Sunday, September 16, 2012

Officially 2!

Great news everybody!! ^_^.v.. I mean, for si Aki's blog of course.. Coz now, I'm officially 2 in blogging.. :).. Lot's of up and down throughout the years.. But for sure, it's officially 2 and si Aki is really glad with that..

So remember back, last year, on the 1st year anniversary, Ernest from Bro, Don't Like that la Bro design the cartoon aki.. And yeah, still thanking Ernest for that.. like SO  MUCH!!

Yeah, so, let's check out, what we have in this 2 years at here.. .^_^.v..

On the blogpost.. The top 3 pageviews of all time is..... *drumroll......

Lovey Dovey Tuesday : I'm Getting Married - 3209 pageviews - A story of one of our client, who can't pick a word for proposing his girlfriend.. And he doesn't got a thing about marriage.. One good thing, he's officially married man right now.. So, go and read what does he think before get married!! ^_^.v..

Angel and Demons - 1549 pageviews - A book review, Angel and Demons by Dan Brown.. No spoiler here, just a simple words on how I love Brown's writing.. :).. But for sure, the pageviews come from the picture I post.. ^_^.v..

Tanda-tanda Anda dalam Golongan Cinta Monyet - 953 pageviews - This is a Sabahan Malay's language post, and it describe about what is the appearance of people or couple who is in PUPPY LOVE mode.. If you're Sabahan, you'll sure love this.. if not, then maybe you'll never understand the whole things.. :)..

And now, for the pages..

Design - 313 pageviews - Blog header design which si Aki make it to other friends on blogger.. So, if you up to designing something (photoshop or anything) just click the CONTACT ME tab up there.. :p..

Aki Photography - 189 pageviews - A compilation of Aki's picture, on event, street photo, phone photo, and many more.. ^_^.v..

On the other hand, the FACEBOOK fan page have not so much fan, but for sure a loyal one.. And most of the new client really love contacting me there.. :D..  the Twitter of @AkiBorneo also considered cute, as most of em like on what I've been posting.. oh, I'm not that active in twitter.. :p..

On blogging life, I'm sure having some though time to even go blogwalking, nor updating a post.. but for sure, I still love blogging, the way I do love all the readers.. ^_^.v..

So, happy birthday Aki Borneo's blog!! ^_^.v.. Thank you to all of the reader!!

p/s - The Phuket trip will continue posted after this post.. ^_^.v..

Aki - And I share the same birthday with this blog.. Just, I'm too old compared to the blog.. :D..

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Dyana said...

happy birthday aki :)

EchaRoslee said...

happy b'day aki..hihi..
semoga success lg dan lg..aameen :D

OrangeFay said...

Happy Birthday Aki n Blog. hehe :)

Isaac Tan said...

Congratz bro. Happy birthday to your blog, may it last forever :):)

Michelle Sung said...

bah happy birthday Aki and the blog!

stay cute oppa afro style~ hehe

StellaClaire-Richard said...

blessed 2 yrs in blogging world Aki :)

Ash Give said...

wah senior sudah si aki dalam blog. tunjuk ajarku sifu :)

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wohoo Happy Birthday to your blog !!
\ (^0^) /

zila manaf said...

hepi bestdayyyyyy

Shirley Tay said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, dear! It's wonderful meeting u in bloggersphere. Hope u've many more years to come :)

Gee said...

Happy birthday Aki's bloggie! Keep the good posts coming! :p

Just said...

Happy buffday Si Aki Borneo! Kasi up sampai 20 aa.. :)

Armstrong said...

Happy belated birthday to you and your blog ya, Mr Aki :D

I'm Getting Married punya post juga la paling tinggi kan. Banyak urang looking forward ba tu. Hehee.

de engineur said...

Happy birthday Aki (meaning 'grandpa' in Sabah). Haha.

Happy anniversary to your blog. Keep writing, it's part of the freedom of expression.

steffany daph said...

wow, nice blog. I just come here aki :P . Happy anniversayr to ur blog. keep doing well !

Saveq said...

Selamat befday blog aki!

SimplySeoul said...

Sorry for the late congratulations. Kudos for your blog. Keep writing aki. Would love to read from you from time to time.

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