Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aplikasi Terbaru Facebook [Akan Datang]

Dikongsi dari Cik Miiraa..

Facebook is to have few new features soon !
What are they exactly ???

You can share things better on every status!

1. You can tag friends you are with at that spot.
2. You can share your location not just when you are logged in via mobila phone.
3. You can manage the privacy of your status (who can read and cannot read) when you are sharing or afterwards (maksudnya, lepas dah post beberapa jam atau beberapa hari atau beberapa bulan pun masih boleh ubah privacy status tu)


You can review anything people tags you on before it is published to your wall.

Privacy controls have moved right next on the things you share.

And The Best part is here, You can now know what people view on your profile 
by using the View Profile As.. tool. 
for more info, go to THIS LINK.

Aki : So,bila Anonymous mau bunuh Facebook?? Ho ho ho..

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beaty said...

wah banyak perkembangan sudah ni ..hehe tapi sa bukan taik FB lagi ni

Wency Jelson said...

sa masi lg meminati facebook.. hehe..bgs la byk sda application baru..

Fee Hafeezah ketuk keyboard said...

Fb gile dah sekarang..menyampah dh aku..haha :D

arein said...

hahaha. fb mmg smakin gila. tu ha. da lbh krg myspace pulok dah

Aemy Shamy said...

really?? cool! bila mau launch ni..? hehe. bagus la, x jg boring i think tu wrna kasi tukar ba...cuba la merah ka..instead of blue..hehee..

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