Monday, April 9, 2012

The Problem of Being AFRO

Well, well, well.. Sound like ages didn't meet you all and suddenly pop out some problem?? Not a big problem actually.. Just sharing what's in my mind for being afro like 3-4 month?? I mean like officially afro with afro hair on the afro head.. ^_^.v..

Maybe some of you with some special appearances would definitely go through this before, but I just want revise back.. Ok, let we see..

Is that Original?
Yeah, this is the most annoying question I heard lately.. Well, it is good to hear before, but when everybody even some of them were your classmate like 10 years ago asking, it's sure annoying.. I mean like damn annoying.. Or, do my presence back then when it school wasn't like now?? Ok, to be truth, this afro you see was damn ORIGINAL!!.. And yeah, I'm afro and I know it.. :p..

Centre of Attraction
Hm, to be truth, I've never be the centre of attraction before in any event or any occasion or any trip or any any.. So, as a humble person, I actually shy to be one.. I mean, the centre of attraction.. Hey, I love attention, but being the centre of attraction in the middle of people you don't really know sure make me like... urghhh.. Imma shy you know?? :p.. But, he he, I'm used to be watch by unknown people already..

The Risk of Being Molested
Not my body of course.. Well, I don't really like when people touching me.. Trust me, I don't love it.. Unless... ah, nevermind.. But my hair doesn't have nerve, so, I can't really feel their touch until their hand almost reach my head.. Well, Imma phobia of being touch coz, I always think people want to assassinate me like, ermmm, ahh, you name it.. :p.. Sound like a Bapa Mafia.. :p..

High Maintenance
Yeah, this is the most thing I hate.. Well, if you are good in Maths, this is the situation.. I use a bottle of shampoo for 3 month before my afro.. So, that's mean, I've just to wash my hair weekly.. But now, I need to wash it for like 2 times a day?? Okay, that's a lie.. I mean, I must wash my hair like everyday, coz if not, then I'm a new species of Orang Utan who love scratching.. ^_^.v..

They Always ask me to Run
My friend, yeah, they always ask me to run, like jogging, or run with full force.. Oh, if you're Malaysian, and hear the Malay song, U will surely know why.. ^_^.v..

Still, above all that problem, I still got a lot of positive energy with this afro.. And I decided to keep it as long as I can.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. Who cares what people say.. Err, unless my boss ask me to cut it, then yeah, that's the final day for the AFRO.. ^_^.v..

Aki : Yeah, that's the problem.. But I'm AFRO and I know it.. :D..

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FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

a brave attempt and now you're the centre of attention :) good luck in handling your hair, perhaps the next round you'd shave it all bald :P haha

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Rungitom said...

+1 for Original Afro, your hair smells of epic win.

SimplySeoul said...

"I can't really feel their touch until their hand almost reach my head"... Aki if i were to meet you one day kan, maybe my hand will sneakily try to touch the afro. haha. Curiosity kill the afro.

beaty said...

ha ha afro..cute juga bh aki

Writing From Far said...

mmg centre of attraction tu...ha ha. Tapi biarla bah Aki, tu ko punya keunikan konon..

Blackswan said...

What nice timing, Aki! I came out with a series of shampoo posts & u're having Afro. Hahaha! Check them out when u've time.... Hope I'll get the chance to see it someday :)

Gee said...

Hey aki!
I dont get it, why your friend love to ask you to run?? hee~
Nyway, its unique bah.. I'm sure it boosted up your confidence.. :)

Aki said...

Fish : ho ho ho.. no no no, I've been once.. :p.. so, I'm gonna keep this one.. :p..

Rungitom : Ho ho ho.. Like a boss!! :p..

Simplyseoul : curiosity ah.. :p.. ha ha ha..

Beaty : of kos.. :p..

Cher : he he he.. keunikan ah.. baiklah, diterima.. :p..

Blackswan : Ho ho ho, i never use so much shampoo before sis.. :p..

Gee : Abis durang mau nyanyi lagu awan nano.. deng.. :p..

Armstrong said...

Aki, you should make a clip of "I'm Afro and I Know It." ;D Awesome tu.

Used to be watched by girls ka maksud ko? Hehee.

Hahaa... the risk of being molested. Adaka. But afro people do get molested on the head a lot.

Go go Afro... I support your afro hairstyle sampai bila-bila. But like you said, kalo boss suru potong then what to do la hehee.

Happy Monday yo, Mr Aki!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

I thought you have Afro hair for forever?? Haha nice mah looks like LMFAO XD

Nath said...

I bet your afro hair suits your funny character better :D

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

i bet you loved ur sstyle right?

that's unique bh aki..hee..

Kian Fai Koh said...

i dun care original or fake, all I care is u are so handsome LOL *puke*

chegu carol said...

bukan si aki kalo nda afro :D

Aemy Shamy said...

please keep ur afro,,despite all the problems, i want u to keep it! haha. that's ur trademark, buddy..& i really like it ;)

Henry Tan said...

lol after u said it, u make me stare at ur photos for 30sec to see if is real. =.= lol

millerJ said...

having an afro hair is unique too. rarely being seen in tis country and u'r one of them! haha... as long as u r okay with it, just keep that afro hair as it is.. cool what??heheheh ;)

kay masingan said...

aku lah awan nano nano nano nano..hehe
cool oh afro ko Aki..:)

Aki said...

Amrs : hey Arms, happy tuesday sudah.. :p.. he he he.. yea ba, durang pigi ramas2 sa punya rambut.. :p.. ha ha ha.. Used to be watch by girls?? No la.. :D..

Charmaine : ho ho ho.. No, if my boss ask to cut, then I have too.. :D..

Nath : That's y I Keep it tho.. :p..

Eyanz : ha ha ha.. of coz la I Like.. :D..

Chegu : he he he.. trus jadi AKICK oh.. :p..

Aemy : I'll try until whenever I can.. :p..

Henry Tan : Well, if U see me next time, then U can stare em as long as you like.. :D.. ha ha ha..

millerJ : ho ho ho.. op kos, I'll try with all my might utk simpan ni rambut.. :p..

kay : ha ha ha.. cool kan?? :D..

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