Saturday, September 15, 2012

Phuket Trip - Teaser

Now I'm back!! As promised.. :p.. Okay, for the comeback, I just want to blog about my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand.. The Bad Guy's Heaven.. err, if you got what I mean.. >_<

Hm, how should I start this?? It's an amazing trip.. Plus.. ehem, this is my actually first oversea trip.. So, it doubled the excitement.. Ha ha ha.. Yeah, I still dream waking up in Phuket every single day.. And I wonder how Diana Teo or Meitzeu or another travel blogger managed to rid out that feeling every single time they get out from their usual life.. :p..

And by the way, Chardella and husband had been there (Phuket) like two weeks before me too.. Click on her name to check out her blog and see what her opinion about Phuket.. :D..

I'll tell my overall trip by categories, soon.. After this post.. so, the teaser of topic I'll cover about the trip is here..........

HOTEL  <--- Click here for more info!!

Yeah, we are staying at Aloha Villa.. And it is quite good hotel.. I will explain the whole thing about the hotel in the next post.. ^_^.v..

One things for sure, this hotel was so 'NEXT TO ALL THE FUN'.. :D..

FOOD <--- Click here for more info!!

Ok, to be frank, everytime we hunting for food, Tom Yum is our main menu.. So, just wait till I describe it on the food section of our trip.. ^_^.v..

WALKING DISTANCE ENTERTAINMENT   <--- Click here for more info!!

Since we're staying at Patong, so the walking distance entertainment were there.. Yeah, as you can see above, Patong Beach, Bangla Road, and their one good shopping mall, the Jungceylon.. ^_^.v..

Yeah yeah.. I know all of you only care about that Bangla Road.. What?? You don't know.. Okay, I'll tell you later.. :p..


Yeah, since we only take 1 tour this time, Phi Phi Island.. You'll just seeing many picture of that trip.. But, for the teaser, I give you this..

OK, finish the teaser.. I will give you more information about every single topic in a single post later.. So, keep updated.. ^_^.v..

And yeah, I'm not using a DSLR camera here.. Just a simple compact camera, so, sorry if the picture doesn't good enough for you.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Hm, where should I go next?? :p..

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Diana Diane Teo said...

Did you used the itinerary I gave to you? Useful or not? Hahaha...

Hahaha.. I don't know how I managed to get rid of that feeling but I am going for massive travel again next week. =D

Just said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just said...

trus masuk dlm going-to-visit-places list sia! hehehe..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice pic lah Aki. Tidak payah dslr, tu tempat mmg sedia cantik! Hehe
Haha i suppose to post about my trip to phuket day 1 part 3 today but cant hardly bear to post about Kate n William. Dorang dtg malaysia baitu..hehe..

Thanks for mentioning me in ur blog. Actually i mentioned ko juga tu dlm post sya yg terbaru ni tp blm post saja, blm siap draft hehehe.. ;)

jessforshort. said...

Ui... siookkkkkk!! Hahaha... and my favorite food is originated from there, tomyam.. i bet the taste must be really really nice ^^ Hahaha.. and that phi phi island looks familiar, like the one they always use to shoot movies and thai dramas... wuwuw.. jealous >___<

Meitzeu said...

lollll!! :D This Aki ah~

I also wondered a while when I read beginning of your post. I only know, have fun and forget about the job. hehehe

Looking forward to read more about your journey in Thailand! :)

And thanks for the mention in your lovely post! :)

Meitzeu @ Blog

Meitzeu @ Facebook

Meitzeu @ Twitter

Michelle Sung said...

Apa ni teaser2 ni...sengaja mengasi jeles2 dulu laitu kan haha. Siok o! Gambar ko yg d pantai tu very2 the oppa Aki style oh haha.

Bah i tungguuuu...the next post.

Armstrong said...

Ni kali la si Aki jadi travel blogger suda. Banyak o aktiviti kamu. Banyak ni duit kamu kumpul kan. Hehehe.

Ba looking forward to the real post. Ini teaser ja kan.

Happy Friday, boss!

Ken Wooi said...

Phuket... the last time i went there was when i was 8.. or 9.. with parents! Haha, time to make a trip there soon already! :D

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

No wonder you so diam!! Rupa-rupanya pergi berholiday! :D

Aki said...

Diana Teo : he he he.. 1st, we use that.. and after finish check in, at another place, we just go at our own pace.. ha ha ha.. Now I know, girl and boys stuff when it comes to travelling is different.. :p..

Just : Wajib pigi ni just.. he he he.. ko bawa la anak2.. he he he.. sebab tida juga penat sangat mo jaga.. ok juga sebenarnya.. :)..

Stella : itu lah.. lawa sangat2 ni.. he he he.. hm, saya tia sabar tunggu ko punya post juga ni.. :D..

Jess : you should go la.. pigi sini.. terbaik ni.. he he he.. sedia2 ja la duit.. since perempuan tida akan pakai banyak sangat duit, so, no prob.. ko pigi ja.. :D..

Meitzeu : Ha ha ha.. yeah.. that's it.. :D..

Michelle : mic, memang la.. man's heaven ba ni.. ha ha ha.. :D..

Armstrong : ha ha ha.. mana da banyak duit arms, ko pecaya ka sa cakap kalau sa kasi habis sekitar rm800 ja.. :D..

Ken : ho ho ho.. you should go now pal.. you'll love it.. lot's of boobies.. :D..

Charmaine : Ha ha ha.. not diam la.. too much work.. :p..

Aemy Nadira said...

waaaa...awesome!! itu tom yum very tempting..the place is really beautiful..the water is so jernih oh kan...but most of all, your hair la paling manang. hehe. mau p sana la nnt.. ^^

Ash Give said...

nice pic oh aki.. love to see it..
will be more post after this..hehehe msti jalan lugai jugai sakan ni kan.. best la.. aku ni ndak tau bila la dapt jalan p Thailand.. untungla si aki..

Henry Tan said...

tom yum! yum yum! =DDD
nice island!! i wanted to go there too! well aki u can go Koh Lipe. =D

Shirley Tay said...

First overseas trip? Must be like a dream come true! Errr, where's your honey?? Naughty, naughty! Hahaha!

Saveq said...

Stylo lah tempat ni..suatu hari nanti akan ke sana

Anonymous said...

Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!

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