Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Masih Ada Tuhan [Aki and Erwina Cover]

#Edited and Repost

This video was taken last year.. Well, I'm no good in singing, but singing at the church is always my favourite.. I always love to sing at the church where I can sing happily and mostly can fell the love of HIM in myself..

To my non-Christian friend, if your wish not to hear this song, that'would be no problem at all.. But still, for me, MUSIC is MUSIC, and it doesn't change a thing about your belief.. Your belief is what you hold on.. Hearing a music wouldn't change what you hold on..

But pardon me (ehem2) I'm really sux at singing, so, I'm sorry.. But that girl, my duet partner was doing great.. So, just hear her singing then.. :p..

From KLAYS with Heart..
Thanks to Aki,Erwina and Feranita

Well, I train for this song like 2 weeks and the outcome is still.. Hm... Okay, you name it.. 

But no worry, I done that with all my heart.. Hope you enjoy hearing em.. ^_^.v..

Aki : This song always keep the smile stick on my face.. Each time I hear em..

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Anonymous said...

ito dia!!yehaa!

Blackswan said...

Hey boy, tried hard to listen but music is louder than singing, I can't really hear your voice :< Next time u sing for me yah?? I'm discovering more of u :)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

it still looking good bh aki...nice!=)

Eryati said...

memang DELICIOUS bah suara mu tu aki...eheheh..tp yg serius la

unladylike said...

sedap...suara dua2..cuma tu sound system xbagus..music lebih kuat dr suara kamu dua..baru mau menghayati kenen...hehehehhe

Miki Aya said...

bleh tahan! siok ni! Tp, muzik tlampau kuat :p

Nani said...

Melodi yg best cuma patut kamu pigang tu mic baru jelas tu suara, wpun kurg jelas, sedap jugalah suara kamu dua hihi.. Nyanyi tanpa muzik pula aki.

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