Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phuket Trip - Food

Oh, I know everyone love the FOOD post.. Well, we too.. :p.. Of course, when travelling, what comes in mind after reaching the hotel, is for sure.........FOOD!!

So, here's the food hunting version.. But, need to tell you, we didn't have much problem since we can eat almost everything, and we didn't care a thing about it.. 

Since we were at Patong Phuket, Thailand.. You'll sure know what is the most popular food here and some of you were craze about it.. Sure... it's..............


To be frank, everytime we eat at Patong, we will never miss Tom Yum.. I just don't know why the tom yum there was very consumable.. :p.. ha ha ha..

So, our Food there....

1st DAY

1st pic : Vegetable Fried Rice = 90 baht
2nd pic : Chicken White Tom Yum = 150 baht
3rd pic : Close up of Chicken White Tom Yum
4th pic : Seafood Tom Yum = 160 baht

Okay, frankly speaking, this is I think the most damn restaurant we go and there are not much people there.. Only the workers.. =_='.. But, the tom yum still feel good!! :).. And we finish our food with big smile..

2nd DAY

1st pic : Seafood Fried Rice = 60 baht
2nd pic : Chicken Fried Rice = 50 baht
3rd pic : Pork Fried Rice = 50 baht
4th pic : Seafood Tom Yum and Chicken Tom Yum =180 baht each

Ok, the 2nd day, we were on Phi Phi Island Tour trip.. And Lunch was included.. As you all thought, yup, Tom Yum was in the menu too.. It's a buffet style lunch.. But I'm so sorry that I forget to snap even my finished plate coz I'm damn hungry and exhausted.. :D.. 

So, for dinner, we had this (picture for 2nd Day).. Located in front of the Novotel, Sun Seafood is a simple food stall, with reasonable price and GREAT FOOD!!.. The waiter even ask us if we can finish em.. But no worry, he's facing the Borneo Giant in terms of eating.. Yeah, we even had steam rice top up afterwards.. :D.. And the waiter just shake his head, I think, amazed.. :p..

and our bill for the 2nd day dinner..

3rd DAY

Wake up in the morning!! (It's actually 11 am) and we're damn hungry.. There was a simple restaurant in front of our hotel.. And it always packed with tourist.. It's the No. 6 Restaurant.. So, we wait for a while outside, waiting to be seated, and we have our brunch there..

1st pic : Morning Glory with Garlic = 70 baht
2nd pic : All in one Tom Yum (Seafood + Chicken) Crazily Special for 401 = 300 baht
3rd pic : Steam Rice + Fried Pork with Garlic = 60 baht

And yeah, we finish em with JOY and big smile.. Well, no wonder there were so many people going there.. So, finish the brunch, for dinner, once again, we go to the Sun Seafood.. the one we go dinner the 2nd day and this time, the Borneon Giant order MORE!! :D..

Seafood Tom Yum = 180 baht
Chicken Tom Yum = 180 baht
Steam Rice = 10 baht each 
Pork Fried Rice = 50 baht
Fried Asparagus = 80 baht
Chicken Curry = 100 baht

Well, everybody's having 2 bowl of steam rice each except for Amb as he is having the Pork Fried Rice.. So, this time, we're having time with the worker there, talking to each other and changing information.. :).. Yeah, since we're the only big eater, they know us very well and easily taking our order.. 

So, finish with FOOD post.. Oh, in case you're wondering why I only post about food here and not even a cup of our drink, yes, my friend having the normal Pepsi or Coke there..

Me?? Beer is my only drink there.. I can get the big bottle of Tiger Beer for only 58 baht at any 7-11 store.. So, I only drink Beer at Patong!! :p..

Ok, next post will be about Walking Distance Entertainment!! It's gonna be fun and I think almost everyone of you would really love to know it.. :)..

Aki : Hm, I can't even get a can of beer here in Shah Alam with that Big Bottle price.. T_T

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Dyana said...

byk jg kamurang mkn.kalo la sy bole mkn begini banyak.haha..

Michelle Sung said...

sedap oh..tom yum terusss la kan hehe murah juga oh kan. hmmm..bilalah sya tepigi sana ni haha

Surin Beach Hotel said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
Thank again.

Just said...

sia kalau jalan2 bkn ingat mkn! hahaha.. dat's y jarang post psl mkn. hahhaha..

nowriz mars said...

tom yum thai la paling manang!!! adeii.. hujan2 ni kalu makan tomyum.. terangkat jooo.. terus beliur ni.. -__-"

unladylike said...

siok...buli jd inspirasi ni.huhu sy mau pg bangkok!

unladylike said...

siok...buli jd inspirasi ni.huhu sy mau pg bangkok!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Wahlau! All pedas pedas belaka!

steffany daph said...

:D mesti jln2 cari makan :D

TheJessicat said...

i came back frm phuket not too long ago too! love their food

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Tom yum juga la kan Aki haha..

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

u're right aki.the first thing merge in my mind when i come to some new places is FOOD!

haha.i wish i could be there soon on my next trip.=)

Shirley Tay said...

Wah, u're eating Tom Yum everyday?? I can't resist tom Yum too & would order this almost everyday whenever I'm in Thailand. I like their Fried Rice too :)

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Finally, FOOOOOD !!! =D

The tom yum made my salivas produce more at this time. =P

Choi Yen said...

Yummy, will never get bored of Thai food!

Ash Give said...

ok ini gambar semua mmg buat aku lapar. makanan dia lebih kurang macam yg ada di malaysia jugk bah kan.. tapi mungkin pedas dia lagi kuat la mengkali..

kalau aku kompom sakit perut..

Phuket Yacht said...

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Aemy Nadira said...

this is what i call heaven! ohh la tom yum original. must eat ohh!

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