Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4 : Hobby 7 : Talking

Talking huh??!!
Some weird hobby,but I assume,everyone who know me,will know that this is really my hobby..
Yeah,for sure..
I love to talk that I couldn't even count how much word I talk for 10 minutes,
and If I'm SILENT??
Yeah,that's mean something was wrong..
Talk about Talking..

This is me,when we meet for the first time,you may see I was soooo cold and Quite!!..
Once you talk to me,U'll find,I am the one who controlling the conversation..
yeah,I'm not so good in first approaching,but,once Approached,yeah,I'll talk whole day long..
Talking creepy and craps.. Anything,but wait,SOMETIMES,I can comfort people too..
Hehehe.. Everytime..
So,when you have something in mind and cannot tell anyone,don't find me to share it.. FIND me only to get your strength back..
I am so sure U'll get it,based on my experience.. Haha.. ^_^.v..
Ok.. That's all for today..
Happy Sabbath to Adventist!! ^_^.v..

by ©eXYanne Collection

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miss raihan said...

if u are silent??
u are eating lorr!

Sharing is FUN!

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