Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chinese New Year Deco : The Garden Mall

Holla everybody.. The Garden Mall is a small hypermall.. What I mean by small was, it was build along the Midvalley City, so, it's kinda a long building rather than a compacted mall.. So, a decoration wouldn't have that much space but fantastically, they made it..

Well, it's not kinda grand deco, but for CNY 2012, may I say em cute?? Yeah.... Well, nothing can do much with talking for telling em so, let the picture done em all..

Well, may I say they are cute?? Ho ho ho.. I love them.. So cute.. They use the Garden Mall's space efficiently and those simple decoration was look so lively..

By the Way, I've updated the Midvalley Deco which is the last post is when they are still constructing the deco.. And now, they're finish!!.. So, just click HERE to see em.. 

And they were also some gymnastic performances just now in Midvalley Center Court which I got some video of them in action.. So, stay tuned for more updated about Midvalley's CNY occasion!! ^_^.v..

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Stay Tuned for more updates!! And please, this Photo's aren't for sale.. They are for you to see, grab and share.. I Love You All!! ^_^.v..

Aki : Err, I think this idea was good for House Deco.. My house kinda... gosh.. No need to tell here lah..

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Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Rex, sa 'pinjam' dulu tu gambar no. 4, 8 and 9. It's giving me some ideas to decorate my home apartment for CNY festive. Siou kio (^^)

Ambil byk2 gambar mcm tu ba. I loike it and I believe ada ramai yg suka juga..especially psal hse deco (^^)

Michelle Sung said...

waaa cantik..and oklah "cute" mcm ko ckp hehehe...trus rasa mcm d china jga ka aki? XD

keykho said...

cute jg lagi cute kalo kena hias mcm ni di rumah sy..hahhaha....trus berabis cute kalo free ja kena hias d rumah sy..huish..punya siuk kalo ada kan hehe :)

nowriz said...

mid valley mimang nda pernah failed bikin decoration.. cantik2..

tu tanglung la unik betull..

teda pla d kk.. :p

Kian Fai Koh said...

last week I saw the decoration processing already while in Hennessy party lol

Aemy Shamy said...

those birds aren't real bah kan? hehehe. cute owh....i like it when everything's red! ^^
x sempat la sy tgk deco d midvalley nnt bulan 2 kn..huhu...
bleh ba tu ko deco2 sikit your house..just turn everything into red...ur curtains, carpet, sofa, tv, fridge...hehe....
happy CNY!!!! :D

Meitzeu said...

U made me miss KL. Very nice deco worrrr!!!!

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SimplySeoul said...

I laave the pink ancient chair. It supposed to be dark brown right but changing it to pink is like having a mix of old, ancient and chicness.

FiSh said...

aww this is the gardens? i think mid valley is better ;)!

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CathJ said...

Mana naga? Terlapas kah? Hihihi...

Armstrong said...

I'm waiting for the singa-singa hahaa. Belum ada ka hehee.

Elih Japahar said...

Terang oo kamera ko ni Aki..ko pakai apa ni?

Miki Aya said...

sni, teda smgt cny pun. maybe, d chinatown ada. tp, jauh ni, d london. haiya.

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