Friday, September 21, 2012

Phuket Trip - Walking Distance Entertainment

Okay, this is great, I'm talking about the Walking Distance Entertainment at Patong!! :).. Well, we didn't rent any bike or car, so we just walk the whole time there.. Except for Phi Phi Island trip, we just walk.. So, since our hotel was next to all the fun, let me show you what we have there..

The main attraction at Patong was the Bangla Road, but since it only functioning at 5pm onwards, so, the other entertainment play their part in attracting the tourist at daytime..

The 5 minutes far from our hotel was....


Patong main shopping mall.. It's so big despite the Patong Town was so small.. The Jungceylon itself take like 1/30 percent of Patong.. So, you can imagine how big it is.. :).. Let take a look at the picture.. :)..

That was the view, inside the Jungceylon.. :).. They got some open area in the centre of the mall.. And I love the Idea.. Meanwhile, outside of the Jungceylon, the I don't know road, the view was something like this..

Normal road at Phuket.. And it is quite busy, at anytime.. You see, I can walk even without my sandal on there.. No one cares, and I really love that.. :p..

Next is


We never go at Patong Beach during daytime, since it was so hot.. So instead, we're walking there when the sun comes down, and waiting for the sunset.. :)..

So, after walking for a while, there comes a woman asking whether we want a non-permanent tattoo.. The same principal with henna, the colour will stick to your skin for 2 weeks.. So, it's sounds good for those who wanna see if some tattoo look good or not.. After discussing with Song, the Tattoo maker, they make it.. Amb and Ekung..

Song try really hard to persuade me, but I'm sorry Song.. No.. :p.. So, we wait there until the sun comes down, and we have the sunset view!!

Oh, at night, there were people selling the lantern and firework there.. :).. Just take a look at this pic down here..

Some couple release their love lantern to the sky!!.. But no worry, Liau loves this things, so he release one for the 401.. Let's see this video.. :p..

Ha ha ha ha.. So, for the finishing, let me serve you more on some info about....


Okay, for those who had go to Patong would sure know what they have at Patong.. Okay, to be frank, almost 200m, here at Bangla Road, you'll see only Beer Bar along the road, on your left and right.. Imagine, bar from end to end..

The girls perform the Pole Dance, and you can even watch it from the road.. I love standing or sitting at the roadside, watching them dancing.. And I can sit there for a long time.. :p.. Okay, imagine this.. If you can watch the girls do the pole dancing with their sexy outfit from the road, what will a CLOSED BAR provide you with.. Okay, I'll let you imagine yourself and take a look at this pic.. :)

Notice that hot lady with white bikini on the picture above?? That was ladyboy.. :p.. ha ha ha.. Okay, frankly saying, I just don't have enough time to take picture at Bangla Road.. I just stay and have a look there.. And I love what I see.. :p..

No worry, I have capture two simple video for you to imagine what they got at Bangla Road.. :p..

So, I really make you wanna go there like right now.. Am I right?? :p.. We didn't had enough time to go each place there, so I'm okay if you invite me go there again.. Yeah.. Only let me save some money first.. I wanna be back and get in their bar this time.. :p..

Aki : Good Guys go to Heaven, Bad Guys go to PATONG!! :p

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StellaClaire-Richard said...

Siap ada video lg baru lah.. Lawa kan tu lady boy..haha.. Kami pun ada jln pigi bangla road, terus ter-culture shock sya sikijap tingu tu pole dance haha.. Ada yg depan kfc tu ba, baru lah..sambil mkn kfc sambil tingu pole dance hahaha..

nowriz mars said...

tinguk gambar pun sy ter-culture shock suda.. hahaha

paling manang la kamu.. kaki ayam aa.. hahah

Armstrong said...

Dude, napa ko nda do the tattoo also hehee.

And tu ladyboys ba, adui. Buli tahan juga badan diorang kan. Buli menipu o. Hahaa.

And the Jungceylon mall is so beautiful! Siap ada kapal lagi dalam hehee.

Just said...

jalan2 kaki ayam tu jg la sia rasa plg manang! hahaha... Mmg femes ba ladyboy sana kan.. and cantik la mall dia tu..

Elih Japahar said...

Uinah c Aki mcm artis haha..dgn tiger ditangan berkaki ayam, haha

wawaKyoko said...

Yeah tiger at the afternoon LOL..nice pic of u ^_^

Ash Give said...

macam sudah kau orng gila tidak pakai selipar minum tiger bejalan jalan hahaha..

kau busy ndak tangkap bnyk gambar sbb kau syok tengok itu ladyboy kan hahahah

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Love your 3rd photo!! Nice scenery there! <3

Isaac Tan said...

weh, i like your colorful shorts! hahaha

WHy no bring me there too wehhhh

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Shirley Tay said...

I've been to patong many times but didn't know there's a bangla road. Lol! Maybe I was busy shopping. Hahaha!

zila manaf said...


Aemy Nadira said...

wow..such a city! ada ladyboys lg...haha..mantap looking at those boobs, its hard to believe that they're males! gosh. haha. very awesome trip, buddy! and are those bboys? i should bring Ifo to this place. :)
btw, your pants are so cute!! ^^

Camy said...

wow such a nice city! got mall and beach! and pretty nice view!!!!

CathJ said...

Butul2 gampalas oh minum2 sama tiada kasut!! Haha... Paling manang ni....

steffany daph said...

woh, all of the pic totally amazing :D

the first picute, is it a street dance where al of the teenagers gather together?

ohman, seems like u really enjoy ur holiday sweet holiday at phuket. i feel j.j( jeles ) :P hik.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

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