Then,One day,again,I meet a Wonderful
Classical Guitarist and He play JAZZ!!
Jazz is too GOOD yet Hard to play..
I managed to get some of the CODE he Play,but Playing not as Gud as Him..
I have my own style tough.. Hahhaa..
And it still beginner SUX!!..
Hahaha.. ^_^.v.. And Yeah,Plucking,I do once in a DAY!!
I have my own Santa Cruz Acoustic which I convert it to Classical Stringed.. Hahaha
Hm,but,what I like about Pluckin is,IT is So SOFT,GREAT and FuLL of IDEA!!

Oh how I Love Plucking!!!

by ©eXYanne Collection

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