Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phuket Trip - Hotel

As I told you in the last post, yeah, we stayed like 3 nights of our trip this time at ALOHA VILLA Hotel, Patong Phuket.. And it's a quite nice hotel..
1st, let me tell you, we are very independence on this tour.. We didn't even book our hotel online.. We are just gambling ourselves there.. And yeah, Diana Teo had give me her itinerary for Phuket, but we found out, the hotel she suggest were actually a bridal house, and it will only open if you book their room like a month before.. So, there's no way we can just be walk in guest there.. Ha ha ha..

So, the minibus which we took from airport stop halfway, at their office.. the Tour Agent office.. So, she ( the officer ) find us another affordable hotel.. so, here is ALOHA VILLA Hotel..

I don't really know the full price for a night in this hotel because we took the Phi Phi Island tour trip directly from the Tour Agent.. And the full price along with our Taxi Transfer to Airport on our last day was 3475 baht per person.. And there are 4 of us..

So, let's count together with me..

Phi Phi Island Trip tour - 1800 baht/person
Taxi Transfer - 175 baht/person (the taxi need to pick us up at 5.30 am so there's extra)
So, that left us like about............ 1500 baht.. so 1500/3 nights = 500 baht/night per person.. 

Since 1 room is for 2 person - that's mean it's 1000 baht per night.. and yeah, it's equal to RM100 per night..

Okay, now we know the budget, so I'll let you decide whether the price is worth paying or not.. ^_^.v..

Okay, this was the first thing I capture when I get into the room.. Yeah, I know my english is terrible, but so do Aloha Villa.. ha ha ha.. ^_^.v.. Yeah, I found my lost twin here.. :D..

Then, we were welcomed by a cute and sexy hotel room service..

Hm, okay, I bet you want to see the close up picture of him.. here it is..

Okay, forget it.. it was me playing with the bed's decoration.. I know it's disturbing.. And yeah, I'm wearing a cute and sexy boxer down there, as you thought so.. :p..

So, skip that, let we see what was outside view of our room.. from the balcony..

Hm, that tall building was a hotel, and that's my landmark upon researching this hotel back, since I'm the group 'google map'.. And I need to know where the hell were we when we lost.. Ha ha ha.. Forget the map, we didn't even take it out from the bag.. :D..

So, the 401 stay at 2 room which is....

Yeah, Ekung and Liau at 221 room, while Aki and Amb at 223.. Err, need to mention, this room was just side by side.. They separate the odd and even number.. So 1 side is for the odd numbers room, 1 side for the even numbers room..

 The receptionist area plus the lobby area was catchy too.. Trust me, it's beautiful.. A free air area.. I mean, not an air conditioned area.. :p

Need to told, the staff was very very very very very very supporting and helpful on our stay there.. 2 of the receptionist girl even remember my room number.. When both of them see me (since I always offer myself to take and keep the key at the counter) they will always know which key to take.. If only I invite them to our room, it's gonna be....yuhuuuu... ok, just kidding.. >_<

And for the hotel guest, they have the..............

POOL, ready for us from 7am to 10pm.. It's a small pool (for me) but it's refreshing when you're tired from the whole day trip.. So, yeah, that's a plus for us..


Strength :
Very Strategic - 2 min 04 sec to Bangla Road, 7 min 24 sec to Patong Beach, 4 min 12 sec to Jungceylon and they got like 3 of 7-Eleven store nearby..
Friendly and Helpful Staff - No need to explain more, they just deserve it.. Very Good customer service.. (plus the two receptionist I mention earlier was damn cute.. :p)
Good Facilities - a clean and comfort waiting area, warm pool, passenger's lift and cafe..

Weaknesses :
They provide WIFI but not free.. you need to pay 300 baht for 24 hours.. It has a good speed.. but no worry, FREE WIFI was available at PATONG!! Just, it didn't reach our room since the hotel wifi block it.. :p..

Located at Patong, if you don't care about wifi (but I think most of you will care) Aloha Villa was sure a nice stay.. :).. You can visit their website at : 

Okay, let's wait for the next topic..... FOOD!! See you in the next post.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Oh my, I'm still dreaming the receptionist girl.. deng..

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HenRy LeE said...

isn't that u? the one wearing that hotel room service? who are u servicing??? LOL

EchaRoslee said...

Hahahaha..aki comel jgk tue..seksi lg..hehehe
Cantik owh tgk pic ko ambik..

Ermm.. I like pool..siuk melompat lompat..haha

Just said...

hahahha.. temimpi2 lg msh sama itu amoy receptionist aa.. uii! seksi gila! mmm.. wifi misti mau ba kan..

Surin Beach Hotel said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
Thank again.

Phuket Yacht said...

I love phuket, I love white beaches and crystal clear waters.

I would like to suggest Phuket Yacht.

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha what a sexy baby was standing in the first picture, LOL ~ =P

Yes, next post for food !!! =D
By the way I wish I can go there for travelling too. Hehe ~

de engineur said...

ahahaha seksinya si Aki dlm tu hotel room.

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

LOL!! Crazy stuff u did! XD

Aki said...

HenRy : Hello Boy.. Need my service?? :p..

Echa : he he he.. thanks echa.. ni pool dia tia buli lumpat2.. prohibited.. Ngahaha..

Just : Ya tu la.. wifi tu ba deng.. ngahaha.. aiya, cute betul ba tu receptionist dia.. ngengggg.. :p..

LoLLy : yeah, that sexy baby.. and HE KNOWS IT.. :p.. he he he.. Hey, don't just wish!! JuST GO!! :)..

de engineur : Floyd, ko tingu la sepa.. :p.. ha ha ha..

Charmaine : ha ha ha.. just for fun only leyh.. Imma sexy than U already right?? :p..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice info Aki. 2 mins ja p Bangla Road kan..haha
Aiya, kalau sya, sya mau free wifi oh..hehehe

Camy said...

nice place! i wish to travel around!

Armstrong said...

Sexay. I like. Mula-mula sia ingat sepa, sekali tinguk, si Aki pula. Terus cancel o. Wakakaa jk.

Ala tda gambar tu receptionist ka. Adui.

HAha happy ari tiga, boss!

kay masingan said...

hahahaha..kiut o ko aki!
bagus info ko sini..mimang mo tingu2 ni post ko suatu hari nanti. mana tau saya pula jalan p sana..:)

TianChad Chen said...

If I saw Aki inside the room when I open the door with that outfit I will thought I saw something else hahaha

steffany daph said...

ohman, it was totally amazing Phuket :D

piwit aki, the receptionist girl" look very sexy. kirim salam at her.

by the way, baht and ringgit, which one is cheaper ? (: Have a nice day!

Shirley Tay said...

Hahaha! U're so funny! I love that pix of u in that sexy outfit. Lol!

Ash Give said...

wah matila gambar kau ni aku..hahahaha punya sexy, ingat kau ndak pakai pistak hahaha..

kalau kita ada pasar pilipin, singapore ada jalan bugis.. thai pulak ada jalan bangla..macam macam..

sampai hati kau ndak kasi tau aku kau urang p jalan jalan.. bulh la aku join mengkali.. semua muka muka orng sabah ni..

jessica Rose said...

The word infra red somehow makes me scared a bit to get into the sauna. It sounds so scary Read more

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