Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My New AY Life at Klang

Sadly,I Leave Sabah to work @ KL on 17th NoV 2009..

report duty (19th Nov 2009) @ JKR that offer Draftsman job to me,and to be precisely,I need to work at KL..
MiDvalley... What a strange name at 1st..

Dont know where to live,suddenly my very supportive auntie told me to call a friend of mine (yeah,She was my CHILDHOOD bestfren)..

On 6.30 pm same day(19th Nov 2009),She came along with her BF,take me from there,and a journey 1 1/2 hour back to my becoming new place located at seksyen 18 Shah Alam..


Then,on 21st,I've been brought to a new environment of church @ Klang.. Need to be told,It's been 2 years since my last time to Church.....
The Environment was something,but I didn't realize it at first... Knowing them little by little telling myself,this is what environment I need.. I'd Love this environment..
It's my new life at Klang since I've found my way back to Jesus.. God Bless Us.. ^_^..~~.....

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Joevilee Badu said...

"It's my new life at Klang since I've found my way back to Jesus"..terharu sy baca ni ayat..bagus la tu pun turut insaf,huhu..bah, jan lupa pathfinder camporee ujung tahun depan..pigi klu dpt..kasi sedia2 la baju masterguide..

exyanne said...

Ya,tgk la macam mana.. kalau dapat.. memang saya pigi.. eeehhhaaaaa

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